Monday, March 06, 2006

ToolsGroup - DPM on Demand ToolsGroup today announced its new DPM on Demand multi-echelon inventory optimization software at the SAP Logistics and Supply Chain Management Conference, the premiere event for logistics, manufacturing and supply chain management executives.

Like ToolsGroup's flagship DPM product, DPM on Demand optimizes user inventories, but its subscription-based approach allows clients to minimize the impact on IT resources and other strategic projects. ToolsGroup manages the DPM on Demand software in a world-class data center to provide access for clients, creating an automatic and sustainable inventory planning process. DPM on Demand is Powered by SAP NetWeaver.

DPM on Demand is an example of Software as a Service (SaaS), where software is leased rather than purchased outright by the user. ARC Advisory Group is projecting fast growth for this model.

"Traditional software markets sell software licenses," says Steve Banker, the service director for supply-chain management at ARC. "However, in the inventory optimization market, knowledge-based outsourcing and software as a service will be key growth drivers."

The new product was announced today to more than 1400 projected executive attendees at the annual SAP Logistics and Supply Chain Management Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. ToolsGroup is exhibiting at the conference and ToolsGroup's customer, Delphi, will make a presentation on its successful use of the DPM product.

"DPM on Demand offers reliable, easy-to-deploy software that provides a high return on investment for our customers," said Joseph Shamir, CEO of ToolsGroup. "This solution is a perfect fit for organizations who want to reduce up-front expenses and accelerate time to benefit."

About ToolsGroup

ToolsGroup optimizes inventory in the finished goods supply chain. Its powerful solutions optimize multi-echelon distribution chain inventory, from finished goods assembly to the end consumer, and from strategic network design to daily operations. Recognized by ARC Advisory group as the top inventory optimization firm, ToolsGroup allows supply chain managers to meet demanding service levels, while reducing inventory and operating costs. With more than 100 customers in 29 countries, it is the most experienced inventory optimization software provider worldwide.

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