Thursday, May 25, 2006

LucidEra - Welcome to the Age of Insight "LucidEra is generating excitement in the industry by reinventing how businesses analyze their data. No longer does knowing what's going on in your business require building old-fashioned analytics solutions or data warehouses, both of which are complex to build, hard to manage, difficult to modify, incomplete and expensive."

Think of it as a hosted cross-enterprise data integration solution, similar to Infomatica's plans, coupled to self-service, self-design dashboards, similar to those offered by CXOSystems or Actuate.

"We are delivering the world's first true Business Intelligence On Demand solution, built on an innovative, state-of-the-art analytics platform designed from the ground up to deliver all the advantages of On Demand solutions: simplicity, rapid configuration, ease-of-use, low cost, and reliability."

LucidEra is funded by Benchmark Capital and Matrix Partners. Its seasoned leadership team includes veterans from, Siebel, Oracle, Informix, Informatica, and BEA Systems.

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