Tuesday, May 23, 2006

FieldGlass Insite - The Complete Solution for Services Procurement

www.fieldglass.com Our extensive expertise, proven process and robust technology platform enables us to create customized services procurement solutions to meet the complex challenges of today's global enterprises. We deliver intelligent services procurement to help companies across every industry reduce costs, improve efficiencies, ensure compliance, and ultimately, outperform their competition. The company has published a report entitled Evaluating Software as a Servicee (SaaS) for Contingent Workforce Management.

Founded in 1999, we developed a solution to capitalize on the migration of contract and consulting services procurement to more efficient, web-enabled environments. Today our InSite solution gives businesses the ability to manage their total spend output on services across the breadth of the enterprise with deep visibility for every level of management.

Reduce your Total Services Spend

InSite can help you reduce the total cost of procuring services by 10-20% across your enterprise. InSite enforces budgets; creates a competitive environment for better rates and volume discounts; regulates markups and overtime; and eliminates off-contract spending.

* Improve the Efficiency of Procuring and Managing Services Resources

InSite automates and streamlines the services procurement process, enhances supplier connectivity and collaboration, and improves overall efficiency through process standardization and compliance. Procurement cycle times (requisition to service start) have been reduced by as much as 70% through InSite.

* Enforce Company and Regulatory Compliance

InSite enforces buyer and supplier compliance with corporate and governmental regulations, and provides you with information to more effectively track and manage supplier performance against standing service contracts.

* Ensure Supplier Accuracy, Timeliness, & Quality

InSite's rules-based platform and automated features ensure your suppliers are accountable for services contracts, stay within budget, hit milestones, and meet predefined quality standards.

* Gain Process Transparency & Visibility Across the Enterprise

Today, over 30 global 2000 organizations trust InSite for process transparency and enterprise visibility into their total services spend.

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