Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Entellium - Powerfully simple CRM

www.entellium.com There is some controversy going on between Salesforce dot com and Entellium it appears. See http://www.entellium.com/response_to_salesforce-com.html. And one guy reckons that Salesfore dot com is over-valued, and points to Entellium's lower cost base. All in all, it adds up to increasing competition in the SaaS space for basic business apps. That comes as part of the territory I fear. A "customer of one" strategy and the 1:many service-based business model drives inexorably to commodity, does it not?

Founded in 2000, Entellium's suite of CRM solutions are designed specifically for small and mid-size companies (fewer than 1,000 employees) and divisions of large enterprises who want a solution that strikes the right balance between the everyday needs of sales and service representatives and the reporting requirements of management. Entellium has won several industry awards for innovation in usability. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with a global research and development center in Malaysia and sales operating worldwide via our partner network.

How is Entellium Different?

Entellium sees a significant and still unmet market need for user-centric, hosted CRM applications among the SMB. The company believes this is a result of an emerging focus on the enterprise market by other CRM providers, whose solutions increasingly require customers to shoulder more effort for pre- and post-deployment customization. These efforts typically require either internal IT support or external consultants, which are not always available to the SMB. Entellium aims to deliver on the original promise of hosted CRM: affordability, simplicity and speed of deployment and ROI.

Entellium has staked its position with a strong focus on and commitment to usability and user-adoption. It has designed its user interface with minimal tabs and buttons, omitting those that are irrelevant to daily activity. It also offers significant workflow automation, with industry-first features like the Quota Planner, Activity Set, Document Automator, Report Automator and the Virtual Sales Coach. Its solutions are extremely customizable, allowing companies to support nearly any type of sales process, methodology or best practices from a central control panel which requires little training. As a result, the company's CRM applications help sales and service representatives, managers and executives conduct everyday business in a highly efficient manner.

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