Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kareo - On Demand Revenue Cycle Automation for the Healthcare industry "The roots of Kareo started to grow in late 2001 when our founders teamed up with a national medical billing company based in Southern California. Kareo was founded on the simple vision of using the Internet to connect medical billing firms with healthcare providers to streamline practice management, billing and collections."

Medical billing companies faced unique challenges that were not solved by traditional practice management software. Medical billing firms struggle with slow data acquisition, people-intensive data entry, mountains of paperwork, and demanding client relationships. We set out to solve these problems. And to streamline and increase the profitability of medical billing firms in the process.

The software team at Kareo spent 2 years developing an Internet-based suite of practice management applications for medical billing companies and the healthcare providers they serve. Kareo's first version went online in late 2003. Kareo offers the first on-demand revenue cycle automation software for medical billing companies.

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