Monday, March 27, 2006

IDC's SaaS Predictions 2006

IDC's top ten predictions for SaaS in 2006 are:

* Large ISVs Will Spin Off On-Demand Versions of Products
* Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Remain a "Tough Nut to Crack"
* Microsoft Strengthens SaaS Resolve
* Software on Demand Providers Focus on Partnering
* Mini-Ecosystems Emerge to Extend the Reach of Software on Demand
* SaaS Enablers Continue to Aid Availability of On-Demand Offerings
* Merger and Acquisition Activity Continues
* SaaS Providers Concentrate on Improving Offerings and Customer Experience
* Hosted AM Becomes a Stepping Stone Towards On-Demand Delivery
* SaaS Will Help Drive a Software Industry Transition to Subscription Licensing

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