Friday, March 03, 2006

HighDeal - Devolved Billing and Rating In the emerging Multiservice World, characterized by increasing volume and velocity of transactions among multiple partners, the challenge is to speed services to market profitably. Through innovation and market leadership, Highdeal will continue to deliver a Pricing & Rating solution with unconstrained flexibility, reducing the time-to-revenue for new services.


Solve the billing problem brought about by the multiservice revolution by offering service providers a Pricing and Rating solution.

* Over 140 implementations in more than 40 countries
* 30 million broadband, mobile and On Demand services subscribers charged through Highdeal
* Growth rate exceeding 2000% over 5 years
* Founded in R&D labs of France Telecom

On going development in conjunction with industry leading platforms and BSS/OSS vendors

* Softswitch, IPTV middleware, application servers
* Mobile, Charging, prepaid/IN platforms
* IMS/SDP, policy management
* Billing, mediation, ordering/provisioning

Highdeal’s customers are leaders in their markets

* VoIP, hosted contact centers, conferencing, IPCentrex, managed services, mobile, MVNO, M2M, online recruiting
* Tier-1 carrier multi-million subscriber operations

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