Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ProjectArena - Projects are Investments - Portfolio Mgt on Demand

www.projectarena.com Bottom line: Project Arena helps organizations improve the performance of projects and resources. Improved performance takes two forms: alignment-with-goals and ability-to-execute. Our software automates the entire demand-to-deliver lifecycle for projects and resources while providing visibility and control to all levels of management.

Software On Demand

Project Arena has committed from day one to the On Demand approach to delivering software-as-a-service (SaaS). In the short term, On Demand software accelerates implementation, reduces cost and reduces risk. In the long term, On Demand software accelerates the innovation cycle and creates a more effective vendor-customer relationship.

Company History and Founders

The vision of an automated Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution was developed by Demian Entrekin based on 18+ years of experience in Information Technology. After researching the business need and developing several prototypes, Demian founded Project Arena in 1999 with Sarb Takhar as the CTO.

Prior to founding Project Arena Demian Entrekin co-founded Convoy, an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution provider, in 1993. In 1999, Convoy was sold to New Era of Networks (NEON, which was sold to Sybase in 2000).

PPM at Project Arena

Project Arena applies PPM processes and methodologies to its core processes: software development; release deployment; professional services; sales & marketing; partner management and internal operations. Project Arena uses its own software to automate these processes and capture real-time data centrally for reporting and communicating the strategic health of the organization.

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