Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cesura - Business Continuity Service A service and an appliance, Cesura is the innovator of Business Certainty for the on-demand marketplace. The Cesura managed service shortens and eliminates the intermittent disruptions that users experience with web and on-demand applications that prevent them from doing their jobs. By targeting frustrating slowdowns and random failures, we help the on-demand marketplace improve customer satisfaction and financial performance while guarding against unwanted customer churn.

Our managed service extends your operational staff by remotely keeping watch to ensure your on-demand business runs more smoothly and your customers have a consistently better experience. Our managed service is delivered by skilled professionals in our Business Certainty Center with the help of an on-premises appliance to ensure the availability and reliability of your web and on-demand applications. We are focused on increasing the certainty of your business by ensuring better end-user experience, guaranteed!

As a Software-as-a-Service Provider (SaaS), Managed Service Provider (MSP), or Application Service Provider (ASP), you understand the requirement, and the value of ensuring a consistently good end-user experience with your on-demand applications that delights your customers. Succeed - and you retain long-term relationships; fail - and you risk losing customers, revenue, and reputation.

If your customers are experiencing intermittent disruptions and poor end-user performance that prevents them from easily using your on-demand applications, it's time to change!

By reducing your customers' poor experiences with your on-demand applications such as CRM, ERP, supply chain, finance, human resources, or any of the hundreds of on-demand applications and services available today, the Cesura Business Certainty managed service will help you provide superior customer satisfaction and guard you against unwanted customer churn.

* accurately tell what actual experience your on-demand users are having at this moment?
* determine which specific on-demand users are disrupted as soon as it happens?
* easily gain insight into what caused an intermittent disruption that impacted one or more users?
* determine, with little effort and time, why on-demand users are experiencing poor performance and what to do about it?
* see the actual time that various on-demand users are disrupted over some historical period and why?
* quantify the financial impact of disruptions to your on-demand business?
* reliably shorten and eliminate the intermittent problems that users experience with your on-demand applications?

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