Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nacio Systems - Dedicated Servers - Managed Web Hosting - Outsourcing A member of the Cisco Powered Network program, NACIO provides full-service hosting and connectivity solutions for businesses that rely on the Internet for daily operations.

Through our next-generation N+2 fault-tolerant NACIO NetSource Centers, we provide fully-managed dedicated server hosting, colocation, and a full range of managed services including robotic backup, terabyte-level storage, and server clustering. Through the NACIO Smart Network we offer high performance, commercial-grade Internet connectivity and wide area networks nationally and worldwide.

NACIO Systems recently opened its first Netsource Center Internet hosting facility with N+2 fault-tolerant design and a capacity of 10,000 network servers. The Netsource Center is the industry's first Internet data center engineered and built specifically for high-density fully-managed dedicated servers and a full complement of enterprise-class services. By comparison, most of today's hosting facilities are constructed for colocation (rented cabinet or floor space) rather than managed services (turn-key server hardware, software and support services for a monthly recurring fee).

The Netsource Center features a number of advanced design elements unique to NACIO. Most Internet data centers are built for a power density of 50 watts or less per square foot of floor space, which typically does not provide enough power for the current generation of small-footprint, high-power servers. At 200 watts per square foot, the Netsource Center was engineered at four times this power density.

In addition, the power backup system provides true "N+2" fault-tolerance. For example, if one of four 500 KVA UPS systems is off-line for service, another UPS can still fail and power to the Netsource Center will not be interrupted. These and other redundant systems give NACIO the ability to attain telco-quality "5 nines" reliability (99.999% uptime) for managed services, which equals 5 minutes or less of downtime per year.

NACIO's world-class security system includes access control and alarm monitoring using proximity card reader technology and hand geometry biometrics, closed circuit video surveillance, motion sensors, and manned security 24x7x365.

A range of Enterprise Services is also offered through the Netsource Center including fully managed servers from entry-level dedicated web servers to fault-tolerant server clusters consisting of multiple high-end machines. Server platforms include Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris and Linux. NACIO also provides database servers and support for Allaire Cold Fusion, JRun and Spectra application servers. NACIO managed servers are available for a monthly recurring fee that includes use of the hardware and software and 24x7x365, toll-free technical support from the Client Services Center. NACIO's Open Provider policy allows clients to purchase Internet feed from the NACIO Smart Network, a third-party Internet provider or from both sources.

Along with the Netsource Center, NACIO maintains a state-of-the-art Client Services Center (CSC), housed in a separate building on NACIO's Novato, California, campus. We offer 24x7x365 support for our client base from this building. NACIO's CSC staff keeps watch on the NACIO network and the managed servers using proactive software monitoring tools. NACIO offers a toll-free support line for our clients in addition to email, fax and a web site.

NACIO purchases Internet access from the largest high-quality national and international Tier 1 providers. Client traffic is routed using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) that continually monitors the Tier 1 connections and routes traffic in the most efficient manner. This results in superior high-speed connectivity with the safeguard of multi-homing. Even a major service outage from a Tier 1 provider will not disrupt NACIO's service to its clients.

Our network traffic is targeted at just 30% of capacity by design to maintain our headroom and keep our service levels high. Traffic is always routed through the most efficient Tier 1 provider, rather than being tied to just a single provider as are the major telecom companies. The local propagation delay is less than 5ms.

Founded in 1994 as MasterLink USA, the company initially focused on systems integration and software. In 1996 it moved into providing businesses with Internet access and related services built around the concept of complete quality assurance for its clients. MasterLink changed its name to NACIO Systems in June 2000.

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