Wednesday, December 21, 2005

CRMOnDemand - Siebel's "On Demand" play (was Hosted by IBM, this is Siebel's response to Siebel CRM OnDemand is an innovative, low-risk, flexible, hosted customer relationship management (CRM) solution brought you by the company that invented CRM – Siebel Systems. With Siebel CRM OnDemand, you can you can easily evolve your customer relationship strategy using the industry’s premier CRM solution – with little or no up-front IT investment. More robust deployments can take advantage of Siebel’s extensive services offerings – based on leading CRM best practices — to assist with custom implementation and integration requirements.

The result is that Siebel CRM OnDemand provides businesses of all shapes and sizes with a centralized repository of customer data and a real-time snapshot of all customer interactions. So no matter what your CRM requirements are, Siebel CRM OnDemand accelerates business value and lowers overall Total Cost of Ownership.

Siebel's CRMOnDemend was created through the acquisition of and Ineto Services.

Stop Press - Seibel to be acquired by Oracle.

CollabNet - Distributed Development on Demand CollabNet is the leading provider of on-demand distributed software development solutions. solutions help corporations leverage the true value of their software assets by bringing together development teams, regardless of geographic location. Used by over 700,000 developers.

The CollabNet channel program is the industry's first to target developers of Software as a Service (SaaS), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and other on-demand, Internet-based software and applications. It offers new revenue and growth opportunities for partners seeking to harness the vast business potential of distributed development. CollabNet believes the time is right for the broad adoption of distributed development methodologies -particularly as the industry is undergoing a massive shift to Software as a Service, Service Oriented Architectures, and global development projects.

USInternetworking Returning more value on enterprise software through application hosting, management and BPO services. One of the ASP gorillas from the era of ASP (now "software as service"). Has not yet been acquired, unlike its primary competitor, Corio, which was acquired by IBM.

Corio - Now IBM On Demand Applications Corio, a leading ASP (application service provider) was acquired by IBM. typing in Corio now takes you to the home page of IBM On Demand computing. Corio offers a range of enterprise solutions, in a hosted environment, bundled with IBM services. These include Oracle, SAP, Arbia, PeopleSoft, Siebel and Product Data Management.

Applications on Demand is an operational platform which simplifies the management of enterprise applications and can reduce your costs by up to 50% overall. Subscribers delegate application management complexity to IBM through a fully-configurable set of application services. You pay-as-you-go for these services - helping to speed returns on investment by reducing up-front project and infrastructure costs.

Venda - Managed eCommerce Venda has been involved in electronic commerce since its birth more than 20 years ago when the company started out delivering online information services over proprietary networks. By the time web-based commerce came along 10 years later, they were eCommerce veterans – ready and waiting, up-selling and cross-selling online.

When eCommerce became all the rage, and even when eCommerce wasn't so hip, the company stuck to its guns: to provide an on-demand eCommerce platform that efficiently provides thousands of online businesses – small and large – with best-in-class functionality and service. Notice the operative word here is "service," not "host" or "ASP." The company didn't re-brand a legacy product or just offer one with hosting. It didn't take a traditionally licensed application retro fit it and rent it out. Instead, Venda was designed and built from the ground up on a true multi-tenanted outsourced platform delivered globally via a service-oriented architecture and grid computing – long before those became buzz words.

As the platform evolved through a series of serendipitous company reorganisations and restructurings, Venda didn't have to foot the bill for millions of dollars and hundreds of man-years in R&D that was already invested in the platform. The result is that Venda today can afford to give you this multi-million dollar all-inclusive solution for a flat monthly fee of £5,000. "Now that's value."

Success Factors - Align, Develop, Motivate, Maintain Provides on-demand, Web-based, integrated talent management solutions that help organizations align, develop, motivate and retain their employees. Founded in 2001, SuccessFactors’ software as a service solution helps companies of all sizes align employee performance with bottom-line business results. The talent management suite includes solutions for goal alignment, performance management, 360s, succession planning and pay-for-performance compensation.

Ariba - Spend management solutions The Ariba Spend Management Solutions comprise software, services and expertise that enable companies to rapidly master their spend and accelerate their journey toward bottom-line success-without costly customization or internal IT alignment issues. Combined with our comprehensive, scalable Ariba Supplier Network, Ariba solutions drive more business volume between buyers and suppliers than any other spend management system.

Convoq - On demand conferencing Convoq provide a family of Web conferencing services for everyday online meetings. Whether one-on-one, spur-of-the-moment communications or large, scheduled webinars, ASAP provides all the tools you need, along with a flexible, flat-fee pricing model. The only online meeting software specifically designed to work together with

Right Now Technologies On demand CRM solutions for sales and marketing automation. On demand customer relationship management and sales force solutions. Aims to the "eBay of business software".