Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Corrigo - Service Management On Demand Solutions

www.corrigo.com Corrigo provides real-time visibility into and control of the quality and cost of building service operations. In 1999, Corrigo's founders recognized that property managers, facilities managers and building service providers lacked the tools available to other professionals to manage a challenging and dynamic work environment of service request capture, service delivery and asset management through a diverse workforce of mobile staff, subcontractors and vendors. They recognized the emergence of the internet, wireless business networking and on-demand technology that would allow the connection of all the participants in the building services supply chain in new ways leading to improved productivity, quality and manageability.

With the support and participation of real estate industry thought leaders, the company has built a solution that seamlessly connects service managers and field technicians, customers and vendors to an integrated system that provides insight into and control of each stage of service delivery. Knowledge of services "best practices" for your business is built-in, improving first-time fix rates and boosting customer satisfaction. You complete more work each day because of Corrigo's efficient dispatch and routing of the right technician (or vendor) with the right skills and parts at the right time. With Corrigo, you now have the tools to measure, manage, and improve all aspects of your business-increasing service quality, decreasing costs and increasing margins.

More than 400 organizations now deploy Corrigo's on-demand web and wireless service management solutions to manage the execution of almost six million work orders annually. Corrigo customers span the full range of organizations involved in building services, including facilities managers, property managers, homebuilders, building trade and maintenance contractors, as well as other field services organizations. The exceptional ease-of-use and scalability of Corrigo's solutions allow them to meet the needs of small businesses as well as Fortune 50 enterprises with thousands of facilities and vendors. Corrigo has partnerships with leading wireless providers such as Sprint Nextel and Verizon to streamline the sale and implementation of complete web and wireless solutions for companies of all sizes.

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