Friday, March 31, 2006

Cube Route - On demand logistics Cube Route is the leading provider of managed logistics services
that enable organizations to easily and cost effectively manage field operations, yield dramatic cost reductions and differentiate their service offering. Our service helps customers more effectively manage critical operations including: order management, planning and route/job optimization, dispatch management, order notification, real-time field data capture, tracking and visibility, customer service and business intelligence.

Cube Route enables businesses to dramatically reduce costs and improve customer service within weeks of subscribing. Typically, our solution reduces operating costs by up to 15% while improving service. With an investment of less than 1.5% of the cost of field operations, we can demonstrate a 5x to 10x annual return on investment (ROI) across our entire customer base.

Cube Route works with its customers to provide on going value within their day to day operations including:

1. Cost Reduction through better route economics (shorter drive times and fewer miles driven), service time consistency, visibility into slack times and waiting times and reduced manual data entry.
2. Improved Customer Service through improved on-time arrival, setting of customer delivery windows, and notification of order status.
3. Reduced Complexity through the automation of manual and labor intensive processes and more accurate data capture.
4. Continuous Improvement through a closed loop between planning, field execution and analytics.

The Cube Route managed logistics service was created in response to requirements specific to the transportation and field service industries. Adoption of state of the art logistics applications by these industries has been slow for a variety or reasons that include:

* Lack of familiarity with the software and its benefits
* High upfront costs required to execute the solution
* Difficulty with operationalizing complex software solutions
* Lack of trained personnel to install, integrate and maintain the applications

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