Tuesday, March 07, 2006

InfoStreet - The Browser is your Office

www.infostreet.com Founded in 1994 as one of the first companies focused solely on Internet services, InfoStreet, Inc. is widely recognized as a leading Internet Application Service Provider dedicated to developing and operating a fully managed, on-demand integrated suite of software providing IT, productivity and groupware oriented SaaS (Software As A Service) to tens of thousands of users.

Where on-demand might have been an afterthought for other software development companies, private-labeled, on-demand, scalable, friendly and reliable software has been the foundation of all InfoStreet solutions since its inception.

InfoStreet's flagship solution, StreetSmart, complete with functions such as Virus and SPAM Protected Mail, Calendar, Workflow, CRM, Knowledgebase, Portal, Web Site Publishing, Blogs, Mailing lists, Access Control and more, is highly customizable and integratable, enabling it to seamlessly blend with (or become) any organization's on-demand infrastructure.

The StreetSmart platform is designed to easily embed or be embedded in third party applications, making it a favorite of OEMs.

All usage and administration functions are web-based and automated, providing StreetSmart users with "Anytime, Anywhere, Access". Being highly scalable, StreetSmart is providing businesses of all sizes with solutions that reduce overhead costs, increase organization, and facilitate communication.

In 2001, Inc. Magazine, named InfoStreet as one of the United States' 500 fastest growing private companies. Also in 2001, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, named InfoStreet as the 8th fastest growing private company in San Fernando Valley. In 2003, for the second year in a row, InfoStreet was named in Deloitte & Touche’s Los Angeles Technology Fast 50.

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