Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Firepond - Product Service Configuration On Demand

www.firepond.com Firepond is the pioneer in developing computer-based sales systems that guide salespeople and customers through the needs analysis, product configuration, pricing, and quotation process.

For over 20 years, Firepond has been implementing connected and mobile sales systems across a variety of industries. Firepond is best known for its powerful configuration engine, capable of solving product configurations that contain thousands of options, and many layers of nested products. The configuration and pricing capabilities are now available in an on-demand environment.

On-demand applications are typically priced per user, per month, which takes the risk out of what used to be an expensive and risky decision. The cost is up front and predictable. Currently, Firepond Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) OnDemand is available through salesforce.com. Firepond has earned salesforce.com's sforce certification and is an AppExchange Certified application.

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