Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CollabNet makes Version Control a Hosted Application

"CollabNet, a firm focused on software that supports distributed development, launched a hosted version of an open source code version management system, Subversion, which was designed as a replacement for more local version control software. Read/write systems, such as a version control system, have to coordinate continuous changes from many different contributors. They tend to work best as a local system, with developers clustered around it. They are "inherently difficult to make as distributed systems," says CollabNet CTO Brian Behlendorf, co-founder of the Apache Web server project.

CollabNet's framework is in use at Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard and on several of the open source project hosting sites. It forms the backbone for operations at Java.net, a site that hosts 2,755 Java open source projects with 228,000 participating developers."

Friday, April 21, 2006

Smallthought DabbleDB

smallthought.com/blog "Model your business. Share your data. Explore your data. Get smart results. These are the things that they say Dabble DB can do when it launches and I can think of at least ten things that I could do with this right now to exponentially help my business. Filemaker/Access is not terribly collaborative, Sharepoint is a steep wallet, and Quickbase is certainly a strong offering but at a not-suitable-for-noodling $250/month pricepoint...and I am a creative, not a database guy, so Dabble DB looks like I might be able to do something useful quickly and easily.

The way it works now is I sketch out what I want the system to do and then bounce it off of IT and then I wait. And wait. And wait for something to possibly, maybe, perhaps happen.

If Dabble DB afforded me the ability to cobble something that actually worked, hey, that would be incredibly useful. And (this is important) IT would FEAR me!"

Office 2.0

Powered by Dabble DB, Ismael Ghalimi has created a comprehensive list of Web 2.0 applications which together might be called Office 2.0.

Under the Radar: Why Web 2.0 Matters

Consumers and coders don’t give a damn whether “Web 2.0″ is a bubble or not — they’re too busy building new toys, learning new tricks, and making the web a circus where everyone’s a ringmaster. Unlike the first Internet boom, many of the companies behind the buzz — some of them serial entrepreneurs with deep pockets, others diehard geeks who care more about code than cash — have steered clear of venture money, making the key figures in this user-centered revolution even harder for outsiders to suss out.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

TakeCharge - Take charge of your spend

www.takechargetech.com Procure to pay. TakeCharge helps businesses, institutions and government agencies gain control of spend. The ProCharge spend management solution delivers financial improvements by integrating purchasing, financial and accounting data and processes. Our customers achieve intelligent visibility into purchase and payment activities, prevent maverick spending, track & minimize program fraud and misuse, and adhere to regulatory and corporate compliance all seamlessly integrated across accounting, purchasing, and financial environments.

Based on a strong foundation of purchasing card (P-Card) management, ProCharge provides real-time access to the information required to make sourcing, procurement, reconciliation and payment decisions efficiently and effectively. Experience individualized alerts, email notifications, approval & process controls while tracking information for all payment methods including all card types, ghost accounts and even ACH.

ProCharge's friendly web based interface is built upon a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) where appropriate. The integrated modules for complete enterprise wide spend management can also be utilized individually:

* Payment Method & Card Management
* Purchasing Management
* Expense Transaction Management & Reconciliation
* Compliance Management
* DashBoard & Strategic Spend Intelligence
* Contract Administration

ProCharge is available in on-demand, hosted and enterprise versions. We also offer a range of best practices, product training and consulting services.

Kaseya - Remote IT Administration

www.kaseya.com Manage your entire computing infrastructure with one integrated Web based IT application. Complete, Powerful, Secure and Easy. Deploy in minutes, without consultants or long training cycles. Take charge of your infrastructure today with Kaseya. Kaseya is perfect for IT Administrators and Managed Service Providers who are interested in reducing complexity, increasing productivity, augmenting and expanding service offerings while increasing customer satisfaction and maximizing ROI.

Kaseya are dedicated to developing a system to transparently and remotely manage entire computing infrastructures.

The idea for the Kaseya solution was born when our founders brought together their years of experience in the networking, security and desktop worlds. This confluence of experience gives us a unique knowledge of the technologies required to develop a comprehensive solution; an understanding of the customer problems associated with implementing, managing and securing the network; and an appreciation of the channel dynamics inherent in distributing products in the mid-sized business technology market.

The explosion of e-business and the technology that fuels it has left businesses scrambling to find solutions to increased information technology (IT) and system administration tasks. Our vision is to create a solution that supports the management resources in place at an organization -- whether those resources are internal, external, or both -- to work through these complex business issues. Our solution is the Kaseya 2004 Integrated IT Application, a product which transparently and remotely manage the desktop computers, data, and computing environments of mid-sized businesses.

Software as a service Myths

SaaS hits Business Week ... "Myth #1: SaaS is still relatively new and untested.
Salesforce.com has been in business over five years, has more than 399,000 subscribers at 20,500 companies worldwide, and is growing at about 80% a year. NetSuite has been in business eight years, and company officials say it has thousands of customers globally using its online applications.

The oldest and biggest SaaS purveyor? ADP (ADP) -- the world's largest payroll application outfit -- has been in business for nearly 60 years, generated $8.5 billion in revenues last year, and served about 590,000 clients worldwide."

Kinaxis - Coordinating response across the virtual enterprise

www.kinaxis.com You've invested in ERP and supply chain software, but you still use spreadsheets to coordinate your response to supply volatility.

Supply Chain Volatility Challenges Manufacturing Response

Manufacturing success is increasingly defined by how fast you act and how well you react to the volatility in your supply chain. Traditional supply chain planning systems designed for cycles in weeks, months and quarters were not created to respond rapidly and effectively to constant changes at the point-of action—where real world variances in demand, supply, capacity, product and daily operations occur. Lacking multi-enterprise data visibility, these solutions do not offer the real-time collaborative environment needed to assess and score options and drive the optimal response.
Respond to Change with RapidResponse

Kinaxis RapidResponse represents a huge leap in operations performance management for manufacturing. It goes beyond traditional historic scorecarding and operational performance metrics to drive rapid collaborative response at the point-of-action. With access to real-time information from disparate enterprise systems and collaboration across extended supply chains, manufacturers are able to quickly reach decisions that align with corporate objectives.
Breakthrough Technologies Drive Operations Performance Management

Three key RapidResponse technologies drive collaborative response and manufacturing action:

Active Spreadsheets: Multi-Enterprise Single View of the Truth

Active Spreadsheets provide accurate and detailed real-time manufacturing information in an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface that is automatically populated with live data feeds from multiple systems and sites. AlwaysOn Analytics instantly completes computations that would take ERP and traditional supply chain planning systems hours or days to produce, facilitating fast impact analysis of supply, demand, product and capacity changes.

Resolution Engine:Collaborative Assessment of "What-If" Scenarios

The RapidResponse Resolution Engine provides iterative modeling capabilities that allow all supply chain participants, both inside and outside the enterprise, to simultaneously propose, detail and share the impacts of countless "what-if" alternatives. Accurate simulation of MRP analytics occurs in minutes instead of the days or weeks normally required, driving effective resolution to continually changing situations.

Live Scorecard:Scoring of Manufacturing Alternatives

Live Scorecard enables the rapid examination and shared impact analysis of all proposed action alternatives, reducing the risk of last-minute surprises and driving optimal supply chain decisions in real time. Group members can rapidly score multiple scenarios to rank the impact of specific decisions on a wide range of factors, such as inventory liability, customer satisfaction, lead times, quality measures, on-time delivery, cost of goods, and more. This ensures that decisions are aligned with corporate goals and mitigates surprises.

Raytheon Saves $1.8 million in excess inventory each week

By helping supply chain management and plant manufacturing teams collaborate more efficiently with customers, suppliers, and the entire operation, RapidResponse is saving Raytheon $1.8 million in excess inventory each week.

Many Fortune 500 manufacturing sites already use RapidResponse to realize breakthroughs in supply chain performance and agility to reduce costs and increase margins while maintaining competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Kinaxis offers the proven technology and market leadership to help take manufacturers to a new level of operations performance management.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

MCA Solutions - Enabling the service driven enterprise

www.mcasolutions.com MCA Solutions is featured as "The Apple of the SaaS Market" in Technology Evaluation Centers' newest report on Software as a Service. MCA is recognized for its best-of-breed service parts planning solution that's now meeting the fast-growing demand for hosted offerings.

With its industry-leading Service Planning and Optimization (SPO) product suite and expert strategic consulting services, MCA can help you transform your service business, unleashing its full potential for boosting profit, efficiency and customer satisfaction. From strategic planning to tactical execution, we’re helping customers transform their service operations – at every level of the company – to achieve new levels of profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our highly flexible solutions are at work in the most demanding service environments, and in industries ranging from aerospace and defense to semiconductors to industrial and medical equipment. With an unparalleled history of innovation – recognized by two National Science Foundation Innovation Awards – MCA’s unique combination of thought leadership and real-world expertise is helping companies optimize their service supply chains and deliver the value of service to every level of the enterprise.

MCA’s offerings encompass the complete range of a company’s service needs, from strategic consulting that helps organizations evaluate their current service offerings and create a roadmap for the future, to our industry-leading Service Planning and Optimization (SPO™) product suite, which provides the tools companies need to deliver world-class service. SPO includes advanced inventory planning, forecasting and tactical execution solutions that give companies the ability to manage and monitor inventory levels of mission-critical materials.

MCA Solutions was officially launched in 1999, but the soul of the company - the spirit of innovation that motivates employees and inspires customers - has been alive and well for many years. In the 1980s, when supply chain management began to emerge as a business priority, MCA's founders Dr. Morris A. Cohen and Dr. Vipul Agrawal were already proving themselves thought leaders in the area of service parts planning. Their unique perspectives on the service supply chain enabled them to tear down existing paradigms and pioneer new algorithms, methodologies and workflows.

Innovation Leads the Way

Their ideas were noticed. Companies like General Motors and IBM began tapping into their innovative methodologies and solutions. In the process, IBM was able to cut inventory investment by $250 million, reduce annual operating costs by 10 percent and dramatically improve customer service.

Realizing that there was no commercially available solution that could help enterprises extract the maximum value from their service supply chains, Drs. Cohen and Agrawal founded MCA Solutions to collect and evolve their technologies into a cohesive application.

The first commercial software to optimize assets in a multi-echelon supply network, SPO addresses the key areas involved in achieving service excellence: service business design, strategic planning and optimization and tactical planning. By meeting the demanding requirements of the service parts planning process, while providing global, real-time visibility of the extended supply chain, MCA Solutions transforms service from a costly necessity to a revenue boosting opportunity.

The Rise of SaaS in Compliance Management

"Axentis, the leading provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management solutions, has announced its inclusion in the Gartner research report written by Ben Pring titled, “Adoption of Software-as a-Service Is Happening Outside of CRM.” The report (available at www.axentis.com) analyzes the emergence of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and its widespread adoption in new industries including compliance management, which Gartner states is currently the second largest market for SaaS solutions."

Sterling Commerce - An AT&T B2B Company

www.sterlingcommerce.co.uk/ With a rich history in e-business innovation, Sterling Commerce is a worldwide leader in providing business integration solutions for thousands of customers worldwide.

Sterling Commerce believes that multi-enterprise collaboration represents the most promising area of business growth today. As the premier provider of multi-enterprise collaboration solutions, we’re committed to helping you and your business community work better together. Traditional inside-the-firewall approaches to integration cannot yield the gains organizations need to meet large-scale growth initiatives. We offer a new framework for multi-enterprise collaboration that gives you end-to-end visibility and control over the processes you share with customers, suppliers and business partners.

Change is the one constant. Sterling Multi-Enterprise Collaboration solutions can help you adapt quickly and cost-effectively. All of our solutions are based on our development and integration platform, the Multi-Enterprise Services Architecture (MESA). With its service-oriented architecture, MESA enables you to keep pace easily with changing business requirements. Built from the ground up for multi-enterprise collaboration, it’s ready for the challenge of your business community.

Sterling Commerce is B2B. For 30 years, we’ve helped FORTUNE® 500 customers thrive in the global economy by optimizing the performance of their business communities. Today our solutions help more than 29,000 customers securely connect people, processes and technology across boundaries to enable growth. An AT&T company (NYSE: T), Sterling Commerce builds business communities for industries as varied as retail, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and telecommunications.

Getting your software on the web has limits

By Lee Gomes, The Wall Street Journal "In the bad old days of corporate software -- that is, before "software as a service" arrived on the scene to save the day -- getting a big piece of new software running inside a company had numerous pitfalls and pain points. Consultants rang up big bills, and programs from different vendors didn't always work well together. In the end, the implementation often cost more and delivered less than anyone expected. Now, though, that "SAAS" is here, what are we starting to see? Alas, many of the same things.

"Software as a service" is one of those trends that rolls through the technology world every few years, promising an end to everything that people don't like about business as usual in the multibillion-dollar world of corporate technology. Typically, these new approaches deliver on some, but not all, of the promises, often while creating new problems of their own."

Nacio Systems - Dedicated Servers - Managed Web Hosting - Outsourcing

www.nacio.com A member of the Cisco Powered Network program, NACIO provides full-service hosting and connectivity solutions for businesses that rely on the Internet for daily operations.

Through our next-generation N+2 fault-tolerant NACIO NetSource Centers, we provide fully-managed dedicated server hosting, colocation, and a full range of managed services including robotic backup, terabyte-level storage, and server clustering. Through the NACIO Smart Network we offer high performance, commercial-grade Internet connectivity and wide area networks nationally and worldwide.

NACIO Systems recently opened its first Netsource Center Internet hosting facility with N+2 fault-tolerant design and a capacity of 10,000 network servers. The Netsource Center is the industry's first Internet data center engineered and built specifically for high-density fully-managed dedicated servers and a full complement of enterprise-class services. By comparison, most of today's hosting facilities are constructed for colocation (rented cabinet or floor space) rather than managed services (turn-key server hardware, software and support services for a monthly recurring fee).

The Netsource Center features a number of advanced design elements unique to NACIO. Most Internet data centers are built for a power density of 50 watts or less per square foot of floor space, which typically does not provide enough power for the current generation of small-footprint, high-power servers. At 200 watts per square foot, the Netsource Center was engineered at four times this power density.

In addition, the power backup system provides true "N+2" fault-tolerance. For example, if one of four 500 KVA UPS systems is off-line for service, another UPS can still fail and power to the Netsource Center will not be interrupted. These and other redundant systems give NACIO the ability to attain telco-quality "5 nines" reliability (99.999% uptime) for managed services, which equals 5 minutes or less of downtime per year.

NACIO's world-class security system includes access control and alarm monitoring using proximity card reader technology and hand geometry biometrics, closed circuit video surveillance, motion sensors, and manned security 24x7x365.

A range of Enterprise Services is also offered through the Netsource Center including fully managed servers from entry-level dedicated web servers to fault-tolerant server clusters consisting of multiple high-end machines. Server platforms include Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris and Linux. NACIO also provides database servers and support for Allaire Cold Fusion, JRun and Spectra application servers. NACIO managed servers are available for a monthly recurring fee that includes use of the hardware and software and 24x7x365, toll-free technical support from the Client Services Center. NACIO's Open Provider policy allows clients to purchase Internet feed from the NACIO Smart Network, a third-party Internet provider or from both sources.

Along with the Netsource Center, NACIO maintains a state-of-the-art Client Services Center (CSC), housed in a separate building on NACIO's Novato, California, campus. We offer 24x7x365 support for our client base from this building. NACIO's CSC staff keeps watch on the NACIO network and the managed servers using proactive software monitoring tools. NACIO offers a toll-free support line for our clients in addition to email, fax and a web site.

NACIO purchases Internet access from the largest high-quality national and international Tier 1 providers. Client traffic is routed using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) that continually monitors the Tier 1 connections and routes traffic in the most efficient manner. This results in superior high-speed connectivity with the safeguard of multi-homing. Even a major service outage from a Tier 1 provider will not disrupt NACIO's service to its clients.

Our network traffic is targeted at just 30% of capacity by design to maintain our headroom and keep our service levels high. Traffic is always routed through the most efficient Tier 1 provider, rather than being tied to just a single provider as are the major telecom companies. The local propagation delay is less than 5ms.

Founded in 1994 as MasterLink USA, the company initially focused on systems integration and software. In 1996 it moved into providing businesses with Internet access and related services built around the concept of complete quality assurance for its clients. MasterLink changed its name to NACIO Systems in June 2000.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Power in the Cloud

"Haenisch noted that SAP has tried to circumvent the performance issue by using something he called "isolated tenancy." Multi-tenancy brings down hardware costs, but impacts performance. On the other hand, maintaining a single server for each customer would be prohibitively expensive. Haenisch said that isolated tenancy provides the performance benefits of single tenancy with the cost advantages of multi-tenancy. "Each customer has a dedicated instance of the software and database," he said. A similar software delivery mechanism, ASP, had its heyday and then crashed earlier in the decade. But ASP 2.0, as SaaS is sometimes called, has avoided the pitfalls of its maligned predecessor. Most importantly, SaaS is not an attempt to deliver on-premise code via the Internet. SaaS solutions are designed specifically for online delivery."

Angoss - Discover, Predict, Act

www.angnoss.com Angoss Software empowers people to make "Better Business Decisions. Every Day." Many of the world's leading financial services, telecom, life sciences and retail organizations use Angoss predictive analytics software and services to grow revenues, while reducing risk and cost. Angoss helps its clients use business data to discover critical behavior drivers, predict future trends and events, and act with confidence by providing results that spearhead concrete action.

Angoss combines powerful market-proven software with focused industry services expertise in the areas of deployment, integration and use of predictive analytics within enterprise environments. Our market differentiators include broad user acceptance, a commitment to open standards, rich functionality, rapid deployment, exceptional ease-of-use and affordability.

Headquartered in Toronto Canada, Angoss has offices in the UK and Australia, and partners with the world's leading enterprise software and services vendors.

CrystalReports.com - Where your reports live on the Web

www.crystalreports.com OpSource, the SaaS Experts, announced that Business Objects, the world's leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, has selected OpSource to provide the operational on-demand infrastructure and ongoing services for delivering crystalreports.com, its new on-demand BI solution. Business Objects joins a rapidly growing number of top-tier software companies that have adopted the OpSource Optimal On-Demand solution with Success-Based Pricing, recognizing OpSource as the leader in high quality, reliable on-demand software enablement, delivery, and services.

Start sharing your reports today. With crystalreports.com (free with your Crystal Reports XI key code), you can instantly, simply, and securely share your reports over the web - up to 60 reports among 10 users. Nothing to deploy, no additional costs, and no dependence on IT.

eWork - Enterprise Contract Workforce Management

www.ework.com eWork delivers strategic Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions for professional contract workforce management. We integrate enterprise-class applications, outsourced managed services, and a consultant supplier network so organizations can design and implement a global, long term strategy to control contract workforce processes and realize operational efficiencies, control contract workforce spend, and perform in compliance.

eWork has a proven team with experience in application development, process re-engineering and automation, supply chain management, contractor workforce operations, and managed services programs. Our skillset, industry experience, and solutions are an unrivaled combination that will mobilize and optimize your organization’s contracted workforce performance.

eWork Solutions Overview

eWork Enterprise 5 automates the services procurement of the contingent and project-based workforce from requisition through payment and reconciliation. eWork Enterprise 5 manages supplier and candidate performance, and provides real time cost analysis and reporting.

eWork Services delivers outsourced operational services such as payrolling,1099 compliance and consolidated billing, and managed services including onsite management of eWork Enterprise 5, process and cost-benefit analysis, and corporate compliance for diverse sourcing, SOX and 1099 co-employment regulations.

eWork Markets offers 2000 prequalified affiliate services suppliers for "hard to find" consulting services. Sourcing from eWork Markets reduces prices as incumbent suppliers are pressured by the competition of additional suppliers.

Help Me Work is the newest member of the eWork family. Help Me Work is a portable employer of record service that provides consultants and freelancers with Client and Accounting Management Services, Employee Benefits Services, and Group Benefit Services.

Salesforce.com takes a hit after another outtage

"On-demand software vendor and Wall Street darling Salesforce.com took a hit on Friday just one day after the company acknowledged yet another service interruption which affected customers in North America.

The company's stock was down almost five percent in midday trading, with news of the service outtage a likely source. According to the company's monitoring service, trust.salesforce.com, the company's hosted CRM service is back up and running. The site notes that there was an interruption on Thursday, beginning at 8:11 Pacific Daylight Time and affecting its North American operations. The cause was "a software patch affecting the cache server."

According to Salesforce, "the service was restored to full operations after removing the software patch, resetting the cache system configuration, and re-starting the cache servers. Changes to operational procedures have been made to protect the service from similar issues going forward."

While that's nice to know, it's probably cold comfort for the company's customers, many of whom were unable to log in during the outtage. It's bad news, too, for investors: the market is willing to believe that Salesforce's "software as a service" or SaaS model is the future of enterprise computing -- as long as they can keep their service running and available. The company experienced another serious outtage in December, then again in January.

The outtage comes at a particularly bad time for Salesforce, which had just issued a press release on Wednesday celebrating its near-flawless up-time in March. So much for "five nines" availability.

Salesforce and other software as a service (SaaS) vendors were all the rage at Software 2006, a VC shindig that I attended this week out on Sandhill Road. SaaS deployments are a magic elixir that will solve costly headaches such as deployment, maintenance, upgrades and support. At the same time, SaaS gives ISVs a way around debilitating piracy, to boot!

But Salesforce and its cousins will have to be extremely attentive to service issues and interruptions going forward. While the Salesforce.com outtages don't seem to have a common cause, and may be expected from a company growing as fast as Salesforce is, knocking your entire North American customer base offline, for any reason at any time is untenable -- and won't engender a lot of good will. Apologists for SaaS point out that traditional client/server software frequently crashes and experiences outtages as well -- true enough, but companies like Microsoft or SAP don't need to worry that all of their customers will be affected by an glitch at the same time! "

Cesura - Business Continuity Service

www.cesura.com A service and an appliance, Cesura is the innovator of Business Certainty for the on-demand marketplace. The Cesura managed service shortens and eliminates the intermittent disruptions that users experience with web and on-demand applications that prevent them from doing their jobs. By targeting frustrating slowdowns and random failures, we help the on-demand marketplace improve customer satisfaction and financial performance while guarding against unwanted customer churn.

Our managed service extends your operational staff by remotely keeping watch to ensure your on-demand business runs more smoothly and your customers have a consistently better experience. Our managed service is delivered by skilled professionals in our Business Certainty Center with the help of an on-premises appliance to ensure the availability and reliability of your web and on-demand applications. We are focused on increasing the certainty of your business by ensuring better end-user experience, guaranteed!

As a Software-as-a-Service Provider (SaaS), Managed Service Provider (MSP), or Application Service Provider (ASP), you understand the requirement, and the value of ensuring a consistently good end-user experience with your on-demand applications that delights your customers. Succeed - and you retain long-term relationships; fail - and you risk losing customers, revenue, and reputation.

If your customers are experiencing intermittent disruptions and poor end-user performance that prevents them from easily using your on-demand applications, it's time to change!

By reducing your customers' poor experiences with your on-demand applications such as CRM, ERP, supply chain, finance, human resources, or any of the hundreds of on-demand applications and services available today, the Cesura Business Certainty managed service will help you provide superior customer satisfaction and guard you against unwanted customer churn.

* accurately tell what actual experience your on-demand users are having at this moment?
* determine which specific on-demand users are disrupted as soon as it happens?
* easily gain insight into what caused an intermittent disruption that impacted one or more users?
* determine, with little effort and time, why on-demand users are experiencing poor performance and what to do about it?
* see the actual time that various on-demand users are disrupted over some historical period and why?
* quantify the financial impact of disruptions to your on-demand business?
* reliably shorten and eliminate the intermittent problems that users experience with your on-demand applications?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Axentis - From compliance to performance

www.axentis.com In 1999, Axentis identified the essential elements of an effective GRC (governance, risk and compliance) program and set out to build a solution where technology, best practices and business model were purposefully aligned to maximize transparency and defensibility while minimizing client cost and risk.

Today, over 600,000 users in over 100 countries trust Axentis with their GRC requirements, making this GRC community the world's largest. With over 50,000 Sarbanes-Oxley users, Axentis Enterprise is also the world’s most widely adopted Sarbanes-Oxley solution.

The Axentis solution has proven itself to be unique in its scope, approach and adoption.

At the heart of the Axentis solution is the recognition that technology, best practices and operational control must be integrated with meeting immediate and ongoing requirements. It is for this reason Axentis Enterprise is offered exclusively as a managed service, often referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Thursday, April 06, 2006

InvisibleCRM - Great CRM is no secret - it's just invisible

www.invisiblecrm.com The first fully functional sales workplace inside of Microsoft Outlook. InvisibleCRM is a family of solutions for salesforce.com CRM. Each of our applications is thoughtfully designed to respond to the habits and requirements of actual salesforce users, salespeople.

We're salesforce.com customers too, and it is from our own experiences using salesforce.com's revolutionary CRM system that our integration ideas have taken their direction. Each of our solutions is designed to make an immediate impact on the way salespeople work, creating a seamlessly integrated and natural sales process.

Why Invisible? It is our belief that in every salesperson there is an unlimited potential for success and that a CRM system should help them realize this potential by providing them the information and opportunities to make sales. This requires making traditional CRM problems and hang-ups invisible by removing the barriers between the way salesfore.com works and the way salespeople work naturally.

InvisibleCRM integrates salesforce.com with the way you work.

ClickTools - On demand customer feedback

www.clicktools.com Salesforce dot com certified, Clicktools is the only On Demand application that provides everything you need to improve Customer Experiences straight out of the box.

As an On Demand product there is no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade - you just sign up and get started.

Clicktool does not require any programming or customisation to use, and anyone familiar with office type applications is more than capable of using Clicktools without any formal training (although obviously, training can be provided).

Clicktools functionality can be divided in to four main groupings that support the complete feedback cycle.

Vettro - Wireless becomes more

www.vettro.com Partnering with Salesforce.com, Vettro is a global leader in mobile on demand customer relationship (CRM) and field service management (FSM) applications.

Backed by premier carrier, device, and ISV partners, Vettro’s applications unleash the true potential of enterprise CRM systems, driving substantial business and service improvements for field operations.

Vettro’s suite of mobile products powers some of today’s most successful sales and services and fleet organizations, including US Freightways, SuperShuttle, Boston Coach, Lockheed Martin, Hitachi Data Systems, XO Communications, Clemson University, Phoenix Life Insurance Company, the PMI Group and Bell Mobility.

Vettro offers two product lines to the market, Vettro RainMaker for field sales and Vettro FieldMaster for field service and fleet operations. Vettro's on-demand applications deliver measurable competitive advantages to our customers through our unmatched functionality and best practice processes for delivering these solutions to our customers.

Transform field service, mobile sales, and fleet operations with:

* Unparalleled user experience that enables workers in the field to use applications regardless of cell phone coverage
* Completely wireless application management which eliminates the need to ever recall devices from the field
* Packaged or configurable applications designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing business processes and systems
* Integrated with GPS, bar code scanners, credit card readers, and printers to enable location tracking, real time inventory management, and point-of-service payments
* Lowest Total Cost of Ownership through subscription-based licensing, integration with existing systems and software, and deployment on cell phones and BlackBerry handhelds over public networks.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Entellium - Powerfully simple CRM

www.entellium.com There is some controversy going on between Salesforce dot com and Entellium it appears. See http://www.entellium.com/response_to_salesforce-com.html. And one guy reckons that Salesfore dot com is over-valued, and points to Entellium's lower cost base. All in all, it adds up to increasing competition in the SaaS space for basic business apps. That comes as part of the territory I fear. A "customer of one" strategy and the 1:many service-based business model drives inexorably to commodity, does it not?

Founded in 2000, Entellium's suite of CRM solutions are designed specifically for small and mid-size companies (fewer than 1,000 employees) and divisions of large enterprises who want a solution that strikes the right balance between the everyday needs of sales and service representatives and the reporting requirements of management. Entellium has won several industry awards for innovation in usability. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with a global research and development center in Malaysia and sales operating worldwide via our partner network.

How is Entellium Different?

Entellium sees a significant and still unmet market need for user-centric, hosted CRM applications among the SMB. The company believes this is a result of an emerging focus on the enterprise market by other CRM providers, whose solutions increasingly require customers to shoulder more effort for pre- and post-deployment customization. These efforts typically require either internal IT support or external consultants, which are not always available to the SMB. Entellium aims to deliver on the original promise of hosted CRM: affordability, simplicity and speed of deployment and ROI.

Entellium has staked its position with a strong focus on and commitment to usability and user-adoption. It has designed its user interface with minimal tabs and buttons, omitting those that are irrelevant to daily activity. It also offers significant workflow automation, with industry-first features like the Quota Planner, Activity Set, Document Automator, Report Automator and the Virtual Sales Coach. Its solutions are extremely customizable, allowing companies to support nearly any type of sales process, methodology or best practices from a central control panel which requires little training. As a result, the company's CRM applications help sales and service representatives, managers and executives conduct everyday business in a highly efficient manner.