Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ideal Hire - Talent Acquisition IdealHire Technologies, Inc. based in Phoenix, AZ, is dedicated to developing innovative technology solutions to improve recruitment efficiency. Patent protected web-based matching, ranking and rich media technologies enable recruiters, associations and employers to dramatically reduce the time and resources required for finding top talent. The result is better quality hires and more time for recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers to focus on mission critical objectives, which translates to the bottom line in easily measurable ways.

IdealHire was founded by Bruce Culver, chairman and CEO, who has over 20 years of staffing industry and software experience. Mr. Culver recognized the need for resume management and accurate candidate identification as stacks of resumes piled high in recruiter’s in-boxes. The time spent by recruiters trying to understand resumes and varying jargon created bottlenecks that almost ensured the best candidate for a given job may not be found before a competitor filled a job order. Hiring managers had an equally difficult time deciphering massive amounts of resumes that often were completely incompatible with the advertised job. IdealHire Technologies was founded to develop unique process solutions to improve candidate identification and selection accuracy.

Intellectual Property

IdealHire is the owner of US patent number 5,592,375, issued in 1997, covering the matching & ranking of buyers to sellers based on specified criteria and rich media technology. The company utilizes this patent to match & rank job seekers to a company’s open job requisitions based on information contained in the candidates profile and the company’s job profiles. While IdealHire applies this patent to the Human Resources industry, there are several opportunities for the company to enter into licensing agreements for application of the patent to other non-competing industry segments.

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