Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Venda - Managed eCommerce Venda has been involved in electronic commerce since its birth more than 20 years ago when the company started out delivering online information services over proprietary networks. By the time web-based commerce came along 10 years later, they were eCommerce veterans – ready and waiting, up-selling and cross-selling online.

When eCommerce became all the rage, and even when eCommerce wasn't so hip, the company stuck to its guns: to provide an on-demand eCommerce platform that efficiently provides thousands of online businesses – small and large – with best-in-class functionality and service. Notice the operative word here is "service," not "host" or "ASP." The company didn't re-brand a legacy product or just offer one with hosting. It didn't take a traditionally licensed application retro fit it and rent it out. Instead, Venda was designed and built from the ground up on a true multi-tenanted outsourced platform delivered globally via a service-oriented architecture and grid computing – long before those became buzz words.

As the platform evolved through a series of serendipitous company reorganisations and restructurings, Venda didn't have to foot the bill for millions of dollars and hundreds of man-years in R&D that was already invested in the platform. The result is that Venda today can afford to give you this multi-million dollar all-inclusive solution for a flat monthly fee of £5,000. "Now that's value."

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