Thursday, April 06, 2006

InvisibleCRM - Great CRM is no secret - it's just invisible The first fully functional sales workplace inside of Microsoft Outlook. InvisibleCRM is a family of solutions for CRM. Each of our applications is thoughtfully designed to respond to the habits and requirements of actual salesforce users, salespeople.

We're customers too, and it is from our own experiences using's revolutionary CRM system that our integration ideas have taken their direction. Each of our solutions is designed to make an immediate impact on the way salespeople work, creating a seamlessly integrated and natural sales process.

Why Invisible? It is our belief that in every salesperson there is an unlimited potential for success and that a CRM system should help them realize this potential by providing them the information and opportunities to make sales. This requires making traditional CRM problems and hang-ups invisible by removing the barriers between the way works and the way salespeople work naturally.

InvisibleCRM integrates with the way you work.

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