Tuesday, April 18, 2006

TakeCharge - Take charge of your spend

www.takechargetech.com Procure to pay. TakeCharge helps businesses, institutions and government agencies gain control of spend. The ProCharge spend management solution delivers financial improvements by integrating purchasing, financial and accounting data and processes. Our customers achieve intelligent visibility into purchase and payment activities, prevent maverick spending, track & minimize program fraud and misuse, and adhere to regulatory and corporate compliance all seamlessly integrated across accounting, purchasing, and financial environments.

Based on a strong foundation of purchasing card (P-Card) management, ProCharge provides real-time access to the information required to make sourcing, procurement, reconciliation and payment decisions efficiently and effectively. Experience individualized alerts, email notifications, approval & process controls while tracking information for all payment methods including all card types, ghost accounts and even ACH.

ProCharge's friendly web based interface is built upon a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) where appropriate. The integrated modules for complete enterprise wide spend management can also be utilized individually:

* Payment Method & Card Management
* Purchasing Management
* Expense Transaction Management & Reconciliation
* Compliance Management
* DashBoard & Strategic Spend Intelligence
* Contract Administration

ProCharge is available in on-demand, hosted and enterprise versions. We also offer a range of best practices, product training and consulting services.

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