Friday, March 31, 2006

Interweave - Integration Server for Integration Technologies, provider of "InterWeave", the industry's most comprehensive Information Integration Management (IIM) solution(s) for producing applications that integrate enterprise systems, legacy applications, databases, files, content, and web service, both within and across enterprises, today announced the availability of the InterWeave Platform and Integration Management Solutions for end-to-end consolidated integration management as a web service for customers. is the market and technology leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM). The company's Salesforce suite of on-demand applications enables customers to manage and share all of their sales, support, marketing and partner information on-demand. AppExchange,'s on-demand platform, allows customers and partners to build powerful new applications quickly and easily, customize and integrate the Salesforce suite to meet their unique business needs, and distribute and sell on-demand applications at appexchange.

"AppExchange offers an excellent platform for customers to expand their existing CRM capabilities. It provides an extensive library of on-demand solutions that can build upon the success they already are enjoying. We are excited to contribute our addition to the library," said Bruce Magown, Chairman of Integration Technologies. "By offering InterWeave as a web service on AppExchange saves our customers time, money and integrates customer, product, contact, lead and opportunity data, bi-directionally, in real-time. This provides our customers the most accurate, effective, and comprehensive integration solution available today in the on-demand world."

With AppExchange, customers now have access to new applications that bring the benefits of to an entire business, the company says, letting them manage and share all of their company information on-demand. Using AppExchange, companies can easily add any number of new on-demand applications to their existing Salesforce deployments, extending their success.

"The announcement of our Web services solution onAppExchange presents InterWeave not only as a traditional enterprise license for larger enterprise companies but now as a web service in a hosted environment. By providing this kind of flexibility in our offerings for our customers, we can tailor a pricing and delivery model that exactly fits their needs," said Bruce Magown. "And when you add the announcement of our new Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for fast integration development, and our new partnership with Opsource, Inc., the leading SaaS hosting ASP, you have unlimited options oh how you and InterWeave can do business."

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