Thursday, April 13, 2006

MCA Solutions - Enabling the service driven enterprise MCA Solutions is featured as "The Apple of the SaaS Market" in Technology Evaluation Centers' newest report on Software as a Service. MCA is recognized for its best-of-breed service parts planning solution that's now meeting the fast-growing demand for hosted offerings.

With its industry-leading Service Planning and Optimization (SPO) product suite and expert strategic consulting services, MCA can help you transform your service business, unleashing its full potential for boosting profit, efficiency and customer satisfaction. From strategic planning to tactical execution, we’re helping customers transform their service operations – at every level of the company – to achieve new levels of profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our highly flexible solutions are at work in the most demanding service environments, and in industries ranging from aerospace and defense to semiconductors to industrial and medical equipment. With an unparalleled history of innovation – recognized by two National Science Foundation Innovation Awards – MCA’s unique combination of thought leadership and real-world expertise is helping companies optimize their service supply chains and deliver the value of service to every level of the enterprise.

MCA’s offerings encompass the complete range of a company’s service needs, from strategic consulting that helps organizations evaluate their current service offerings and create a roadmap for the future, to our industry-leading Service Planning and Optimization (SPO™) product suite, which provides the tools companies need to deliver world-class service. SPO includes advanced inventory planning, forecasting and tactical execution solutions that give companies the ability to manage and monitor inventory levels of mission-critical materials.

MCA Solutions was officially launched in 1999, but the soul of the company - the spirit of innovation that motivates employees and inspires customers - has been alive and well for many years. In the 1980s, when supply chain management began to emerge as a business priority, MCA's founders Dr. Morris A. Cohen and Dr. Vipul Agrawal were already proving themselves thought leaders in the area of service parts planning. Their unique perspectives on the service supply chain enabled them to tear down existing paradigms and pioneer new algorithms, methodologies and workflows.

Innovation Leads the Way

Their ideas were noticed. Companies like General Motors and IBM began tapping into their innovative methodologies and solutions. In the process, IBM was able to cut inventory investment by $250 million, reduce annual operating costs by 10 percent and dramatically improve customer service.

Realizing that there was no commercially available solution that could help enterprises extract the maximum value from their service supply chains, Drs. Cohen and Agrawal founded MCA Solutions to collect and evolve their technologies into a cohesive application.

The first commercial software to optimize assets in a multi-echelon supply network, SPO addresses the key areas involved in achieving service excellence: service business design, strategic planning and optimization and tactical planning. By meeting the demanding requirements of the service parts planning process, while providing global, real-time visibility of the extended supply chain, MCA Solutions transforms service from a costly necessity to a revenue boosting opportunity.

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