Wednesday, April 02, 2008

BPMS goes SaaS - Intalio On Demand The big story in SaaS is going to be when users can configure and deploy their own end to end business processes, leveraging other SaaS services as required. That step came a lot closer with the announcement of Intalio On Demand below. The best BPMS is now available as an On Demand solution. Even it this only achieves a demonstration of what is possible - the significance is huge. What used to be multi-million dollar "big iron" IT, is now available at a fraction of the cost, and, in a form that can be provisioned in minutes. While I am not naive enough to believe this approach will be adopted quickly, it is a harbinger of change to come. It, along side the announcements of the platform from, are, in my view, two significant indicators that the way business systems will be built and operated in the future. This is bringing distributed transaction management to the Web cloud at scale.

* Press Release

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Mar. 29, 2008 — Intalio, Inc., the leading Open Source BPMS company, today announced Intalio|On Demand, the first open source Business Process Management System delivered as a service. Intalio|On Demand is available by signing up at The subscription for the service starts at $1,500 for each dedicated server, and includes bandwidth, licenses, maintenance, and support. Users can receive a free 5-day evaluation.

The convenience of being able to instantly deploy a BPM project lowers the bar for adoption. Business users and IT analysts can get a project up and running much quicker and without the administrative concerns associated with managing the required servers. Intalio|On Demand essentially replicates the Intalio|BPMS On Premise version and includes the connectors for as well as enterprise applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP.

"Intalio|On Demand BPM is a fully functional, scalable, secure, and flexible enterprise ready BPM solution which will revolutionize BPM adaptability across not only large but also small and medium business spectrum," stated Srikanth Kollu, Global Practice Head – BPM/SOA at JASS & Associates Inc. “After building some prototypes with Intalio|On Demand I was convinced that this approach was the best. We have decided to go with Intalio.” JASS & Associates develops and implements end-to-end IT solutions for clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, from diverse industry segments.

Running dedicated servers on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensures that Intalio|On Demand retains the highest level of security, reliability and availability possible. "The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is a perfect fit for porting on-premise software to a ‘software as a service’ model", says Senior Amazon Web Services Evangelist, Jeff Barr. "Amazon EC2 allows companies like Intalio to develop new distribution channels with minimal expenditure."

Using rPath as the software appliance on top of AWS increases application scalability to ensure that there is always capacity for whatever user demand is generated. Intalio|BPMS, in both On Demand and On Premise versions, supports over 100,000 different process models deployed on a single server, with over 100 million process instances running concurrently. A single server can also accommodate thousands of concurrent users. This means that Intalio|BPMS has more than two orders of magnitude greater capacity than any other BPM solution available today.

According to Forrester analyst Ray Wang in the August 2007 report titled Competition Intensifies For The SMB ERP Customer, “SaaS deployment options finally put business users in the driver's seat in software decision-making. With rapid deployment of a solution, enterprises can realize benefits in days, not weeks. Additionally, software pricing by cost/user/month enables business users to consider licenses as an operation expense instead of a capital expense. No longer do business users have to seek board approval for capital expenses or assess IT capacity. However, Forrester recommends that business units and IT teams coordinate on issues such as integration requirements, process flows, and long-term support.”

Thursday, January 17, 2008 - Is this the BIGGEST announcement in SaaS to date?

Quote "Finally, Focus on Innovation, Not Infrastructure - is the world’s first Platform as a Service (PaaS), enabling developers to create and deliver any kind of business application, entirely on-demand and without software. It’s a breakthrough new concept that is making companies radically more successful by letting them translate their ideas into deployed applications in record time." have done it again! From CRM, to AppExchange, and now An entire, Internet standards based open environment for development (IDE) and application server (AS) working at Internet scale. Simply amazing. Every company will want one. Believe.

Strong recommendation to read all about it.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Top 10 SaaS Traps

"In theory, software as a service (SaaS) should be a cost-effective option for IT executives who don't want to deal with the hassle and expense of installing and supporting software for users. By tying into a Web-based software service that users can access with a browser, IT departments can avoid the costs of adding servers, powering servers or even setting aside space for them in a data center. And since the software is supported by a managed service provider, IT managers don't need dedicated staffers to deal with help-desk-related issues.

So SaaS is cheaper than installing your own software, right? Don't count on it. "If you go into a SaaS agreement believing it's going to be less expensive under all circumstances, you should reorient your thinking," says Rob DeSisto, an analyst at Gartner Inc. There are all kinds of extraneous expenses that SaaS customers need to be aware of, according to DeSisto. Those include setup costs, training fees, storage limits and the costs of integrating with other applications."

Click the link above for the top 10 gotchas in SaaS agreements that corporate customers should watch out for.

EverDream leverages partners to build SaaS bundle

"Everdream Corp., the leading provider of on-demand desktop management services, today announced the launch of its Dream Team Partner Program for MSPs. Uniquely targeted for managed service providers (MSPs), the program enables these companies to profitably acquire, grow and retain new customers by leveraging Everdream's on-demand solutions which automate desktop management tasks, such as asset management, software distribution, patch management, virus protection and online backup, that MSPs must now perform manually for customers.

Working with inaugural MSP Dream Team Partners including Everon, Data Return, Network Partners, PEQ, and SunGard Collegis enables Everdream to penetrate small to medium-sized businesses as well as tap into new vertical markets such as automotive and higher education.

"There's a $28 billion market opportunity for desktop management services worldwide and we see partnering with these leading managed service providers as a powerful win-win scenario," said Mark Hoffman, president, chairman, and CEO of Everdream."

Vault Ledger - On Demand Tape Management SaaS hits the data center via tape management. Perfect for the enterprise that needs to track physical tapes and create calendar-based movement lists, VaultLedger is the easy-to-use tape management software solution for all your removable media including tape storage cases and containers.
VaultLedger also produces comprehensive audit reports to help you comply with government regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. And now with our remote hosting option, VaultLedger OnDemand, you receive all the robust functionality of VaultLedger with none of the maintenance and updating responsibilities.

Demandware and T-Systems Join Forces to Deliver On-Demand E-Commerce to Businesses in Europe

"Demandware (, today announced a comprehensive partnership agreement under which T-Systems will provide European hosting, implementation, consulting and design services to deliver turnkey ecommerce websites, deployed on the Demandware eCommerce platform, to European businesses and US-based companies that wish to launch international ecommerce sites. Demandware provides an on-demand, Software-as-a Service (SaaS)-based enterprise-class ecommerce platform. T-Systems, a leading European systems integrator with annual revenues of 12bn euros and a presence in over 20 countries, is a division of Deutsche Telekom AG. T-Systems recently became an investor in Demandware through its T-Systems Venture Fund.

Demandware's unique Software-as-a-Service model frees retailers from the need to purchase expensive hardware and software and automatically provides them with the latest ecommerce technology and best practices as they are made available. Until recently, Demandware hosted European customers, including electronics giant Promarkt Online, from its US datacenter. Because European data privacy standards require hosting of eCommerce sites in-country, T-Systems will host Demandware's on-demand ecommerce platform in its European data centers. In addition, T-Systems will augment its substantial existing Demandware implementation and service capabilities through the hire and training of additional staff."

PartnerForce from Salesforce One Pipeline. One Application. One Salesforce. Salesforce PRM,'s on-demand solution for managing your indirect sales channels, is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce SFA to deliver unparalleled visibility to your company's entire sales pipeline for direct and indirect channels. Salesforce PRM makes it easy for partners to access leads, collaborate on deals, and locate all the information they need in order to be successful. Because it's so easy to use, Salesforce PRM promotes high levels of partner adoption and makes it easier for your partners to do business with you.
Comprehensive on-demand PRM:

* Fast deployment with a 100 percent on-demand partner solution.
* Completely customizable branding enables you to create your own customized partner experience.
* Award-winning ease of use builds high partner adoption.
* Real-time access to channel sales and marketing activities results in complete channel visibility.
* SFA integration means one pipeline and forecast.


"The Software as a Service Conference (SaaScon) is the only independent business to business event for IT and business professionals that need to understand the important issues surrounding software as a service (SaaS). SaaScon delivers unbiased opinions, real case studies, the latest offerings, peer to peer networking all in an intimate business environment. Hear from the industry’s leading visionaries, analysts and professionals who are leading the charge of Software as a Service."

Adesso Systems - Freedom to Create Applications Adesso is creating a software democracy – one is which the power to create, customize, and distribute software applications and web services is in the hands of individual developers, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 1,000 companies alike. The company is harnessing the power of numerous technological advances in network access, data storage, and device miniaturization to create a fertile environment in which all developers are created equal; a world in which the needs of an individual consumer can dictate product development; a world in which entrepreneurs and enterprises can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively develop and deploy the distributed, wireless applications and services they’ve dreamed of.

Adesso Systems is changing the way software applications are developed and accessed by individuals and enterprises. With the simple to use AppsNOW V4 platform, Adesso empowers any user, from the most sophisticated enterprise to a single consumer, to develop applications in as little as 30 minutes. Users can develop applications with simple functionality, like managing daily tasks, to complex operations like delivering personalized rich media. And with the AppsNOW Marketplace, developers are free to share and sell their creations with the rest of the world. Through delivery of a simple application development environment and accessibility via its market, Adesso has unleashed a new kind of freedom of creativity, community creation and results. Adesso has been distinguished as one of Red Herring's Red Herring 100, has received recognition from MITX (Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange) and is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner.

CompUSA offers SaaS

"NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business software suites, and CompUSA, one of the nation's leading retailers and resellers of technology products and services, today announced a major initiative to offer NetSuite's award-winning on-demand business management software suite to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This is the first time a mass-market retailer has offered on-demand software, representing a major milestone for the industry. The national roll-out of NetSuite by CompUSA starts on June 27 in 10 stores in New York and Connecticut."

The new partners figure that CompUSA has sold applications, such as Excel and ACT, to smaller businesses. As the businesses grow, they might be ready for a solution that has more of an enterprise feel, which is something NetSuite feels it has. Now, by adding a bricks-and-mortar retailer to its distribution channel, the company is showing that it believes software-as-a-service (define) has moved out of trendy neighborhoods and is ready for the malls.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

IBM eases billing for virtualized environments

"IBM has launched software to help companies deploying virtualized computing environments more easily bill business departments or external clients based on consumption of resources. Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager is based on technology IBM acquired from asset-tracking software company CIMS Lab in January 2006. It allows users to track through a Web-based interface consumption of virtual server, storage, network, software, and middleware resources. Administrators can measure resource consumption at the company, department or individual level, to bill users based on actual usage.

An IBM customer survey conducted this year revealed that "the number one reason among customers not implementing virtualization is charge back, the ability to accurately allocate cost of shared infrastructure across the enterprise, and addressing organizational barriers and concerns," said Rich Lechner, vice president of virtualization for IBM, in Armonk, New York."

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hire Ability - The Search is Over "Our vision is to be the premium provider of the most cost-effective and highly-efficient solutions for the issues surrounding human capital supply and demand. Our mission is to transform the traditional human capital acquisition process by providing global clients with innovative, high-performance business process solutions that leverage the Internet and leading-edge technology."

HireAbility and Sapien announced that they signed a partnership agreement and created an integrated solution for customer Trammel Crow. Under the agreement, Sapien Software has integrated HireAbility's resume processor into Sapien's HRMS and HCM Editions. New and existing clients can recognize fast and seamless implementation and immediate access to data, saving time and money from the start.

Trammell Crow Company is one of the largest diversified commercial real estate services companies in the world. The company provides building management, brokerage, project management, and development and investment services, to both investors in and users of commercial real estate.

SaaS Done The Wrong Way Equals More Cost For The End User

"Jim Nasmith, the CIO of a Fortune 500 company, called a meeting with his VP of Procurement, Steve Hightower, regarding purchasing a new software package. The software vendor had given them several purchasing options labeled "Software as a Service", and Jim wanted to analyze them to achieve the lowest cost of ownership.

One of the options was per-year subscription pricing rather than paying an up-front license. Jim and Steve added up the total costs for both possibilities over five years, and found that subscription pricing cost even more than paying for a perpetual license. The terms also allowed the software vendor to increase subscription prices after the third year, and Jim would have to continue paying each year for the software beyond five years. "This subscription pricing is just a way for the software vendor to charge us even more," Jim said. "We can finance the cost of the license and pay less than the vendor's subscription price."

The software vendor also had offered to host the software in its data center. Jim calculated his internal incremental costs to run the software internally in his shared data center, and again was surprised that the vendor's hosting charges were more than his alternative. "The vendor said they could operate their software more efficiently than we could, but where are the cost savings for us?" Jim asked.

"Plus, the implementation project will still take many months and cost almost a million dollars, and we will have to pay the vendor to perform an upgrade every few years. Maybe this 'Software-as-a-Service' trend isn't all it's cracked up to be," Jim concluded."

Read on to find out how to do SaaS the right way.

IDC say critics of SaaS cynical

"The Software as a Service (SaaS) model has come a long way since its early days in the 90s when Application Service Providers (ASPs) used to have really hard time convincing customers to buy business critical software in the form of a hosted solution. Issues such as delivery, performance, security, integration and customization associated with the SaaS methodology proved to be major hurdles in its mass adoption by the customer community. However, the current decade is ushering in a new era of renewed interest in SaaS with companies around the globe beginning to realize the 'business sense' in it and the value it offers.

The primary dogma that once prevailed in customer mindsets was regarding the security concerns associated with SaaS delivery method. The idea of putting mission critical data into an unknown server belonging to a third party was a 'no-no' to many organizations. However, that fear is fast going away. According to Erin Traudt, Research Analyst, SaaS Research IDC, "Though security concerns continue to come up in our annual SaaS surveys, we, at IDC believe that the importance that's given to them is somewhat cynical in nature."

In fact Traudt believes that some of the other issues such as customization, integration, functionality of the hosted applications and service provider reliability/ viability are more pertinent and require due consideration. "

SaaS will Stifle Innovation - Why?

"The increasingly broad and rapid adoption of varying types and levels of software-as-a-service (SaaS), multiple "flavors" of services-oriented architectures (SOA), and open source-based software can be expected to increase IT and business complexity, and management costs. This will have a significant, negative effect on many firms' ability to more broadly innovate, either in business or in their use of IT. ... Even with all of the benefits that these next-generation SaaS technologies will bring to bear - the reality is that this multiheaded hybrid software hydra is likely to be a technology management and TCO nightmare for users." Find out why by visiting the link above.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

xactly - Incent Right, Sell More For years great business leaders have recognized that sales compensation is one of the prime motivators for a company's success. The right plans can increase profits, control expenses and drive consistent quarter-over-quarter results.

Unfortunately, due to the high costs associated with automating sales compensation, only the world's largest sales organizations have been able to realize the benefits. For the vast majority of companies the cost to acquire traditional enterprise applications is impractical. These offerings are characterized by large up-front software license and maintenance fees, costly hardware, unpredictable implementations and complex upgrades.

As a result, most companies continue to limp along, stuck in the paradigm of complex, homegrown spreadsheet-based sales compensation programs. These companies tend to either simplify or unnecessarily complicate sales compensation resulting in lost motivation, lack of understanding and individual results that may not be in concert with corporate objectives.

Xactly Corporation was created to meet the needs of the broader market by providing the most affordable on-demand (Software as a Service) sales compensation solution allowing companies to improve their business performance through the use of more effective sales compensation programs. Xactly enables companies to easily and affordably design, implement, manage, audit and communicate sales compensation programs. By providing more effective plans and better visibility, these companies can dramatically improve sales performance.

Microsoft and CDC partner for SaaS in China

"CDC Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of CDC Corp. and provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) software applications, today announced a strategic alliance with Microsoft Corp. to develop, market and deliver CRM enterprise applications to customers in China. These applications will be designed as on-site and on-demand deployments via the software-as-a- service (SaaS) model. In a multiphased approach, the alliance agreement also includes plans to explore opportunities to integrate Windows Live(TM) Services and MSN® with CDC Corp.'s portal."

Service, Not Servers

"When your computer servers go down, so does your business. So why not toss your servers and keep your applications on the Web instead? Don't tell Joe Walker that lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. The headquarters of his company, Elcometer, a manufacturer of testing equipment for paints and coatings based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, was hit by lightning three consecutive years starting in 2001. In the first two cases, the resulting electrical surges knocked out the building's power and completely fried every electronic device--including the company's computer servers, which stored critical information such as inventory numbers and customer contacts. Both times, business ground to a halt for 10 days as the company's tech team scrambled to restore the systems ... Elcometer's Walker admits that he was nervous about keeping his data on the Web. But he's thankful that the decision has saved him from worrying about the nagging problems of maintaining his hardware--not to mention the weather."

oDesk - On demand global workforce Hire the best from around the world. Manage as if they were in your office. Pay only for the hours worked. oDesk enables buyers of services to hire, manage, and pay technology service providers from around the world. Buyers choose oDesk for top global talent, comprehensive management tools, and a flexible hourly payment model. Service Providers choose oDesk for challenging jobs and guaranteed payment. Every day, hundreds of buyers and providers work together through oDesk - a unique company at the forefront of reinventing work.

The oDesk Mission

* Build the world's best network of technology service providers through screening, testing, and feedback
* Offer the platform that lets buyers successfully hire, manage, and pay service providers from around the world

The Buyer Challenge

We've worked with thousands of buyers of services seeking to tap the global labor market, and we have found that they face three key challenges:

* How to choose the right service provider, with so many self-proclaimed experts around the world?
* How to manage and pay a remote team, around barriers such as timezone & culture?
* How to avoid getting locked into long-term commitments, since business demands vary week-to-week?

The Provider Challenge

We have built a network of freelance programmers and outsourcing firms from around the world. We have learned that, despite growing local opportunities, most top programmers want to offer their skills to an international customer base. But providers face several key challenges:

* How to find qualified buyers, with interesting of interesting work opportunities?
* How to work effectively with a remote manager, using distributed development tools?
* How to ensure that payment is received on time and in full?

The oDesk Solution

oDesk is as simple as Hire-Manage-Pay.

Hire: the oDesk Marketplace lets buyers search, interview and hire providers from across the globe. Providers can also apply to job openings posted by buyers.

Manage: the oDesk Workplace lets buyers assign tasks, track progress, manage source code, and collaborate. Providers login to work each day at the oDesk Workplace.

Pay: oDesk's payment system charges buyers each week for hours worked, and generates detailed timelogs to give literal visibility into the underlying work activity of providers.

Instantis - Driving corporate performance Instantis provides on-demand software to manage CXO mandated initiatives that improve enterprise financial performance.

Leading global corporations like Credit Suisse, McKesson, Xerox use Instantis software to manage initiatives like Six Sigma, Lean, Operational Excellence, New Product Development and others.

Instantis' flagship EnterpriseTrack product enables CXO's to assure that their strategic priorities are converted into visible execution by teams in the form of structured, trackable, manageable projects. EnterpriseTrack enables tracking of the financial and business metric impact of each project and roll-up, reporting and dashboarding against the strategic goals. EnterpriseTrack also provides a single enterprise-wide system-of-record for projects across multiple initiatives, teams, geographies and functions. With unmatched configurability, ease of deployment, ease of use, ease of administration and a comprehensive 4th generation feature set, EnterpriseTrack is in production deployment at more Global 2000 companies than any other comparable product.

Instantis customers span multiple industries - manufacturing, healthcare, services - and include market leaders like Abbott Laboratories, Cooper Cameron Corporation, Chemtura, Credit Suisse, Hexion, Ingram Micro, McKesson Corporation, Providence Health System, Quest Diagnostics, Shaw Industries, Sequa Corporation, Xerox Corporation, Yale New Haven Health System and many others.

Kareo - On Demand Revenue Cycle Automation for the Healthcare industry "The roots of Kareo started to grow in late 2001 when our founders teamed up with a national medical billing company based in Southern California. Kareo was founded on the simple vision of using the Internet to connect medical billing firms with healthcare providers to streamline practice management, billing and collections."

Medical billing companies faced unique challenges that were not solved by traditional practice management software. Medical billing firms struggle with slow data acquisition, people-intensive data entry, mountains of paperwork, and demanding client relationships. We set out to solve these problems. And to streamline and increase the profitability of medical billing firms in the process.

The software team at Kareo spent 2 years developing an Internet-based suite of practice management applications for medical billing companies and the healthcare providers they serve. Kareo's first version went online in late 2003. Kareo offers the first on-demand revenue cycle automation software for medical billing companies.

LucidEra - Welcome to the Age of Insight "LucidEra is generating excitement in the industry by reinventing how businesses analyze their data. No longer does knowing what's going on in your business require building old-fashioned analytics solutions or data warehouses, both of which are complex to build, hard to manage, difficult to modify, incomplete and expensive."

Think of it as a hosted cross-enterprise data integration solution, similar to Infomatica's plans, coupled to self-service, self-design dashboards, similar to those offered by CXOSystems or Actuate.

"We are delivering the world's first true Business Intelligence On Demand solution, built on an innovative, state-of-the-art analytics platform designed from the ground up to deliver all the advantages of On Demand solutions: simplicity, rapid configuration, ease-of-use, low cost, and reliability."

LucidEra is funded by Benchmark Capital and Matrix Partners. Its seasoned leadership team includes veterans from, Siebel, Oracle, Informix, Informatica, and BEA Systems.

Market Bright - On Demand Marketing Solutions Founded in 2005, Marketbright provides a pre-integrated online marketing and web content management platform and delivers it as a hosted on demand solution. This results in a coherent 360 degree view of all your customer's activities across the website and campaigns. By understanding your customer's interactions, Marketbright routes only valuable, qualified leads into your Sales system.

Hello "On Demand" hype machine

"The flavor of the month is "on demand" -- and the funding activity lately is at alarming levels. Web 2.0, you are being eclipsed!

The latest is San Mateo's SuccessFactors, which raised $45 million, a whopper of a round, and which made us decide to write this post. The software helps companies manage their human resource issues, such as compensation and career development. Granite Global Ventures led the $25 million equity component, while Lighthouse Capital contributed $20 million in debt. It is a five-year-old company."

Informatica unveils strategic roadmap for on-demand data integration

"Outsourcing models -- such as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), IT Outsourcing (ITO) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) -- are fundamentally changing companies' IT infrastructure and the enterprise applications that automate business processes. The proliferation of these outsourcing models is rapidly increasing the fragmentation of data, even across corporate firewalls. As companies outsource business functions to service providers, the associated business data is also outsourced.

To obtain value from all their information assets, businesses must integrate data across their outsourced applications and their on-premise systems, such as ERP applications, mainframes, databases and custom applications. Using Web services standards, this next-generation integration of data across the Internet is called cross-enterprise data integration."

"To benefit from best practices and compelling economics, enterprises are increasingly outsourcing functions to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service providers," said Sohaib Abbasi, chairman and CEO of Informatica. "Informatica On-Demand, built using Web 2.0 and Web services standards, will deliver our market-leading data integration platform as a Software-as-a-Service. Working with our partners, we will help customers expedite their data integration projects spanning both on-premise and outsourced applications."

Hosted Solutions - Complex solutions. Made simple. Always on. Always available. Hosted Solutions provides highly available infrastructure for hosting high performance business applications and web sites. We profitably operate 3 Enterprise Data Centers (4th Data Center coming soon) in Raleigh, Cary, and Charlotte, NC, giving clients access to the largest footprint in the Carolinas. With a 100% uptime guarantee and live 24x7x365 network engineers, it’s no wonder Hosted Solutions is the largest customized managed hosting and colocation company in the Carolinas. Select from our colocation, managed hosting and dedicated server offerings to see how we can meet your needs and budget.

Hosted Solutions, the Carolinas’ leading data center and Web hosting company, announced today a joint seminar series with Microsoft focused on “Delivering Information Technology Value in a Hosted Model.” More than 170 industry professionals are expected to attend.

RightNow CRM acquires Salesnet SFA to compete with Salesforce

The consolidation begins. RightNow Technologies Inc. today purchased Salesnet Inc. for $9 million, bringing its customer service tools together with Salesnet's sales force automation.

The market for CRM applications, SaaS in particular, has undergone rapid change in the last three years. Siebel Systems Inc. initially decried the model after an unsuccessful attempt to launch its own on-demand application and then jumped back in with a second release and the acquisition of UpShot. SAP also joined the race with its release of SAP Sales OnDemand and announced plans for hybrid CRM deployments at its Sapphire users' conference last week. RightNow and San Francisco's went public in 2004.

OEM version of Salesforce AppExchange announced

Looks like Salesforce has worked out that a single channel to market is not enough. Spreading its tentacles in ever more directions, announced a new service dubbed AppExchange OEM Edition. The OEM version of the AppExchange service will allow non-CRM on-demand service providers to use the platform.

The OEM edition will allow third-party SaaS providers to leverage the core aspects of the platform including the operating system, customization tools, Web Service APIs, workflow, and logic, according to Kendall Collins, vice president of product marketing.

A real estate management ISV building, for example, would be able to use the Salesforce dashboard and customize it for real estate rather than building its own dashboard. "Instead of a dashboard focused on sales opportunities, it might be focused on foreclosures," said Collins. Could this be a push against other successful SaaS startups working in areas of business that CRM could be adapted to support. For example, Remend's mortgage services on demand.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ProjectArena - Projects are Investments - Portfolio Mgt on Demand Bottom line: Project Arena helps organizations improve the performance of projects and resources. Improved performance takes two forms: alignment-with-goals and ability-to-execute. Our software automates the entire demand-to-deliver lifecycle for projects and resources while providing visibility and control to all levels of management.

Software On Demand

Project Arena has committed from day one to the On Demand approach to delivering software-as-a-service (SaaS). In the short term, On Demand software accelerates implementation, reduces cost and reduces risk. In the long term, On Demand software accelerates the innovation cycle and creates a more effective vendor-customer relationship.

Company History and Founders

The vision of an automated Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution was developed by Demian Entrekin based on 18+ years of experience in Information Technology. After researching the business need and developing several prototypes, Demian founded Project Arena in 1999 with Sarb Takhar as the CTO.

Prior to founding Project Arena Demian Entrekin co-founded Convoy, an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution provider, in 1993. In 1999, Convoy was sold to New Era of Networks (NEON, which was sold to Sybase in 2000).

PPM at Project Arena

Project Arena applies PPM processes and methodologies to its core processes: software development; release deployment; professional services; sales & marketing; partner management and internal operations. Project Arena uses its own software to automate these processes and capture real-time data centrally for reporting and communicating the strategic health of the organization.

Frictionless Commerce (to be acquired by SAP) Frictionless Commerce is a leading Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software provider. Frictionless SRM software enables Global 2500 companies to effectively perform spend analysis, supplier profiling and performance management, sourcing and contract management. Through our product, services and customer community, Frictionless customers lower supply base costs, reduce time-to-market, leverage external innovation and guarantee access to high-quality goods and services.

Remend - Mortgage Solutions On Demand Remend provides innovative mortgage solutions to improve the performance of loans and the experience of borrowers and people servicing loans. Today, we provide default solutions that integrate borrowers, servicers, lenders, realtors and investors into a common workspace to reduce default cost and loss across the loan life-cycle. Remend has a new approach to delinquency and default management that combines the servicing processes, vendor management and data analysis into a single electronic service network.

Remend provides the first web workspace integrating the people, processes and asset information to manage default loans. We connect the people and processes into a single electronic service network to improve loan performance, compliance, quality and reduce operating costs.

SAP's £125M SaaS Attack - A New Venture Fund for SaaS ISVs

"SAP wants more independent software vendors (ISVs) to build applications on NetWeaver. The $125 million venture fund it announced should help lure them in.

The company already has 1,000 ISVs building applications on its proprietary NetWeaver platform, with more than 1,500 such apps already on the market. But SAP is hoping the venture fund will help make it a one-stop software shop.

"We have taken another step forward to extend our lead in cultivating a world-class ecosystem and, ultimately, expanding the options available to customers," said Shai Agassi, president of SAP's product and technology group.

The question is whether customers will want to commit to a proprietary, on-premise-based application model if they aren't already locked in to one. And no surprise, SAP refutes the idea that it would take its lead from or anyone else."

Cybershift - Optimizing the workforce CyberShift, a leading workforce management software company, delivers enterprise-class time and attendance, labor management, advanced employee scheduling, employee and manager self-service, FMLA case management, workforce optimization and related solutions to address the needs of large, complex organizations in both commercial and public sectors.

In the field of workforce optimization, exceptional performance and employee productivity go hand-in-hand. Exceptional performance requires business processes to be remarkably agile yet efficient, responding quickly and effectively to events and requests by making real-time information available anytime from anywhere. The ability to plan, manage and optimize the productivity and performance of your workforce, while being responsive to the external regulatory environment, becomes increasingly vital to the success of business operations. A business vantage point that provides visibility to workforce optimization and metrics across the enterprise helps to align the workforce to business goals and ultimately to the success of the organization. CyberShift understands this and has developed solutions focused on optimizing the single greatest influencer of business performance: your workforce.

CyberShift’s award-winning, 100% Web-based workforce management solutions are built upon an agile service-oriented architecture and have been awarded patents in the United States and Canada. The CyberShift Workforce Management 3G product suite can easily scale to meet the changing needs of your organization and offers seamless best-of-breed integration with other business-critical applications to achieve improved efficiencies and rapid time-to-benefit. CyberShift’s solution features a unique single portal user interface design that speeds deployment and adoption across the enterprise. CyberShift’s complete time and attendance system offers pay rules and work rules automation along with an integrated workflow engine, integrated reporting and analytics, sophisticated technology and flexible deployment options using an in-house or On Demand [ASP, SaaS] model.

Inovium - On Demand Billing and Payment Solutions - Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment (EIPP) Inovium offers electronic billing and payment systems - essential to today’s businesses - including tailored solutions for specific industries. We streamline operations and simplify our clients’ transition from traditional paper-based processes to Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment (EIPP), with full management control and reporting. "We provide “software-as-a-service” solutions that are compatible with all accounting systems. Our clients enjoy:"

• Ability to invoice and receive payments electronically
• Getting paid faster
• Savings of 60-75% on payment management costs
• Improved customer satisfaction and retention

Inovium announced the availability of InoviumPayCentral(TM), an electronic billing and payment system designed for businesses that currently accept credit cards payments. InoviumPay Central enhances these existing systems with a payment scheduler, electronic submission of all invoices, integration and batch uploading to any major accounting system, and full management control and reporting, allowing the company to streamline operations and free up labor.

To introduce the concept of Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment (EIPP) and its many benefits, Inovium will be offering this billing and payment system for free to any company or organization worldwide utilizing their existing merchant card provider. Interested parties must sign up by November 30, 2006.

This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution allows business customers to pay at any time online via a customized Automated Payment Interface which will include the company’s own logo. The system includes a Payment Scheduler - an easy-to-use, automated recurring payments function that replaces the traditional method of billing and collection. The Payment Scheduler provides for regularly scheduled payments which free the business manager from sending reminders to its customers. This benefits both the company in assuring on-time payments and the customer who then need not worry about sending a payment each month or incurring late fees.

According to leading market research firms, the average cost of the billing cycle in the U.S. now exceeds $15 per invoice for medium size companies. InoviumPay Central allows any business to reduce this cost by sending out invoices to all customers electronically, in seconds, and for free.

“Every business owner has read from the leading market research firms that EIPP provides fantastically rapid ROI due to its many benefits in cost savings, increased productivity, and streamlined operations”, says Todd French, COO of Inovium Corporation, adding: “Offering InoviumPay Central for free creates literally an instant ROI since there is no investment – who can turn that down?”

To learn more about its products, mission and management, or for more information about the free offer, visit the InoviumPay Central website at

SAP embraces hybrid approach to SaaS with new offering

"In a major leap for a company that only recently introduced the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, SAP announced it is combining its on-demand CRM application with its on-premise CRM suite in a new product it calls SAP CRM 2006s."

"We are moving our entire CRM product [line] to the hybrid model," Angela Bandlow, vice president of strategy and communication for CRM, told CRM Buyer.

"Although it only offers a CRM SaaS, Bandlow held out the possibility that SAP might roll out a similar offering for other product lines. "We are looking into that -- it depends on what our customers tell us their needs are. Right now, though, this strategy is focused on CRM."

Should we begin to call SaaS, Process Outsourcing

"SaaS is one of those buzzwords that have changed over the years. First, we called them application service providers (ASP), then just service providers, and now software as a service (SaaS). I think there is an unwritten rule that you have to switch buzzwords at least every tow years, else lose your market.

However, as I'm thinking about what these guys are becoming, I think their purpose is changing, thus the name should change. Hear me out.

In the first generation SaaS technology, the SaaS guys where standing up very sophisticated applications, typically driven through the user interfaces. In essence they replicated enterprise applications on the Web, first in a poor way, now they are actually better than their enterprise-based counterparts. is the best example of that.

In the next generation SaaS technology, we are seeing a slow but steady shift to the use of services, along with the visual user interface. Over time this shift will become much more obvious. Thus, the notion of SaaS is more about providing services with both behavior and information for use within the enterprise, or perhaps with other Web-based applications (dare I say mashups). Indeed, we are not outsourcing entire applications, but outsourcing services or processes, and have the power to mix and match processes to meet the exact requirements of the enterprise."

FieldGlass Insite - The Complete Solution for Services Procurement Our extensive expertise, proven process and robust technology platform enables us to create customized services procurement solutions to meet the complex challenges of today's global enterprises. We deliver intelligent services procurement to help companies across every industry reduce costs, improve efficiencies, ensure compliance, and ultimately, outperform their competition. The company has published a report entitled Evaluating Software as a Servicee (SaaS) for Contingent Workforce Management.

Founded in 1999, we developed a solution to capitalize on the migration of contract and consulting services procurement to more efficient, web-enabled environments. Today our InSite solution gives businesses the ability to manage their total spend output on services across the breadth of the enterprise with deep visibility for every level of management.

Reduce your Total Services Spend

InSite can help you reduce the total cost of procuring services by 10-20% across your enterprise. InSite enforces budgets; creates a competitive environment for better rates and volume discounts; regulates markups and overtime; and eliminates off-contract spending.

* Improve the Efficiency of Procuring and Managing Services Resources

InSite automates and streamlines the services procurement process, enhances supplier connectivity and collaboration, and improves overall efficiency through process standardization and compliance. Procurement cycle times (requisition to service start) have been reduced by as much as 70% through InSite.

* Enforce Company and Regulatory Compliance

InSite enforces buyer and supplier compliance with corporate and governmental regulations, and provides you with information to more effectively track and manage supplier performance against standing service contracts.

* Ensure Supplier Accuracy, Timeliness, & Quality

InSite's rules-based platform and automated features ensure your suppliers are accountable for services contracts, stay within budget, hit milestones, and meet predefined quality standards.

* Gain Process Transparency & Visibility Across the Enterprise

Today, over 30 global 2000 organizations trust InSite for process transparency and enterprise visibility into their total services spend.

groupSPARK - Private Label Exchange Hosting groupSPARK is the leading Exchange Hosting Private Label provider. We provide a completely private labeled solution that includes a control panel for the end-users' use, billing, and customer support.

groupSPARK, Inc., enables Partners to offer a hosted Microsoft Exchange service for small to mid-sized enterprise (SME) customers. Instead of spending $10,000 - $15,000/yr to setup and maintain their own MS Exchange installation, SME's can now subscribe to the MS Exchange service from their trusted Partner for a small monthly fee, thereby significantly impacting both productivity and the bottom line.

The key to reaching SME's across the world is to arm Partners to sell the complete service, under their name & brand. groupSPARK has developed its state-of the-art PLAD (Private Label Application Delivery) (TM) Platform to enable channel partners/resellers to private label the entire service without any manual intervention. This allows partners to provide this valuable service to their SME customers and create an easy recurring revenue stream with no ongoing work.

ProcessMaker by Collosa ProcessMaker is an On Demand Business Process (workflow) Management (BPM) software service for designing, automating, managing, and continuously improving your company's business processes.

"At ProcessMaker, we understand that your competitive edge as a company depends on how well your unique processes are managed. We also believe firmly that implementing a solution for your business process management should be easy, require as little retraining of employees as possible, and generate immediate returns on your investment of time and money."

Our product is ideal for consultants that wish to reengineer and automate processes for their clients, or Small to Medium-sized Businesses that previously were unable to afford a quality Business Process Management (BPM) system.

AdvancedMD - Medical Office SaaS

AdvancedMD Software, recognized in the medical office software field for its Web-based practice management and medical records solutions, announced today that it just crossed the threshold of 4,500 providers under contract; serving over 8,800 users and 4.7 million active patient accounts, maintaining the company’s position in the forefront of the industry.

AdvancedMD offers a range of software tools and services including billing, scheduling, claims management and electronic medical records. The applications are 100% Web-based, allowing clients to access the program anytime, anywhere they have an Internet connection, thus simplifying implementation, training, backup, software upgrades and use of the products.

"Web-based solutions have come of age," said Mr. Pack, "The Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery method is proving to be faster, cheaper and better for most office-based physicians. Gone are the days when offices worried about their software, data backups and security, or system maintenance. AdvancedMD is providing all those services and more at a cost much lower than an office could do it themselves. The return on investment is very compelling."

Health eyes hosted HR

"Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is looking to outsource its human resources application.

A request for tender issued by the TGA for a "hosted human resource management information system and business support services" aims to have the existing system replaced by January 31 next year.

"TGA is seeking to identify a suitably qualified service provider to provide a fully hosted human resource and management information system (HRMIS) able to pay, calculate, and maintain human resource information for staff in Australia and New Zealand," the RFT stated."

Fidelity National partners with NextAce for SaaS

Fidelity National Title Group, Inc. (NYSE: FNT), the nation's largest title insurance company and a majority-owned, publicly traded subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial, Inc., today announced a strategic partnership with automated title software and service provider NextAce(SM) to significantly improve delivery speed of title reports.

With NextAce's Title EDGE "software as a service" (SaaS) offering, FNT's five leading title insurance underwriters -- Fidelity National Title, Chicago Title, Ticor Title, Security Union Title and Alamo Title -- will be able to reduce the time to deliver a title report from approximately 48 hours to as little as one hour.

"By automating the title process, Title EDGE offers a powerful technology solution that will significantly enhance our ability to create new levels of speed and efficiency in the title process," said Randy Quirk, FNT's Chief Executive Officer.

Neocase Software - Customer Operations Solved Now more than ever, your customers are demanding the very best service, and they deserve it. In the past, the customer relations experience became a time-and- resource consuming process. Enter Neocase, the collaborative operations tool that can fulfill all customers’ needs in one straightforward online application.

Visual Mining - Visualise the Enterprise Since the mid 1990's, Visual Mining has grown to become the global leader in online graphical reporting software. Visual Mining helps organizations with the key "last mile" for web-based applications by providing compelling and dynamic visual representations of the results. Executive dashboards, performance metrics, governance and compliance, financial reports, business intelligence, Six Sigma and process control are all easily created. Thousands of customers worldwide, including IBM, Medtronic, Ford Motor Company, Siebel Systems, Boeing and General Electric, build many of their solutions using Visual Mining software.

BeforeTheCall - Lead Qualification Automate what is now a very manual lead-qualification process. Instead of exiting CRM to research each prospect (contact, company, collateral, etc.), your sales team is now exposed to this valuable intelligence in a single context,

OneSource - Your source for global business information OneSource, a division of infoUSA, is focused on delivering unparalleled breadth and depth of company information to business professionals whenever they need it. Our ability to integrate content of different types from different sources is what sets OneSource apart and makes us the leader in the high-end business information market.

Our Business Browser family and integrated Synergy Solutions are indispensable to the success of leading professional and financial services firms, technology companies, and other large organizations.

Esker - Business Document Delivery Esker enables organizations to realize all the business advantages and financial benefits of effective document management through intelligent delivery of vital business information. Esker’s customers benefit from streamlined business processes, reduced costs, simplified IT infrastructure, enhanced customer satisfaction, and quality assurance.

Firepond - Product Service Configuration On Demand Firepond is the pioneer in developing computer-based sales systems that guide salespeople and customers through the needs analysis, product configuration, pricing, and quotation process.

For over 20 years, Firepond has been implementing connected and mobile sales systems across a variety of industries. Firepond is best known for its powerful configuration engine, capable of solving product configurations that contain thousands of options, and many layers of nested products. The configuration and pricing capabilities are now available in an on-demand environment.

On-demand applications are typically priced per user, per month, which takes the risk out of what used to be an expensive and risky decision. The cost is up front and predictable. Currently, Firepond Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) OnDemand is available through Firepond has earned's sforce certification and is an AppExchange Certified application.

Corrigo - Service Management On Demand Solutions Corrigo provides real-time visibility into and control of the quality and cost of building service operations. In 1999, Corrigo's founders recognized that property managers, facilities managers and building service providers lacked the tools available to other professionals to manage a challenging and dynamic work environment of service request capture, service delivery and asset management through a diverse workforce of mobile staff, subcontractors and vendors. They recognized the emergence of the internet, wireless business networking and on-demand technology that would allow the connection of all the participants in the building services supply chain in new ways leading to improved productivity, quality and manageability.

With the support and participation of real estate industry thought leaders, the company has built a solution that seamlessly connects service managers and field technicians, customers and vendors to an integrated system that provides insight into and control of each stage of service delivery. Knowledge of services "best practices" for your business is built-in, improving first-time fix rates and boosting customer satisfaction. You complete more work each day because of Corrigo's efficient dispatch and routing of the right technician (or vendor) with the right skills and parts at the right time. With Corrigo, you now have the tools to measure, manage, and improve all aspects of your business-increasing service quality, decreasing costs and increasing margins.

More than 400 organizations now deploy Corrigo's on-demand web and wireless service management solutions to manage the execution of almost six million work orders annually. Corrigo customers span the full range of organizations involved in building services, including facilities managers, property managers, homebuilders, building trade and maintenance contractors, as well as other field services organizations. The exceptional ease-of-use and scalability of Corrigo's solutions allow them to meet the needs of small businesses as well as Fortune 50 enterprises with thousands of facilities and vendors. Corrigo has partnerships with leading wireless providers such as Sprint Nextel and Verizon to streamline the sale and implementation of complete web and wireless solutions for companies of all sizes.

Eloqua - Automating Demand Generation Eloqua provides the leading integrated demand-generation platform so marketing teams can produce a continuous flow of quality leads for a professional sales force. Eloqua accelerates the enterprise sales cycle, turning customer acquisition into a measurable and repeatable automated process.