Wednesday, April 12, 2006

eWork - Enterprise Contract Workforce Management eWork delivers strategic Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions for professional contract workforce management. We integrate enterprise-class applications, outsourced managed services, and a consultant supplier network so organizations can design and implement a global, long term strategy to control contract workforce processes and realize operational efficiencies, control contract workforce spend, and perform in compliance.

eWork has a proven team with experience in application development, process re-engineering and automation, supply chain management, contractor workforce operations, and managed services programs. Our skillset, industry experience, and solutions are an unrivaled combination that will mobilize and optimize your organization’s contracted workforce performance.

eWork Solutions Overview

eWork Enterprise 5 automates the services procurement of the contingent and project-based workforce from requisition through payment and reconciliation. eWork Enterprise 5 manages supplier and candidate performance, and provides real time cost analysis and reporting.

eWork Services delivers outsourced operational services such as payrolling,1099 compliance and consolidated billing, and managed services including onsite management of eWork Enterprise 5, process and cost-benefit analysis, and corporate compliance for diverse sourcing, SOX and 1099 co-employment regulations.

eWork Markets offers 2000 prequalified affiliate services suppliers for "hard to find" consulting services. Sourcing from eWork Markets reduces prices as incumbent suppliers are pressured by the competition of additional suppliers.

Help Me Work is the newest member of the eWork family. Help Me Work is a portable employer of record service that provides consultants and freelancers with Client and Accounting Management Services, Employee Benefits Services, and Group Benefit Services.

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