Monday, March 27, 2006

Okere - Client Management Solutions consulting partner. Prediction: In 2005, vertical-industry-specific sales solutions will be used in 85 percent of active deployments in the automotive, pharmaceuticals, consumer products and financial services industries (0.8 probability) - Gartner - "CRM Predicts 2005: Sales Will Drive Revenue and Growth" December 2004

OKERE creates industry specific client management solutions for product vendors and individual companies. OKERE is focused on revolutionizing the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in financial services.

What is customer relationship management?

Customer Relationship Management was the term coined to define the business strategy companies employ to attract, gain, retain, and maximize the value of their customers. In the businesses that have generated success from CRM implementations there has been a focus on the customer experience, the employee experience and interaction between the business and the customer.

Industry Solutions

OKERE works with Fortune 500 companies to further help define and implement industry specific CRM go-to-market strategies through a mix of best of breed vendors and product development.


Companies are challenged with developing and implementing growth strategies, identifying innovative ways to attract and retain their own customers, effectively transforming their business operations, and managing the impact that these changes will have on their organization. A clear strategy to address these issues provides the business perspective and insight to frame business decisions and projects. We offer advisory services to help analyze, improve and transform business operations and technology strategies. We leverage deep industry expertise and thought leadership to help our clients move quickly from vision to value and drive sustainable business advantage.

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