Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Kinaxis - Coordinating response across the virtual enterprise

www.kinaxis.com You've invested in ERP and supply chain software, but you still use spreadsheets to coordinate your response to supply volatility.

Supply Chain Volatility Challenges Manufacturing Response

Manufacturing success is increasingly defined by how fast you act and how well you react to the volatility in your supply chain. Traditional supply chain planning systems designed for cycles in weeks, months and quarters were not created to respond rapidly and effectively to constant changes at the point-of action—where real world variances in demand, supply, capacity, product and daily operations occur. Lacking multi-enterprise data visibility, these solutions do not offer the real-time collaborative environment needed to assess and score options and drive the optimal response.
Respond to Change with RapidResponse

Kinaxis RapidResponse represents a huge leap in operations performance management for manufacturing. It goes beyond traditional historic scorecarding and operational performance metrics to drive rapid collaborative response at the point-of-action. With access to real-time information from disparate enterprise systems and collaboration across extended supply chains, manufacturers are able to quickly reach decisions that align with corporate objectives.
Breakthrough Technologies Drive Operations Performance Management

Three key RapidResponse technologies drive collaborative response and manufacturing action:

Active Spreadsheets: Multi-Enterprise Single View of the Truth

Active Spreadsheets provide accurate and detailed real-time manufacturing information in an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface that is automatically populated with live data feeds from multiple systems and sites. AlwaysOn Analytics instantly completes computations that would take ERP and traditional supply chain planning systems hours or days to produce, facilitating fast impact analysis of supply, demand, product and capacity changes.

Resolution Engine:Collaborative Assessment of "What-If" Scenarios

The RapidResponse Resolution Engine provides iterative modeling capabilities that allow all supply chain participants, both inside and outside the enterprise, to simultaneously propose, detail and share the impacts of countless "what-if" alternatives. Accurate simulation of MRP analytics occurs in minutes instead of the days or weeks normally required, driving effective resolution to continually changing situations.

Live Scorecard:Scoring of Manufacturing Alternatives

Live Scorecard enables the rapid examination and shared impact analysis of all proposed action alternatives, reducing the risk of last-minute surprises and driving optimal supply chain decisions in real time. Group members can rapidly score multiple scenarios to rank the impact of specific decisions on a wide range of factors, such as inventory liability, customer satisfaction, lead times, quality measures, on-time delivery, cost of goods, and more. This ensures that decisions are aligned with corporate goals and mitigates surprises.

Raytheon Saves $1.8 million in excess inventory each week

By helping supply chain management and plant manufacturing teams collaborate more efficiently with customers, suppliers, and the entire operation, RapidResponse is saving Raytheon $1.8 million in excess inventory each week.

Many Fortune 500 manufacturing sites already use RapidResponse to realize breakthroughs in supply chain performance and agility to reduce costs and increase margins while maintaining competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Kinaxis offers the proven technology and market leadership to help take manufacturers to a new level of operations performance management.

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