Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Edge Dynamics - Channel Commerce Management Edge Dynamics was founded in 2002 to bring to market a channel commerce management solution to help manufacturers get the most out of their channel relationships. Led by a management team with deep domain expertise in technology and across industries and supported by industry luminaries on the Board of Directors, Edge Dynamics has developed and deployed an enterprise software solution that helps pharmaceutical manufacturers more effectively address issues relating to channel control, regulatory compliance, and patient safety and ultimately increase channel revenues. Edge Dynamics uniquely provides a full range of hosted and on-premise solutions.

For the world's leading manufacturers, managing financial performance at the beginning of the order stream is not a new concept. What is new is the application of automation technologies to bring superior agility and greater intelligence to order stream management.

Prior to the release of Edge Dynamics Channel Commerce Management solution, simplistic technologies such as Excel spreadsheets, basic report solutions, and inadequate customizations of business intelligence (BI) and ERP applications were used to manage the order stream. As regulatory requirements, channel velocities, and price fluctuations increased, these piecemeal approaches failed to provide effective channel control at the point of decision. Using these tools, analysis revealed points of failure after the fact yet provided no means of applying corrections at the point of decision. None of these backward-looking solutions delivered results in real-time and in-line with the order management process.

Edge Dynamics realized the market potential for an enterprise class solution that could apply sophisticated and configurable business intelligence to of the processing of transactions, such as orders, in real-time. Specifically targeting the pharmaceutical industry, Edge Dynamics developed a solution that within weeks of initial deployment was recapturing tens of millions in revenue previously lost to the uncontrolled demand fluctuations of the distribution channel.

Today, leading industry analysts such as the Gartner Group and AMR Research have formally recognized the need for a demand-driven approach to managing supply chains. According to recent estimates from Gartner, 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies that do not have real-time, demand-driven SCM strategies by 2007 will fail in their initiatives. Edge Dynamics is uniquely positioned to enable this new paradigm for supply chain management with the leading channel commerce management solution that leverages automation technology to address key issues of channel control, regulatory compliance, and patient safety.

Current Customers

Already deployed at leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, Edge Dynamics' revolutionary Channel Commerce Management solutions now optimize more than $75 billion in annual revenues representing nearly 35% of all U.S. pharmaceutical channel volume.

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