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7Global - The Managed Services Company

www.7global.com global is one of the largest and longest established Managed IT service providers in the UK. Organisations trust 7global because of its market leading position, its reputation of providing first-class services for over six years and because its data centres are protected by tight security.

7global delivers Managed Services to hundreds of companies and thousands of users from both private and public organisations including: Sainsbury’s, Microsoft, BBC, Kurt Geiger, Kronos Systems, KCS, Konica Minolta, Northgate, Auto Data Network, Global Range, EMI, Commerzbank, Sony, Visualfiles and Wanadoo.


Businesses and Independent Software Vendors rely on 7global to manage part or all of their IT infrastructure and applications:

* Managed Hosting Services – 7global offers greater availability, redundancy, scalability and quality than can be attained with in-house hosting. For a fixed, predictable monthly charge, with no up-front capital costs, we manage our customers IT infrastructure, enabling them to focus on their business.
* Managed Data Centre Services - From a highly secure data centre housed in a former Bank of England building, 7global provides top-level security in unstable times. We provide our clients with access to a complete range of co-location solutions enabling them to benefit from a secure, cost-effective, high-performance infrastructure for their server and networking equipment without significant investment, while allowing for future growth.
* Managed On-Demand Applications - 7global delivers a full suite of ‘On-Demand’ business applications, through partnerships with some of the world's leading software companies. Our On-Demand applications allow you to buy Software-as-a-Service and get up and running faster and cheaper, while we take the worry out of application maintenance, management, support, upgrades, personnel turnover and the complexities of providing application and data access to remote and mobile users.
* Managed Data Services - Guaranteed resilience and flexibility, 7global solutions cover the full range of data protection and data management requirements from disaster recovery, anti-virus, anti-spam to content management.
* Managed Network Services - Designed to radically ease business networking pressures, by taking over all aspects of the running of your networks, including public/private network connectivity, managed firewalls and managed VPNs. Enjoy improved performance, increased protection and forward planning for your business.


7global has established key alliances with leading technology infrastructure companies (e.g. Microsoft, Citrix and Progress Software) to help us rapidly deliver high-performance business and technology solutions for our customer.

Cast Iron Systems - Integration and Application Router Appliance

www.castironsys.com Simple Integration for On Demand and Enterprise Environments: Cast Iron Systems built the Application Router from the ground up, tightly coupling software and hardware design. Instead of installing multiple pieces of software, worrying about compatibility issues, and tracking hardware requirements, you can just connect a network cable to the Application Router, and begin designing your integration solution. The Application Router does not require any additional hardware or software. It's that simple.

First Class Management

With the Application Router, you have visibility into all aspects of your integration project. A web-based management console allows you to remotely monitor and analyze data, system, and hardware status. If datatypes don't match, a network connection is lost, or a hard drive stops working, you'll know.

Unlimited Scalability

You are not limited by software or hardware incompatibilities, cumbersome installations, or deployment complications. There is no limit to the number of Application Routers you can add to your network. The Application Router provides one point of management and design tools that make it simple to reuse and deploy existing integration projects to additional Application Routers.

Cost Effectiveness

You do not have to deal with multiple vendors to make separate software and hardware purchases. With its remote management capabilities, the Application Router does not require a local IT staff for remote routers. At a fraction of the cost of traditional integration solutions, the Application Router provides a positive return on investment in as little as four months.

BridgeWerx - Easy, Affordable, It Works - On Demand Integration Appliance

www.bridgewerx.com Got On Demand? BRIDGEWERX OnDemand Integrator is built from the ground up for service provider applications and is delivered as both an on-demand offering and via an appliance for runtime, in essence a service provider router.

BRIDGEWERX, established in 2001 and a division of 5by5 Software Ventures Ltd., is the only company providing integration Software as a Service (SaaS) with deployment to an appliance specifically for service providers and small and medium size businesses (SMB). The company’s solutions include BRIDGEWERX OnDemand Integrator for service provider integration and BRIDGEWERX Business Integrator for SMB.

The company’s latest products continue to build on the BRIDGEWERX easy and affordable integration solution, with a rich, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), best-of-breed components, and delivered as an on-demand service. By addressing the critical integration needs of service providers, on-demand applications and SMB, and adapting as business needs change, BRIDGEWERX continues to position itself as an industry innovator in the emerging service provider and appliance-delivered integration marketplace.

The integration offerings from BRIDGEWERX are delivered as a service and, via an appliance for runtime, bridge the gaps between enterprise systems, SOAs and service providers that exist across the internet. The BRIDGEWERX products give special consideration to connectivity, interoperability, security, and shared processes. The new BRIDGEWERX products are designed to join existing enterprises to the Web 2.0.

StrikeIron - Web Services Business Network

www.strikeiron.com StrikeIron is the worldwide leader in Web services commercialization with its breakthrough StrikeIron Web Services Business Network (WSBizNet) that greatly simplifies the selling and buying of Web services for a broad audience of providers and users, while simultaneously supporting commercial Web services integration by ISVs and Solution Providers.

Overall, the StrikeIron Web Services Business Network provides an integrated set of capabilities designed to bring together providers, users and partners as part of a community to accelerate the adoption of commercial Web services. Key to this adoption is the StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace as the preferred central location for Web services commerce where publishers and users can come together to sell and buy Web services on top of a powerful technology platform.


StrikeIron has one clear mission:
Providing the preferred ecommerce platform that will allow a broader market of publishers to commercialize Web services, users to buy Web services and partners to integrate Web services into their applications.

As a result, business users and developers will be able to develop new ways of doing business that take advantage of the wealth of global information and functionality made accessible by the emerging set of Web services technologies and Service Oriented Architectures.

“Web services” allow businesses to integrate their internal computer systems, leverage legacy systems, and automate communication with their business partners in ways never before possible. In the same way that email brought people together over the Internet, Web services will bring computer systems together facilitating the next great revolution in software usability. Just as Web services will change how software is developed, StrikeIron will change the way we sell and buy commercial Web services.

StrikeIron Advantage

The StrikeIron Web Services Business Network is the first online commerce platform specifically designed to broaden the ability to self-commercialize Web services and provide a more efficient and accessible Web Services Marketplace.

The StrikeIron team has brought together years of experience commercializing Web services to produce the first self-publishing system with the flexibility and micro-transaction management required for facilitating The Web Services Marketplace. They have coupled this with years of developing more user friendly products to create a new level of ease of use allowing a broader market to discover, try, buy and utilize Web services.

Users of the Web Services Business Network will enjoy a combination of simplicity and power when trying, subscribing, and managing the utilization of multiple Web services. Providers have access to a new level of automated self-publishing capabilities with incredible flexibility to meet the needs of a variety of business models. ISVs have an easier way to quickly integrate real-time functionality and data access in their applications to provide new value and a competitive edge in the market.

Technology: StrikeIron Web Services Commerce Platform

The StrikeIron Web Services Commerce Platform forms the foundation for the Web Services Business Network. It is built on a technology-rich Web services commerce platform that solves the problem of providing consistent and automated self-publishing features, while still providing flexible access capabilities and pricing structures along with the requirements for micro-transaction processing of multiple Web services across multiple users.

The platform also solves the problem of inconsistent licensing and documentation schemes by providing simplified licensing and trial capabilities, integrated enhanced documentation and integrated tools and services to simplify the ability to find, try, buy and manage many varying types of Web services.

Providers who publish in the StrikeIron Marketplace have access to a complete range of services including authentication, billing and accounting, usage reporting, user tracking, security, uptime monitoring, choice of protocol, redundancy, analysis tools, productivity tools, documentation tools and more!

Users who subscribe through the StrikeIron Marketplace have instant access to a rich set of functionality and data and can take advantage of more flexible choices of protocols, simplified sign-on, simplified billing and accounting, flexible pricing alternatives, and integrated tools and services to accelerate their utilization.

The StrikeIron Web Services Business Network is a logical and needed extension of SOA implementations requiring integration of data and functionality external to companies and provides a trusted and reliable platform with the flexibility to handle small to large implementation requirements at a more economical cost.

StrikeIron Web Services Business Network is the Delivery Vehicle

The StrikeIron Web Services Business Network is the leading Internet-based Web Services commerce platform providing an online Web services marketplace for thousands of creators of Web services to commercially publish their innovations, and to enable potentially millions of users to find and utilize Web services content.

The StrikeIron Web Services Business Network includes the complete commercialization infrastructure and necessary technologies to enable incredibly easy and efficient publishing and utilization. Its breakthrough self-service automation and ease of use will enable rapid expansion, creating a growing community of publishers invested in StrikeIron’s success. This will enable the broadest available marketplace of trusted Web services resulting in StrikeIron becoming the preferred site for Web services content.

In addition to providing the platform to publish, commercialize and utilize Web services content, this Web-based platform is unique in providing integrated enabling technologies and on-demand online services to simplify working with Web services all the way to the desktop. This differentiation enables a broader adoption of Web services by users and publishers through its focus on ease of use and accessibility, thereby increasing the reach and applicability of the platform.

Overall, this creates a community based around the StrikeIron Web Services Business Network, which becomes a vast network of individuals, businesses and other organizations worldwide facilitating a self-perpetuating market expansion.

Scope IT - IT Project Planning Service

www.scopeit.com SCOPE iT is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider that helps CIOs and CFOs develop more accurate IT project plans, including cost estimates, resource requirements and time schedules. SCOPE iT helps reduce the $55 billion annually wasted on failed IT projects, which represents 22% of an average organization’s overall IT project budget. SCOPE iT can double an organization’s project success rate, save up to 10% or more of its IT project budget, and improve its compliance with governance initiatives such as Sarbanes-Oxley, ITIL, CMMI, COBIT, and Six Sigma. SCOPE iT provides important up-front project planning capabilities - including estimating, forecasting, resourcing, scoping and scheduling - that complement project management and PPM applications. SCOPE iT’s key features include its activity-based methodology, central best-practices knowledgebase and standardized, repeatable process. In addition, SCOPE iT’s intuitive, web-based service enables quick and affordable deployments, and supports on-demand collaboration by users throughout the organization. SCOPE iT is a private company located in El Dorado Hills, California.

nuBridges - Connecting businesses in real time

www.nubridges.com Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, nuBridges is a business-to-business solution provider offering products and services that help companies connect, integrate and manage their business partner trading communities. Using solutions and services offered by nuBridges, organizations are able to exchange information electronically to promote collaboration, improve value chain visibility and reduce their total cost of conducting business within their trading communities.

nuBridges has announced truExchange Data Secure, a new software and services offering that provides field- and file-level encryption of data residing on iSeries servers. Data Secure is aimed squarely at preventing the type of accidental loss of customer data that leads to identity theft, which is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to stomach as a result of new state and federal laws, as well as consumer lawsuits and financial punishment enacted by shareholders.

Whether enabling suppliers’ responsiveness to their customers’ needs or customizing relationship management systems, nuBridges’ comprehensive options ensure flexibility to meet specific customer requirements reliably and securely with a minimal investment of time and resources. Optimized to increase ordering and invoicing accuracy, automate data entry, and exchange mission-critical information rapidly and seamlessly, nuBridges’ solutions allow companies to gain rapid returns on their investments and respond quickly to market demands to gain competitive advantage.

nuBridges developed a business-to-business technology platform leveraging over $20 million worth of development using open-source technologies. This open-source foundation allows nuBridges to draw from the ongoing innovations developed in the global technical community. The open-source foundation allows quick development of components to fulfill market demand for tools including business activity monitoring, business process management, change management and others that scale to customers’ needs.

The advantage to nuBridges’ customers is they receive valuable software and services that make it easy and affordable for their businesses to connect with their customers and suppliers regardless of their technological landscape. nuBridges’ solutions minimize requirements for internal resources, leverage a customer’s current infrastructure and processes, and provide tools for the rapid addition and enablement of trading partners to an adaptive eBusiness environment.

Privately-held, nuBridges is led by eBusiness pioneers and visionaries positioned on the leading edge of electronic business-to-business. This team delivered industry-leading solutions to over 40,000 customers worldwide. As former members of the Harbinger team, they earned a reputation for industry-leading customer service. This customer-first culture carries over to nuBridges and is a key aspect in everything nuBridges does.

Will SAP? Of course they will

www.zdnet.com SAP is expected to debut on Thursday a hosted CRM software service, as the business applications software giant steps into an increasingly crowded field.

SAP plans to provide details of its long-awaited hosted customer relationship management (CRM) service during a media briefing in Palo Alto, Calif., and New York, a company spokeswoman confirmed according to ZDNet.

BrassRing - Comprehensive Guidance in Talent Management

www.brassring.com As a leading provider of talent management solutions, BrassRing combines innovative technology, consulting, and outsourcing with our recruitment expertise for the edge you need to build a successful workforce - a workforce built by design to meet the specific needs for your company.

By focusing on your needs, BrassRing is able to provide the guidance and solutions necessary to help you reduce your hiring costs and streamline your recruiting processes - in any economic climate.

BrassRing has earned a number of prestigious industry awards, including the Software & information Industry Association's Codie Award for "Best human Resources Product or Service" and the Sears "Partners in Progress" Award.

As the first integrated technology and services provider in the industry, BrassRing has been at the forefront of talent management innovation since 1999, providing solutions that enable organizations to attract, assess, recruit and retain globally competitive workforces.

BrassRing's award-winning, best-of-breed, Web-based talent management offering, Enterprise, is setting new standards in candidate attraction, selection and information security, and allows users to manage salaried, hourly, and contract employees with a single interface; centralize and enrich talent pools; redeploy internal talent; reduce agency costs; standardize on a single, global platform; save time; recruit more efficiently; and increase overall return on investment.

Enterprise users benefit from intelligent workflow management; automated candidate scoring and ranking; integrated scheduling and communication management; collaboration and sharing of critical information worldwide; company-wide collaborative applicant tracking capabilities; the elimination of process redundancies, bottlenecks, and communication gaps; and enhanced reporting capabilities.

Enterprise is a user-friendly solution that establishes an integrated process for all talent sources, optimizing your workforce and, in turn, increasing company performance and global competitiveness.

Enviance - Improving Environmental Health Safety

www.enviance.com Enviance helps organizations improve their performance and manage the risk associated with ensuring compliance with environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations. The first Internet-based system for the collection, distribution, analysis and reporting of EH&S data and information, Enviance offers a comprehensive, flexible, standards-based platform for EH&S compliance management.

Many leading organizations trust Enviance to help them reduce the time and cost of managing compliance activities, retain institutional knowledge, confidently certify compliance, and improve performance. They choose the Enviance System for its unrivaled power, flexibility, and bottom-line benefits. Founded in 1999, privately held Enviance is based in Carlsbad, California.

Rearden Commerce - Services On Demand

www.reardencommerce.com A global online marketplace for services of all kinds. Accessible from any device, any location, on any web browser. Delivered through a single, unified commerce platform. With embedded intelligence that tracks user preferences and procurement policies. Enabling buyers and suppliers of services and business processes to transact in an automated, personalized, and pervasive manner. On-demand. You've heard the promise. Rearden Commerce delivers the reality.

The Rearden Commerce Platform is the industry's first Web Services-based technology architecture for delivering Services On-Demand. Our initial application addresses the procurement of Employee Business Services (EBS). For the first time, companies can manage, and employees can consume, all Employee Business Services from a single application via a simple, consistent user interface. Until Rearden Commerce, an integrated platform for procuring services in the enterprise simply didn't exist.
A Five-Year Development Lead

Commencing operations in 1999, Rearden Commerce invested the last five years in solving the difficult technology challenges required to create a proven, scalable Web Services-based commerce platform. Today, we have a substantial intellectual property lead with a large and growing patent portfolio. And, we've built intelligence into our global commerce platform to support the next frontier— true user-centric computing.

The Rearden Commerce Platform represents a user-centric computing model, the first to deliver on the promise of Services On-Demand™. Unique attributes of the model include:

* On-Demand Service Delivery. Businesses make no investments in hardware or software purchase and maintenance. Instead, applications run on the Rearden Commerce Platform at the Rearden data center, allowing the enterprise to focus on its core business competency.
* Extensibility. New applications and features are instantly available to users. No shipping delays, no downloads, no scheduling windows for upgrades.
* Manageability. Procurement groups can implement policies and rules and view reports with a click, from any web browser.
* Usability. Rearden and its partners can develop distributed applications that are exceptionally easy to use, empowering companies to provide their employees with business solutions that are better, faster, and more readily adopted.
* Support for a New Breed of Applications. The standards-based Description, Discovery, and Delivery of the services built on the Rearden Commerce Platform enable a new breed of applications, built by orchestrating services across vertical services such as travel and dining.

Kronos - Workforce Management

www.kronos.com Kronos is the most trusted name in workforce management. Organizations turn to Kronos for help managing every phase of the employee relationship including staffing, developing, deploying, tracking, and rewarding the workforce. The end result is reduced costs, increased productivity, better decision-making, improved employee satisfaction, and alignment with organizational objectives.

Unlike traditional HRMS vendors who primarily deliver value to HR and payroll managers, or niche workforce management vendors who cater to specific groups of employees, Kronos delivers value to the entire workforce. By managing salaried, hourly, remote, mobile, and contingent workers through one comprehensive system, everyone from the CEO to the frontline manager can make better decisions and work more effectively.

Addressing a wider range of payment and deployment preferences, Kronos announced Kronos Subscription, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) alternative for its Workforce Central® suite. Now all organizations can reap the benefits of the world's most widely adopted suite of workforce management applications, available on a perpetual license or subscription basis and deployable on site or hosted off-premises.

Kronos Subscription allows Kronos to attract organizations that we have not historically targeted — those with a pre-determined subscription pricing preference. Software payment and deployment options are broadening and some organizations now prefer an off-premises, fully managed subscription pricing alternative. As the leader in workforce management, we are committed to providing customers with an array of payment and deployment options to meet their individual needs. Driving this commitment is our unwavering focus on solving customers' workforce-related business problems.

Addressing market needs with unparalleled flexibility

Software-as-a-Service — where customers rent rather than purchase software licenses — is gaining interest for enterprise applications, particularly among small- and mid-size organizations. While this alternative is gaining interest, there will continue to be strong customer demand for on-site licensed software applications. In response to these market dynamics, Kronos now provides a range of alternatives, offering solutions on both a perpetual license basis and a subscription basis. Customers have the flexibility to choose deployment on site or hosted off-premises. Kronos' procurement alternatives are equally flexible, with options to license or lease the applications, or subscribe to a hosted solution.

Whether our customers choose to apply Kronos solutions on an enterprise scale, or leverage them as point solutions to address key business objectives, they all use Kronos to improve the performance of their people and their business.

We became the most trusted name in workforce management by delivering value through our time-tested and people-proven service approach to 20 million people within some of the world's most recognized organizations. We offer our solutions to a diverse array of industries, including education, government, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail.

Omniture - Web Analytics

www.omniture.com Omniture is the trusted leader and fastest-growing provider of on-demand Web analytics, supplying the essential capabilities companies need to successfully conduct business online. This leadership is attributed to the experience Omniture has gained over the past five years helping more than 600 customers fully leverage their Internet channels by successfully attracting visitors and turning them into loyal customers.

Omniture’s customers include innovative companies that represent the largest and most respected enterprise brands in the world, including:

* Four of the top five Fortune ranked companies
* Nine of the top 10 automotive Web sites
* The world’s largest corporation and retailer
* The Internet’s largest e-commerce site
* The Internet’s largest advertiser

Omniture’s customers include industry leaders AOL, Apple, Countrywide Financial, eBay, Ford, GM, HP, MSNShopping, Sears, Time and Wal-Mart.

OpSource SaaS Summit 2006

SaaS Summit 2006 The OpSource SaaS Summit is the only event where you will be able to join SaaS users, developers and technology partners to exchange ideas and cultivate opportunities in the growing SaaS ecosystem.

The SaaS Summit will bring together software companies, technology partners, industry press and analysts, as well as venture capitalists to discuss the future of Software as a Service, share successes, and foster partnerships to maximize opportunities within the SaaS ecosystem. The summit will feature insightful presentations and panel discussions by industry experts and thought leaders in the SaaS community. Discover a community of peers eager to share ideas and expertise in a casual, interactive environment and gain a greater understanding of the SaaS industry – network, learn what others are doing, cultivate partnerships that can help with solutions and business development.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

ARC Systems - Automated Underwitings for the Mortgage Industry

www.arcsystems.com From Main Street to Wall Street, ARC Systems is revolutionizing the way the mortgage industry does business. Our applications range from streamlined product/pricing engines to integrated solutions that can originate, underwrite, fund, and close loans. ARC Systems' dynamic decisioning technology helps lenders boost their productivity, and investors purchase with confidence. As the first company to automate underwriting for the nonprime market, we know the mortgage industry from point-of-sale to securitizations. Learn how you can benefit from our years of mortgage experience and technological expertise.

Advanced Resource Computer Systems was founded in 1984 by Ed Jones, the company's current president and chief executive officer. Between 1984 and 1993, ARC Systems developed a number of custom systems for several different industries: banking, financial services, state government and health care.

In 1994, the company's efforts were refocused on the real estate and mortgage industry. We designed LOT$PRO, a loan origination and tracking system, for a second mortgage lender. The mortgage industry knowledge gained through LOT$PRO's development later bore fruit in the industry-leading, totally Web based LendTechTM Mortgage family of products.

Today, the LendTech family encompasses LendTech Mortgage, LendTech Warehouse, LendTech Investor, LendTech HomeEquity, and LendTech Black Box. Our experienced management team is dedicated to helping our clients build their business with products that provide value and excellent return on investment.

ARC Systems is committed to providing essential data and services for our clients via our world-class facility. Our security includes redundant hardware and network design which limits our vulnerability to environmental or system-wide disturbances.

Nistevo - Logistics Network and Transportation Mgt

www.nistevo.com Nistevo is the leading Collaborative Logistics Network for transportation management, a hosted software service that enables manufacturers, retailers, distributors and logistics service providers to view, plan, execute, settle and analyze their inbound and outbound transportation. Organizations of all industries and sizes participate in the Network to collaborate with their supply chain partners and execute more than four million shipments annually.

The company was founded in 1997 by Kevin Lynch to address the vast inefficiencies found in logistics throughout the world. Although companies spend more than a trillion dollars every year on logistics, it has remained a manual and disconnected process. Lynch's founding vision was to help shippers and carriers dramatically improve the efficiency of their logistics and supply chain operations through a common Web-based network that offered connectivity and encouraged collaboration. The result of this vision is the Nistevo Collaborative Network for transportation management.

Today, shippers and transportation providers on the Nistevo Network have connectivity to all trading partners, global visibility to shipments and orders, and the ability to collaborative on day-to-day activities within their logistics operations. The results are dramatic gains in supply chain efficiencies and significant cost savings.

With global sourcing becoming a business requirement in many industries, organizations need wider visibility across their supply chains in order to stay competitive. As a Web-based network, Nistevo offers the most extensive accessibility, visibility and management of domestic and international shipments available.

The Nistevo Network tracks and manages the entire shipment lifecycle from load planning and building to tendering to invoice auditing to performance measurement. Network customers are monitoring and managing thousands of shipments annually and are consistently experiencing savings of 5-25% off their overall transportation spend.

Unlike traditional software, Nistevo's modular software is delivered as a network-based service, connecting logistics service providers and locations with ease. And with its subscription-based pricing model, you pay only for the capabilities your organization needs. The result is a low-risk, rapid ROI.

With thousands of organizations online, the Nistevo Network includes leading companies from various industries.

OnVantage - Event Management

www.onvantage.com OnVantage, Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is the leading technology provider for the $300 billion global market for professional meetings and events industry serving both buyers and sellers. For meeting suppliers, OnVantage provides technology solutions for generating and managing leads for meetings and events. For corporations, OnVantage offers the premier planning and spend management solution for meetings and events. Through the OnVantage Marketplace for Meetings, OnVantage connects over 400 of the Fortune 500 companies and thousands of additional corporations and associations to a vast global network of over 40,000 hotel properties and 30,000 meeting suppliers.

At the heart of the OnVantage Marketplace for Meetings, lies the OnVantage database where over 150,000 meeting professionals conduct over 11,000 searches daily. The database is accessible through 60 sites including the OnVantage mpoint® website (www.mpoint.com), private websites, and enterprises using the company’s MeetingView™ solutions.

OnVantage is a global corporation with sales and customer service operations in the US, UK, Germany and Hong Kong. Our products support multiple currencies and all major languages. With this worldwide presence, OnVantage can ensure that its products continue to meet the specific requirements of each market, and that its support organizations can service their clients with the highest level of local knowledge and expertise.

WebEx WebOffice

www.weboffice.com Aonther string to the bow of WebEx. WebEx WebOffice Workgroup combines asynchronous tools such as document sharing and calendaring with real-time web meeting technology. Web-enable your office today.

CGI - Business Solutions Through Information Technology

www.cgi.com Acquired Spend Mgt ASP SilverOakSolutions. Outsourcers acquiring growing ASPs is common.

Founded in 1976, CGI is a world-class leader in information technology (IT) and business process services with the expertise and capabilities to serve the needs of businesses and governments of all sizes. CGI and its affiliated companies employ close to 25,000 professionals and have over 100 offices serving clients in 19 countries. CGI provides end-to-end services through our flexible and cost efficient delivery model that combines on-site and off-site operations. Rooted in quality processes and frameworks, our goal is to fully satisfy client objectives, serving as an accountable, flexible and objective partner.

Services and capabilities

From providing consulting and systems integration services to managing IT and business functions on behalf of our clients, CGI provides an all-encompassing offering that includes the planning, design, development, implementation and management of highly effective business and IT environments. Our global delivery capabilities include onsite, home-shore, near-shore and off-shore options, giving our clients the flexibility to choose the model that best meets their needs.

Through our vertical expertise in financial services, government and healthcare, telecommunications and utilities, manufacturing, distribution and retail, we provide clients with a partner that is not only expert in IT, but expert in their industries. This combination of business knowledge and technology expertise allows us to help our clients adapt as their industries change.

Managed services components

* Technology management - We have full IT infrastructure management capabilities, allowing clients to delegate entire or partial responsibility for their IT functions.
* Application management - We provide day-to-day maintenance and improvement for clients' business applications, helping reduce costs and ensure faster delivery of new initiatives.
* Systems integration and consulting - We customize and integrate leading technologies and software applications to create IT systems that meet clients' strategic needs.
* Business process services - We manage back-office business processes and transactions on behalf of our clients, allowing them to concentrate on their core business, strengthen their competitiveness and improve their bottom line.

Silver Oak Solutions - Leaders in Spend Management

www.silveroaksolutions.com Now part of outsourcing and Business Services firm CGI.

Silver Oak Solutions’ professionals have created $1.9 billion in annual, recurring, “hard dollar” savings for companies in the United States and abroad. We provide valuable procurement solutions to Fortune 1000 companies by offering personalized service, state of the art technology, and flexible purchasing solutions. Our processes are customized to work within your business environment, in order to maximize value and minimize cost. Silver Oak Solutions is the pioneer and leader in providing Spend Management solutions for the Government Sector. Currently, Silver Oak is working with nine state governments and one large municipal government to deliver significant savings on their purchased goods and services. We are dedicated to delivering the best value for taxpayer dollars through our Leveraged Purchasing Power® approach, which applies business best practices to the fiscal problems facing many states across the country.

Third Millennium Healthcare Systems and CareMedic

www.tmhsi.com CareMedic Systems, Inc. (CareMedic)
of St. Petersburg, Florida and Third Millennium Healthcare Systems, Inc. (TMHSI)
proudly announce the merger of the two companies effective September 16, 2005. We're excited about our expanded ability to address the revenue cycle management needs of the healthcare community. As we integrate our products, we encourage you to visit our respective web sites and learn more about our industry leading capabilities.

Sci Solutions - Healthcare solutions

www.scisystems.com Our new name, SCI Solutions, which stands for Success-Critical Information Solutions, is an apt descriptor of the important strategic benefits our Access Management solution delivers. We are creating state of the art Access Management solutions for hospitals and through our affordable, subscription-based solutions and our proven hosted software delivery model. No one delivers speed to value like SCI. Our delivery model means you start benefiting within weeks, rather than months.

We offer hospitals the Access Management solution that's critical to future success. Our solution allows patients to access providers with none of the usual hassle and gets providers paid for their services in the most efficient manner. We do this by creating seamless information connections within hospital departments . among caregivers . between clinical and billing functions . and most importantly, with external customers, the physicians and patients. This continuous real-time linkage is critical to the smooth processing that drives loyalty, generates revenue and improves cost-savings.

SCI Solutions has a history of ground-breaking innovation. Founded in 2000, the company, then known as scheduling.com, brought web-native technology and a dramatically new business model to healthcare. Our focus was on improving the increasingly complex nature of scheduling healthcare. We were first to offer effective, mission critical enterprise solutions via the Internet.

For the next five years, we demonstrated how a focus on efficient, effective, patient scheduling can generate significant benefits for integrated delivery networks. We are helping more than 100 healthcare delivery systems, ambulatory clinics, imaging centers and affiliated physicians improve customer service, maximize resources, ensure accurate data collection, and reduce missed appointments.

Currently, our solution is ranked fourth of over 500 healthcare software products tracked by KLAS, a leading customer satisfaction reporting company. We are Frost & Sullivan's 2004 Technology Leadership Award winner for Enterprise Patient Scheduling. SCI has won industry awards every year since inception. Microsoft's Healthcare User Group (MS-HUG) has recognized us for excellence in both 2003 and 2004.

Over the years, we've expanded the functionality of our core enterprise healthcare scheduling solution to provide a higher level of benefit. Today, our Access Management solutions seamlessly integrate your "front door," revenue cycle and clinical processes that help improve revenue cycle management from initial access to the back office.

SCI Solutions maintains corporate headquarters in Los Gatos, California and an operations division in Tucson, Arizona.

SciQuest - Supplier, Procurement and Materials Mgt

www.sciquest.com Bring more spend under management when you let SciQuest handle your Supplier Management Strategy. SciQuest helps customers gain greater control and visibility over their spend by connecting to their suppliers. Broader supplier participation helps organizations unlock more value from supplier relationships and drive greater user adoption of existing systems.

SciQuest's Supplier Management Solutions include:

o Highly configurable search and shopping tools
o Rapid enablement of supplier content and connectivity
o Ongoing supplier content management
o Maintenance of supplier integrations with procurement and ERP Systems (Enterprise Solutions)

Integrating a broad base of suppliers drives user adoption – increasing the quality and quantity of your spend data. You can then use that detailed spend data to improve sourcing efforts – generating sustainable savings from your spend management efforts.

Through its supplier network, SciQuest aggregates detailed supplier content and enables supplier connectivity, providing a purchasing experience that drives user adoption and contract compliance.

By leveraging SciQuest's expertise in on-demand supplier management and procurement automation, customers can rapidly improve efficiency and capture significant savings.

SciQuest Solution Suite
Supplier Management
Spend Director and the SciQuest Supplier Network enhance existing procurement systems with content and connectivity to increase on-catalog and on-contract spending, and spend and transaction visibility.

Procurement Automation
SciQuest's procurement automation solutions enhance purchasing processes to reduce cost, improve productivity and increase visibility into organization-wide spend.

Materials Management
SciQuest's materials management solutions allow organizations to maximize visibility and use of internal inventory through its supplies, chemical and biological tools while minimizing disposal costs and health and safety risks.

WorkScape - Outsourced HR Designed for the Workforce

www.workscape.com Designed for the workforce, Workscape's solutions transform the delivery and adoption of HR services across the enterprise to maximize ROI and enable a higher-performing organization. An innovator in HR self-service, Workscape provides a full range of outsourced benefits and workforce management solutions including outsourced benefits administration, compensation management, performance management, employee self-service and manager self-service, as well as an employee portal. Workscape's applications and services are configurable to support each client's unique business processes and are easily integrated into multi-vendor environments to ensure protection of existing technology investments.

As a solution provider with more than 30 years' experience in the HR domain, Workscape understands the challenges faced by today’s corporation and has applied its experience to develop Web-based applications that transform the delivery and adoption of HR services across the enterprise. Workscape's award-winning solutions have been embraced by millions of employees worldwide at more than 180 major corporations.

SPS Commerce - The EDI Software Alternative

www.spscommerce.com SPS Commerce is the leading provider of Hosted Integration Services to the retail and distribution supply chain. Through its online, software as a service platform, SPSCommerce.net delivers technologies like EDI, UPC Catalogs, Item Synchronization and Online Ordering sites. With more than 52,000 manufacturers having used SPS’ services to connect to more than 700 retailers and distributors worldwide, SPS is the largest and fastest growing EDI service provider.

Why have more than 9,000 companies outsourced their EDI and other supply chain integration to SPS Commerce instead of using old-fashioned software applications?

As a service, SPS Commerce dramatically lowers the setup and on-going costs, along with the time and risks of supply chain integration by providing a superior alternative to complicated, tedious and expensive traditional software deployments.

Using software as a service enables companies to remain focused on their business operations and sales, not EDI. One customer noted that “with SPS Commerce, things are definitely operating more smoothly as we have seen our efficiency and productivity climb 35 percent.”

And its not just companies new to EDI that are making the switch to a service. One of SPS’ customers, Bel /Kaukauna (supplier of the popular “Laughing Cow” cheese), chose SPS Commerce and unplugged its internal EDI software.

SPS is already connected to your customers.

With more than 700 connections to retailers and distributors worldwide, SPS Commerce offers the most comprehensive reach of any EDI service. We connect manufacturers to retailers effortlessly because we team with the retailers to accommodate any changes to their transactions on your behalf. And, if we don’t have an established connection, our experts can rapidly develop and certify one in just days.

It’s EDI without the work.

Digital Insight - Online Banking Provider for Finance Instituations

www.digitalinsight.com Digital Insight Corporation is the leading online banking provider for financial institutions. Through its comprehensive portfolio of Internet-based financial products and services built upon the Company's unique architecture, Digital Insight enables banks and credit unions to become the trusted transaction hub for their retail and commercial customers. Digital Insight offers consumer and business Internet banking, online lending, electronic bill payment and presentment, check imaging, account-to-account transfers, website development and hosting, marketing programs designed to help increase online banking end user growth, and more. Digital Insight products and services allow financial institution clients to strengthen their customer relationships and effectively compete for market share.

The Company's successful business model is based on multiple growth drivers, including growth in end user adoption, cross-selling additional products, and new client signings.

Financial Highlights

* Q3 2005 revenue increased to $53.2 million, up 12% from Q3 2004.
* GAAP net income in Q3 2005 increased 65% to $0.19 per diluted share from $0.12 per diluted share in Q3 2004.
* Non-GAAP net income in Q3 2005 increased 33% to $0.23 per share from $0.17 per share in Q3 2004.
* The Company generated $12.5 million in operating cash flow during Q3 2005, up from $9.8 million in Q3 2004.
* Digital Insight remains the largest outsourced provider of Internet banking services, based on its leading base of customers and active end users. At 9/30/2005, 6.0 million consumers and 101,000 businesses were using Digital Insight's online banking platforms.

GAAP / Non-GAAP EPS Reconciliation
* Non-GAAP EPS in Q3 2005 and Q3 2004 exclude non-cash charges equivalent to $0.04 per diluted share related to amortization of intangible assets from prior acquisitions. Non-GAAP EPS in Q3 2004 also excludes a non-recurring tax adjustment equivalent to $0.01 per diluted share.

Products and Services

Digital Insight realizes that our clients' success depends on their ability to attract new business, increase share of wallet, and retain their current customers/members. Driving growth and profitability from the online channel plays a critical role in meeting these goals and we help our clients achieve them through product breadth and reliability, and channel growth support.


Consumer Solutions - Consumer Internet banking products and services designed to increase online adoption and boost retention.

Business Solutions - Internet business banking products and services for financial institutions to become the valued source for their business customers' financial needs.

Lender Solutions - Multi-channel online consumer loan solutions that unify front and back end lending systems, deliver consistent loan underwriting decisions, and increase loan application volumes.

Growth & Retention Program - The Growth and Retention Program (GRP) helps increase online banking end user growth by offering clients marketing materials and training tools.

Web Services - Website and portal design, hosting and maintenance from our award-winning team of designers and programmers.

WebSideStory - On Demand Digital Marketing Solutions

www.websidestory.com We are proud to announce that WebSideStory’s acquisition of Atomz is complete. The Atomz and WebSideStory solutions have been combined to create the Active Marketing Suite – the industry’s first integrated suite of on-demand, digital marketing services.

A successful Web site is essential for your business. Whether your goal is to drive revenue, generate leads, inform visitors or serve customers, you need an online presence that is responsive to the needs of your customers and responsive to the demands of your business. Atomz On-Demand Web Site Solutions can help you deliver. The bottom line: a Web site that works to meet your business goals.

Integrated solutions drive better results

Atomz On-Demand Web Site Solutions can improve the effectiveness of your online business. Our integrated applications for search, content management, promotions and e-marketing enable you to create a better visitor experience. And because they are designed for business users, Atomz solutions help you streamline internal web processes and increase your Web site agility.
On-Demand delivers value without compromising flexibility

Atomz On-Demand delivery provides you with all of the benefits of a comprehensive solution while dramatically reducing the time, cost and effort needed to get results. Because Atomz works with your existing infrastructure, there is no need to redesign, rebuild or re-implement your Web site. More importantly, you don’t have to compromise on your critical IT requirements. Uptime guarantees, strong security, and easy configuration ensure that your Web site has industrial strength dependability and flexibility.
Proven success with over 250 leading enterprises

Regardless of your industry, Atomz has helped companies just like you succeed. More organizations use Atomz to drive their online business needs than any other provider – making our infrastructure among the top trafficked on the Web. In addition, our expertise provides you with the best practices that ensure success.

InfoCrossing - The power of selective IT outsourcing

www.infocrossing.com Infocrossing, Inc. is a leader in Selective IT Outsourcing Solutions. Our services are designed to provide customers with the ability to strategically outsource non-core IT operations and IT-driven business processes to reduce costs and improve performance – without the risk or loss of control associated with wholesale outsourcing engagements.
Utilizing a proven evaluation methodology, Infocrossing provides clients with a clear understanding of the financial, technology and business benefits of Selective Outsourcing, empowering C-level executives to make an informed decision about outsourcing to Infocrossing. Further, Infocrossing's Selective Outsourcing methodology establishes precise metrics for measuring the ongoing success of the engagement - ensuring that clients achieve the benefits from their outsourcing decision.
At the core of Infocrossing's capabilities is a national, Tier-1 datacenter infrastructure with n+1 redundancy at every level, approximately 700 skilled professionals with expertise across every computing platform, as well as proven processes and account management methodologies drawn from twenty years of experience effectively servicing mission-critical IT operations for large and mid-sized companies.
Infocrossing's Selective IT Outsourcing solutions are focused on four practices:
IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
Comprehensive management of mainframes, mid-ranges, open-system servers and networks.
Healthcare IT and BPO Solutions
Advanced solutions for Medicare, Medicaid, and managed care transaction management.
Managed Services
Managed protection for enterprise email systems, bundling anti-spam, anti-virus, content filtering and other key security technologies.
Enterprise Application Services
Outsourcing and management of industry-targeted ERP applications.

Globix - Connectivity, Hosting and Application Infrastructure Mgt

www.globix.com A wide range of services in connectivity, hosting and applications management. Here are examples in the applications category:

Packaged Application Management
Business applications that are deployed today typically consist of five to ten distinct, off-the-shelf packaged applications (web servers, database, application server, messaging, security, reporting, etc.). These are assembled and configured to operate as a seamless whole. Ensuring this seamless-ness in a multi-product, multi-vendor, multi-release environment is no small task. Globix can take on the implementation, configuration, management, maintenance and optimization of some or all of your third-party package applications. This includes troubleshooting and resolving issues, applying patches and minor upgrades, consulting on new features and functions and working with the development team to coordinate implementation and full-scale upgrades.

Database Administration
The database typically serves as the core to any business application. The manner in which it is managed, administered and optimized will have a significant impact on the experience of the user and the business impact of the application. Globix can provide technical support for the database system, including identifying and resolving configuration issues, optimizing the database performance and ensuring that the Database Management System (DBMS) has appropriate server resources. This can include monitoring and providing technical support for data feeds in and out of the application, reviewing log files, managing errors and exceptions, restoring services and providing technical support for improving or optimizing processes.

Custom Code Management
To complement off-the-shelf packaged application functionality, today's business applications are customized to a company's specific needs through the use of custom code, scripts and routines written in a variety of languages and managed with a variety of version control software. Globix can provide reactive problem management and break-fix services for custom code and can proactively enhance or improve the custom software components of the application, adding or removing its features or functionality. Globix can also serve as the point of integration for all application changes, receiving application components from a variety of stakeholders, enforcing standards and shepherding changes from an integration environment through testing, staging and production.

Systems Administration
A business application is only as healthy as the systems it runs upon. Globix can provide systems administration, technical support, tuning, and problem management and resolution for servers and operating systems. This includes applying patches and upgrades, hardening servers, managing server resources (CPU, disk space, etc.), managing processes, modifying file permissions and account management, etc. Globix will provide systems administration for Globix-owned, Globix-hosted servers or for servers owned and hosted by clients and other third-party host facilities.

Content Integration
The Internet has become the primary means by which some companies interact with new and existing customers, sell products and services, work with partners, inform employees, create communities and promote brand. Content is King in this new communications medium. Globix will support the integration of application and website content (images, charts, text, media, documents, etc.) from the post-content-creation stage through and including the final push to production. Globix is adept at using automated content management systems as well as manually intensive or client-proprietary approaches. Content integration includes consulting on content distribution techniques and workflow support (publish/test/stage/production).

The health of today's business applications cannot be determined by a single-faceted approach to monitoring. As a result, Globix provides a wide variety of application monitoring solutions. Globix's functional monitoring entails creating and automating a set of functional scripts (or synthetic transactions) that are run against the production application on a regular basis. Globix's application monitoring consists of installing and monitoring software agents that monitor the state and the health of specific application packages (e.g. database, application server, web server, etc.). Globix's system monitoring entails installing and monitoring software agents that monitor a wide variety of server and server resource conditions such as availability/unavailability, server resources (CPU, Disk), operating system variables, health of processes running on servers, system log files, etc.

Performance/Scalability Management
The performance of today's business applications is determined and affected by a multitude of components, systems, variables, thresholds, handoffs, potential bottlenecks and potential single points of failure. The performance challenge is heightened in cases where the business application is undergoing changes or needs to respond to scalability requirements. Globix will take both general and specific approaches to measuring, protecting and improving the performance of an application and the application's environment. Services include performance monitoring, performance testing and discreet performance improvement initiatives.


www.surebridge.com Acquired by Navisite

eCollege - Distance Learning: Supporting Your Success

www.ecollege.com eCollege provides a comprehensive outsource solution to support the profitable growth of online distance programs for publicly traded for-profit institutions, community colleges, and public and private universities. As the only provider with all of the hardware, software and support services under one roof, eCollege offers single-point accountability to assure programs provide a high-quality experience for students, which translates into strong program retention and enrollment growth for the institution.

NetASPx - Your applications, your service, guaranteed

www.netaspx.com netASPx has developed a wide range of service offerings to support our customers’ ERP software, and High Performance Computing needs. Our managed applications services are focused on Finance, Human Resources, Accounting, Payroll and Supply Chain Management. We deliver Operations Services and Professional Services designed for Lawson Software, Kronos, and complementary applications, enabling our customers to leverage their investment in business management software, making it run more efficiently and effectively. netASPx believes in making only the commitments we can keep, and keeping all the commitments we make. Combined with our focused expertise, disciplined process, and extensive knowledge repository, netASPx’ performance has made us the market leading managed applications provider.

With facilities and infrastructure designed specifically to support Lawson Software and complementary applications, netASPx is the premier Lawson managed applications provider. Our guarantee to deliver on the commitments we make to our customers, combined with our focused expertise, disciplined process, and extensive knowledge repository has made us the market leader.

Working with netASPx, our customers realize the following three key benefits:

1. netASPx drives down Total Cost of Ownership.
2. netASPx manages the risk associated with applications.
3. netASPx delivers superior service levels.

Digital Harbor - The Composite Applications Company

www.digitalharbor.com Digital Harbor, The Composite Applications Company, got its start in the U.S. Defense Intelligence Community and has spent over $35M on R&D since 1997. Like many mainstream commercial organizations, the challenge for the U.S. intelligence community was that the number of applications and the raw amount of information was increasing geometrically, while budgets were only increasing incrementally. As the number and complexity of applications and information repositories grew, it was no longer possible to integrate them using traditional "static" approaches.

A better solution was to connect applications and people at run-time by giving end-users the ability to fuse information in their context dynamically. Digital Harbor's PiiETM platform was developed to provide major intelligence agencies and now, commercial enterprises, with a superior information integration solution and a unique approach to better information management by extending existing applications and data sources into dynamic Composite Applications.

Since Digital Harbor emerged from the US Defense Intelligence community; the US federal government continues to be a significant customer particularly in Intelligence, Department of Defense, and Homeland Security. Digital Harbor also works with civilian and state agencies that similarly look for ways to capture more value from their growing amounts data by combining it across systems. Mainstream organizations in Financial Services, Utilities, Manufacturing and Healthcare all have the same information fusion issues found in the government, where there are multiple stovepipes of data and application functionality that must be combined to provide users with the whole picture and give them the ability to act upon it. We are an IBM Business Partner.

Digital Harbor's vision is that Composite Applications will become the dominant paradigm for run-your-business solutions, as enterprises seek to leverage their existing information assets by connecting them to one another and by taking static, web-enabled applications and turning them into dynamic, network-centric applications.

Applications, in essence, must become smarter in order to enable people to make better decisions. That is, applications should capitalize on the intelligence that is embedded in the network of relationships between pieces of information and the functionality that exists in different systems. In pursuit of that vision, Digital Harbor delivers enterprises a holistic solution that improves the speed and quality of the information that flows through the organization by more seamlessly tying together the data, applications, and people that use them through a fully composite solution. The end-game: give enterprises more value from their IT assets by contextualizing information so applications more closely match the way people think and act.

FfastFill - The ASP Serving the needs of the electronic trading community

www.ffastfill.com FFastFill is a publicly-owned company that designs and delivers application services for the electronic trading community. These services provide full application functionality for retail and institutional clients allowing intermediaries and their clients to manage trading and financial risk in real-time across a wide range of products and exchanges without the need to invest in technology infrastructure or staff.

All FFastFill’s services are delivered against a contracted Service Level Agreement (SLA) that can be tailored to the institutions business requirements. FFastFill provides these services from specialist operational centres in London and Chicago and a software development centre in Prague.

FFastFill is leading the way in providing such high quality services to the electronic trading community. It is achieving this by:-

* Engineering a completely new software, hardware and network architecture which can sustain levels of performance and availability not previously achievable
* Managing the service through combining a world-class team of people experienced in operating complex service platforms with a sophisticated service management system built around some of the latest technologies
* Delivering a successful trading experience to its customers by providing the flexibility to integrate FFastFill’s own market-leading service with specialist capability from complementary suppliers to provide our clients with a tailored solution to their unique requirements

With Operational Excellence as its watchwords, FFastFill is continuing to invest in the skills, tools and technologies which will keep the company in its premier position in the market.

Attenda - Always On Managed Services

www.attenda.net Established in 1997, Attenda is Europe's leading specialist in operating Internet and enterprise applications. We allow clients to selectively outsource their IT operations to a trusted, specialist partner so they can focus on using IT to add strategic value to their business. Through a commitment to operational excellence, we manage, secure and optimise the performance of Internet and enterprise applications, irrespective of the physical location of the infrastructure.

We have never lost a client over a satisfaction issue. Our approach is highly personalised. We have fewer than 100 clients to each of whom we provide a dedicated service manager to ensure we really understand their businesses and how we can best integrate with them. We review how well we do this formally on a monthly basis.

ScanSafe - Pure Internet

www.scansafe.com ScanSafe is the world's leading provider of managed Web security. Our fully managed services are designed to protect and to save your organization time and money by enforcing Web security while removing the burden of maintenance, updates and support.

Formed in 1999, ScanSafe was the first company to address the requirement for web security through a fully managed service at the Internet level. Powered by proactive heuristics technology Outbreak Intelligence, ScanSafe provides a comprehensive suite of web security services through a scalable web processing center that guarantees high performance, best-of-breed protection.

Since pioneering the market for managed web security, ScanSafe has maintained its global leadership and we continue to lead the direction of the market through our unrivalled product innovation. The company services customers in Europe, US and Asia. Our US corporate headquarters are in San Mateo, California.

All services are powered by our proactive Outbreak Intelligence heuristics technology and delivered through our scalable, high performance Internet level processing centers. We provide solutions to protect our customers today and tomorrow.

SecurePipe - Managed Network Security: Our business is securing yours

www.securepipe.com Network security is a demanding challenge—balancing technology decisions with escalating threats and compliance burdens with staffing shortages is an ongoing problem. Our suite of managed services has been designed to provide you with an outsourced solution that is highly effective, always available, and surprisingly affordable.

For almost a decade, we have been responding to the needs of our clients with the highest standards of security, consultative advice and customer service. While we have expanded our suite of managed solutions and now deploy them across the country and around the globe, we value each and every client relationship, and work each day to earn their continuing trust. References from satisfied clients are a vital source of growth, and the by product of our ongoing commitment to deliver a 24x7x365 service experience that is unsurpassed. Take a look at the value our clients gain by working with us, and then consider how a relationship with SecurePipe could benefit your organization.

Enigmatec - Intelligent IT Automation Solutions

www.enigmatec.com Enigmatec Corporation is a provider of strategic management software optimized for the next generation of modular data center.

The huge trend towards the Modular Data Centre and the Enterprise Grid, driven by the adoption of Intel blade servers and Linux, has resulted in infrastructures becoming more complex and in both business and IT complexity mean more risk. In addition, IT departments are increasingly being targeted with aligning IT with business objectives and increasing operational efficiency. Becoming more adaptive to the ever changing IT landscape means having a manageable, scalable and flexible architecture.

Based on research pioneered at Edinburgh and Cambridge Universities, Enigmatec has developed software for the next generation of data centres. Our Execution Management System (EMS) is the only product that allows users to codify and automate their operational procedures in a flexible and scalable way while aligning business objectives (such as Service Level Agreements), with policy-management. EMS provides the tools to integrate technical performance measures with business performance information to effectively:

* Ensure Quality of Service for SLA's
* Reduce Business Downtime Prevention
* Better Utilize Resources
* Reduce Operational Risk

With Enigmatec's automated policy-based execution management system (EMS) acting as the control plane between the business objectives that drive an Enterprise and the IT resources required to execute these, businesses can lower operating cost and reduce business downtime with solutions for scale-out scale-back, orchestrated disaster recovery and business continuity.

Engineous Software - Product Development Infrastructure

www.engeneous.com Engineous Software, the leading provider of process integration and design optimization software, created iSIGHT technology in 1996. This unique solution allows customers to automate and integrate the iterative design process, evaluate a large number of designs, and optimize the final design based on user-defined parameters in short timeframes.

Enhanced by Cassatt: Cassatt's Collage technology allows customers to cost-effectively implement and scale-out their iSIGHT infrastructures on a collection of affordable, x86 servers. It also unifies administration, reducing IT costs even further and improving service at the same time. What's more, deploying iSIGHT on Collage produces performance benefits that rival the economic benefits. Not only does Collage enable seamless, parallel iSIGHT processing across the entire grid, it enables virtualized file access, which eliminates time-consuming file-mounting. With this powerful combination of Engineous' iSIGHT and Cassatt's Collage, engineers can shorten design cycles and improve product quality without purchasing expensive servers or increasing administrative overhead.

Cassatt - Virtualization by Automating IT

www.cassatt.com Simply on demand is the vision that enterprises have been searching for to justify their IT investments. It can only be achieved by automating IT operations without disruptive change. This is the way to dramatically improve total cost of ownership while providing greater quality of service and enabling adaptability to ever-changing business requirements. Cassatt automates IT operations for your Linux, Windows and Solaris servers, improving the efficiency, flexibility and availability of your business operations. Listen to the Pfizer case study at the Cassatt web site.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

IFS - SMB PLM and ERP with ASP Hosting

www.ifsworld.com IFS is one of the world’s leading providers of component-based business software developed using open standards. Since 1983, IFS has been a provider of business applications focused on meeting the needs of selected industries. Today, IFS operates in two areas: lifecycle management, where asset and product lifecycle management are critical issues, and midmarket ERP, which covers distribution and manufacturing in midsize companies.

Early Resolution - Mortgage Default Management Suite

www.earlyresolution.net A CSC service. Keeping homeowners in their homes is one of the many challenges facing mortgage servicing companies. However, they must also maintain a portfolio that is in compliance on many fronts: regulatory, credit risk and securitization.

The process of managing mortgage default is costly and labor-intensive, requiring business-to-business interactions between mortgage servicers, investors and attorneys, in addition to an effective business-to-consumer experience. The bottom line is that all parties must participate to achieve the desired results. With EarlyResolution, the Premier Default Management Suite, Mortgage Servicing companies can:

Dramatically Reduce the Cost to Service Loans,
Maximize Revenue from Workout Compensation and Servicing Fee Income, and
Automate and Streamline Default Management Processes.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Cybernation - Making the Complex, Simple

www.cybermation.com The Next Generation of Enterprise Job Scheduling. Cybermation boasts an experienced and diverse senior management team, all of whom bring years of systems management and operations knowledge to the organization. Led by company founder and CEO Ray Nissan, this talented team has an outstanding track record of delivering leading-edge solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Cybermation provides automation solutions for Enterprise Job Scheduling and Software Change Management. As the largest and fastest growing vendor worldwide dedicated primarily to Enterprise Job Scheduling, Cybermation specializes in modernizing and simplifying complex IT infrastructures to help Data Center Managers pro-actively manage Service-Level Agreements, improve operational effectiveness and contain costs.

With a diverse group of globally recognized customers, Cybermation provides the foundation for the real-time infrastructure by enabling end-to-end IT workload and process automation.

rPAth - Software as a Service Appliances

www.rpath.com rPath provides rBuilder and rPath Linux, the first platform for creating and maintaining software appliances. Software appliances bring the simplicity and value of Software as a Service (SaaS) to on-premise application deployments.

By leveraging our deep expertise in Linux and related open source technology, application developers can take control of the customer experience and migrate to a high value, software subscription model. rPath was founded in 2005 by Erik Troan, former VP of Engineering at Red Hat, and Billy Marshall, former VP of North America Sales at Red Hat. The company was commercially launched in January 2006 with corporate headquarters located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Problem
The proliferation of software packages (both infrastructure and applications), hardware components, and unique customer requirements has created an impossibly complex integration problem for application providers. Conflicting maintenance streams, release schedules, licensing terms, and service conditions create customer service headaches and unacceptable engineering expenses. We call this problem the “Matrix of Pain.”

The Solution
The license freedom provided by open source infrastructure offers application providers the historic opportunity to deliver a complete solution to their customers – freeing their application from the “Matrix of Pain”. Using the rBuilder platform, developers can wrap their application with rPath Linux and related open source components in a tightly integrated, high performing manner. The resulting software appliance includes an installer and a maintenance mechanism that simplifies deployment and management to literally a few clicks of a mouse. Customers get application benefit without software hassles, the hallmark of Software as a Service (SaaS).

CommercialWare - Point of Sale & Retail Mgt Systems

www.commercialware.com CommercialWare is a leading developer of award-winning software solutions that offer cross-channel functionality to retailers and direct marketers - small and large - seeking to optimize transactions from all customer touch points. CommercialWare's comprehensive portfolio of standalone products and ASP-based services provide cross-channel infrastructure linking all aspects of the transaction lifecycle through point-of-sale, back-office, order management, fulfillment, customer service, collaboration and analytics applications.

CommercialWare's point of sale software and retail management software system are engineered to easily adapt to your company's unique checkout process. Whether it is consultative selling or high-volume express point of sale (POS) transaction processing, the retail management system and associated software can easily be personalized to fit your point of sale retail business model.

CommercialWare believe that the software as a service (SaaS) model allows companies to implement state-of-the-industry business applications and automate their business processes without investing in hardware, software, and staffing.

RedTail Solutions - Internet EDI and Outsourced EDI

www.redtailsolutions.com RedTail Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of integrated electronic trading solutions, takes middle-market suppliers beyond EDI compliance and enables them to aggressively compete in today's global supply chain.

RedTail's solutions are delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that integrates seamlessly with middle-market to enterprise back office systems. This cost-effective platform eliminates transaction errors, reduces penalties for non-compliance and streamlines business processes. Manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors connect and trade through a single integrated solution with key customers and third-party logistics providers in warehousing and transportation.

RedTail's solutions incorporate global standards into a single interface for managing electronic data interchange (EDI), global data synchronization (GDS) and radio frequency identification (RFID) to meet rapidly evolving market requirements and industry initiatives.

Spoke - We'll Get You In - Prospecting and Introductions

www.spoke.com Access to 28,844,647 relationships in 500,700 companies. Spoke is an innovative service for sales prospecting and lead generation allowing you to search for the exact titles you want at specific companies, so you can find more buyers, faster. Integrates through AppExchange to SalesForce.com.

Spoke was built to be the ultimate sales prospecting tool. By enabling sales professionals to leverage an extended network of nearly 30 million people at over 500,000 companies, Spoke delivers the information and access needed to get access to new accounts and accelerate the sales cycle.
Almost every sales organization suffers from the same problem: getting sufficient leads. Filling your pipeline is critical to hitting your number, and often times there just aren't enough prospects and leads to follow-up on. That's where Spoke comes in. Spoke allows you to search by name, title, company, geography, industry and other criteria to find the best prospects at your accounts. Then, Spoke provides the information on those people you need to get access to those decision makers.

Spoke also lets you and your sales reps cultivate leads from the collective relationships held within your organization. Spoke users can easily use the system to tap into your organization's executive-level contacts, identify people they know who may be able to introduce them to an account, and keep in touch with colleagues who could become buyers. With Spoke, your sales team can ensure that they are leaving no stone un-turned for penetrating an account.

And with Spoke Premium, corporate customers can instantly build out their pipeline by adding prospects they find in Spoke to leading CRM systems, such as Salesforce.com™ or Siebel CRM OnDemand™, with the click of a button. Users can even download prospects to a spreadsheet for calling lists or direct marketing campaigns. With Spoke, your sales team has un-paralleled visibility and access to accounts—resulting in more leads and more deals.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

BIPT - End To End Insurance Solutions and STP

www.bipt.com BIPT provides integrated, end-to-end insurance solutions for today’s insurance marketplace. BIPT has combined its talents to offer its Property and Casualty insurance clients a single source for web-based policy and claims administration solutions. BIPT utilizes its expertise in insurance processing, insurance regulation, strategic consulting, creative design and systems engineering to provide solutions that help clients identify and capitalize on opportunities to improve and expand their businesses.

Our flagship solution, TiVA, integrates rating and quotation, underwriting, claims, and accounting management functions. Together, the features and functions of TiVA help carriers extend their application process to agents in the field, streamline the underwriting of policies, and increase their competitiveness in the marketplace.

BIPT is an IBM On Demand partner.

Syclo - Delivering mobile solutions to the enterprise

www.syclo.com A Tradition of Innovation and Dedication

In just ten years, Syclo's Agentry™ technology and its dedicated team of professionals have helped the company become a leader in providing mobile and wireless access to enterprise data and applications. In 1989, Richard Padula founded Competitive Advantage Systems, a consulting practice devoted to developing large-scale enterprise applications. After building a mobile solutions for Sprint, Rich recognized the high-growth opportunity in this market and founded Syclo in 1995. That same year, Syclo began developing its cornerstone technology, Agentry, a platform for extending enterprise systems and content onto mobile devices. In 1997, the company released SIM (Syclo Information Manager), one of the first solutions to enable access to corporate email, calendars and tasks via Web-enabled mobile phones and palmtop computers.

Later that year, Syclo introduced SMART--originally a software solution for technicians using Windows CE palmtops--which would evolve to become the most popular mobile software for maintenance organizations worldwide. Today SMART is used daily by thousands of technicians to access and update work orders and help organizations maximize productivity, extend asset life and keep operating costs low.

The strength of its mobile technology and a number of key customer wins led the company to develop strong alliances with leading software manufacturers such as MRO Software, which has built its Maximo Mobile Suite on Syclo's Agentry.

Today, Syclo continues to build custom mobile solutions for its customers through its mobile consulting practice and is also licensing its Agentry development platform to companies that want to develop their own mobile products. The company continues to innovate out-of-the-box software solutions that plug into leading backend systems and provide mobile access from a variety of popular handheld devices. With over 500 customers worldwide, Syclo's current focus is on developing targeted applications to serve a variety of industries.

At Syclo, we make companies more efficient through the use of handheld computers. Running software from Syclo, these handheld computers act as electronic clipboards to eliminate paperwork and improve productivity.

For ten years Syclo has delivered mobile solutions to over 550 customers in a wide variety of industries. See our industry profiles...

Delivering Results
Syclo's clients are reaping strong and sustained value from their mobile deployments. View more examples of mobile value...

A leading manufacturer reduced the cost of a single work ticket from over $10.00 to 85¢--and they complete more than 120,000 work orders each year.
A major hospital, after a low initial investment, has operating savings of more than $1.2MM a year.

Real Products & Value
Syclo has products that easily integrate into your existing systems. All Syclo products, including the Maximo Mobile Suite, are built on Agentry™ technology, which makes them 100% configurable without programming. More about our SMART Suite products...

Work Manager - Technicians receive and complete work orders and service requests.
Inventory Manager - Streamline inventory management to keep storerooms running smoothly.
Auditor/Inspector - For audits, inspections, regulatory compliance, and security.

Mobile Made Easy
With our Agentry platform, 80% of the work is done before you start--just add the specific business logic to meet your needs and or select one or more of our SMART Works pre-built functional components. With no code to write, handheld applications can be built and deployed in a matter of weeks. Some companies license Agentry to build their own mobile solutions, while others leave it to us or one of our Agentry partners. Learn more about SMART Works and Agentry successes...

In 2 weeks a university automated dorm inspections.
In 8 weeks a software vendor built a mobile extension to their work management system.

Providing the Tools to Build a Custom Application
Syclo mobile applications share a common foundation--proven Agentry technology. Refined over the past eight years, the Agentry platform makes it easy for organizations to extend their backend applications to handheld devices.

With a developer workbench that requires no code writing, mobile applications can be built, tested and deployed in just weeks. Learn more about Syclo's Agentry technology...

* Build once, deploy on multiple devices.
* Centrally develop and maintain.
* Work in and out of wireless coverage.

Visible Path - Relationship Capital Management

www.visiblepath.com Visible Path transforms the way large companies leverage relationship capital to drive top-line revenue growth. The Visible Path platform applies the science of social network analysis to allow professionals to access the entire enterprise's trusted relationship network without invading privacy or compromising relationships. The platform integrates tightly with corporate SFA, CRM and business intelligence applications to measurably accelerate sales cycles, increase close rates, and reduce the cost of lead generation and customer acquisition. Visible Path was founded in 2002 and has received industry and analyst recognition, including profiles in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Business 2.0. Visible Path is a privately-held company with investment from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. IBM On Demand partner.

Direct Insite - B2B invoices and payments

www.directinsite.com Direct Insite Corporation (DIRI.OB) is an Application Service Provider (ASP) that develops, provides and administers patented, proprietary, Internet-based Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIP&P) solutions that simplify and resolve the myriad of invoicing and customer satisfaction issues of large, multinational, enterprise customers with multiple lines of business.

Using a data centric approach, Direct Insite´s EIP&P solutions improve the delivery and management of high-volume, invoice-related data while providing its customers with a workflow system that better manages complex presentation, analysis, dispute resolution, approval and payment processes. As a result, administrative and operating expenses for both Biller and Payer are substantially reduced. Customer satisfaction is greatly enhanced.

Headquartered in Bohemia (Long Island), NY, with sales offices in Boulder, CO, Direct Insite employs a staff of 65. We are an IBM On Demand partner.

Internoded - Wireless Managed Services

www.internoded.com InterNoded Inc., founded in 1993, is a Managed Services and Application Services Provider specializing in wireless, messaging, collaboration, and Web technologies. InterNoded builds, hosts, and supports business applications and systems that improve business processes, increase productivity, and enhance cost savings. InterNoded provides the resources for you to outsource any or all of your information technology infrastructure — allowing you to focus on your core business.

InterNoded provides the strategy and proficiency required to successfully manage complex technology lifecycles - ranging from application development and enablement to overall system management and deployment.

InterNoded's Mission is to empower our employees to build relationships with each other, with our clients and our partners. Our mutual goal is to develop, manage and support leading edge technologies that are second to none in the industry, while providing world-class customer service. We strive to significantly increase the performance of the individual, team and corporation and use our resources to support the community.

Solution Overview
Focusing on application enablement for BlackBerry® and IBM® technology, InterNoded provides the strategy and proficiency required to successfully manage complex technology lifecycles – ranging from application development and wireless enablement to overall system management and deployment.

Core Offerings
BlackBerry & BES Training, Deployment, Management, Hosting & Support
Wireless Application Development & MDS Integration
Infrastructure Outsourcing, E-Mail & Application Hosting
Consulting, Strategic Planning & Application Development

We LOVE Golf at InterNoded, and we have developed a Wireless Leaderboard to showcase the capabilities of the BlackBerry handheld and the services we offer. If you are running a golf tournament and would like to use our solution please contact golf@internoded.com

AppTix - On Demand Managed Messaging and Collaboration

www.apptix.com Apptix offers a suite of on-demand, managed messaging and collaboration solutions for small and medium businesses, serving more than 65,000 end users. Our hosted solutions offer a more affordable, reliable and secure alternative to implementing software applications in-house. This is backed by multi-tiered customer service and a highly-scalable management platform. Includes Exchange, Blackberry, etc.

Apptix, is a premiere provider of on-demand, managed messaging and collaboration solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs).

* Our offerings, including hosted Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and BlackBerry mobility, provide SMBs with a more affordable, reliable and secure alternative to purchasing and managing software applications in-house.
* Apptix offers On-Demand services through leading web direct properties, including
ASP-One.com, MailStreet.com and SharePointSite.com.
* Leading channel partners like IBM, Bell Canada, Hewlett Packard, NTT Verio and Savvis have selected the Apptix platform, which supports a full range of private-label solutions and is backed by a multi-tiered customer service organization.
* Apptix is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Hosting and Application Services. We also have strong technology partnerships with leading vendors like Research in Motion and Citrix.

Apptix can deliver for you:

Apptix has a seasoned management team, with deep SMB market knowledge and expertise in software as a service (SaaS). We are well-positioned to deliver unified messaging and collaboration solutions to a global market for SaaS applications that IDC has forecasted will reach $10.7 billion by 2009.

Digital Union - Sourcing Management

www.digitalunion.com Digital Union software enables the world's leading organisations to manage their procurement and customer service practices more creatively and cost-effectively.

ezMarket's sourcing and procurement tools deliver a 'Win-Win' platform for buyers and suppliers by preserving the subtleties of real-world purchasing relationships; and Speak-ez's voice tools focus your customer service agents on higher value tasks by automating standard consumer call routines.

Founded in 1998, Digital Union has established a portfolio of 160 market leading customers in every major geography, including Tesco, Petro Canada, RadioShack, Walgreens, JCPenney, and Marks and Spencer; as well as an international network of premier go-to-market partners, such as IBM and KPMG.

Digital Union is headquartered in Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom. The company is one of the fastest growing in the United Kingdom.

Digital Union's flagship product ezMarket has won four IBM Beacon awards in consecutive years - a feat never achieved before now. The Beacon award is provided to IBM business partners that have excelled in providing quality e-business solutions to global customers based on IBM technology.

Digital Union was also ranked in the top half of Deloitte & Touche's 2004 'Fast 50' after establishing a 469% growth rate over the past five years. The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is a ranking of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the major European regions.

Corente - On Demand applications delivery

www.corente.com Corente's software and services provide on-demand applications delivery with integrated security and performance monitoring, alerting, and reporting. Corente also provides automated provisioning, configuration, and management with a design that delivers a complete environment for distributed applications. Our solution is built on a comprehensive yet simple, flexible, and resilient business process to deploy, secure, and manage globally distributed applications. Corente's solution is available as an on-demand service or as a software suite that allows customers to create their own on-demand environment. We are an IBM On Demand partner.

With Corente's solution, enterprises can rapidly and securely deploy applications to their locations, customers, and business partners. The ease and reliability of this delivery creates opportunities to enhance customer service, improve efficiency, speed decision-making, and promote business transparency. Solution providers can differentiate their IP services by implementing a suite of automated managed services.

With locations in over 50 countries, Corente's customers include many premier brands that utilized application-driven or business-driven decision making, are focused on a customer-intimate service delivery strategy, and whose profitability is driven by the quality, availability, and performance of their networks. These customers include Illinois Tool Works, SAIC, the United Nations, and Mitsubishi.

VerticalNet XE - Netmarkets and Supply Chains

www.verticalnet.com Verticalnet (is a leading provider of supply management solutions. Going beyond traditional spend management and sourcing approaches, Verticalnet's solutions provide the visibility, insight and control required to identify, realize and sustain value from supply management initiatives.

Large enough to help customers attain supply management success worldwide, yet nimble enough to remain focused on customer care and customer priorities, Verticalnet has helped numerous Global 2000 companies take their supply management efforts to the next level through an optimal blend of leading software, comprehensive services, and deep domain expertise.

PTC - Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions

www.ptc.com This well known company, with its Windchill product, is now offering Services, via IBM On Demand. PTC is helping the world’s best companies to optimize product development. As a leading supplier of Product Lifecycle Management and Enterprise Content Management solutions for over 40,000 companies of all sizes, PTC enables manufacturing, services, publishing, and government organizations to optimize the development of physical and information products. With the combination of our market-leading Product Development System and our 20 years of product development process knowledge, PTC customers are winning by improving their time-to-market, quality, and productivity.

OpenAir - Professional Services Automation

www.openair.com OpenAir® Professional Services Automation (PSA) software is the key to services excellence: Improve utilization—keep your team on the right projects. Improve cash flow—accelerate billing and collections. Our full suite of on-demand, integrated applications, from timesheets and expense reports to complex project and resource management, requires nothing more than a browser, and supports a variety of mobile devices, including Blackberry.

OpenAir started with a simple vision: that professional services organizations needed a more effective way to manage their key assets, namely their employees and their expertise. Just as ERP systems improved manufacturing operations, software could help service firms and internal service groups operate more effectively and profitably.

Leveraging the Internet
At the same time, the Web was revolutionizing the way companies could offer software solutions. Web-based software, whether delivered as an ASP or installed onsite, represents a dramatic leap ahead of traditional client/server software. It is instantly accessible from anywhere, for easy collaboration among authorized users. There's no software to buy, install, or maintain, so it is fast and affordable to deploy. It's secure and private, and offers state-of-the-art data backup and protection.

Manage resources, projects, knowledge, finances
So OpenAir built a business around its vision, developing a comprehensive suite of Web-native software applications that help PSOs manage their resources, projects, knowledge, and finances. OpenAir quickly earned praise of industry analysts and the attention of key industry players, including IBM, who chose OpenAir as an e-business Partner and xSP Prime Partner.

Serving the World's Best Services Organizations
The award-winning OpenAir solution serves leading services professionals at companies worldwide. Our customers include internal professional services groups, IT and management consulting firms, law firms, accounting firms, advertising and PR agencies, Internet Services firms, and internal IT groups.