Monday, March 06, 2006

SpringCM - Content Management on Demand SpringCM is the first of its kind on-demand content management company.

In an age when businesses have learned to tolerate the inefficiencies and risks of unmanaged content, SpringCM shows there is a better way.

Today, 94% of business content is unmanaged. In the future, it will all be managed, or even better, self-managing.

SpringCM's customers, which range from service and manufacturing businesses to government agencies and non-profits, use SpringCM's unique application to reinvent the way they share and manage important information, such as documents, images and multi-media files, both inside and outside their organizations.

Our integrated subscription solution incorporates enterprise search, remote storage, collaboration and content distribution technologies completely on demand. SpringCM combines mature technologies with innovations from our R&D lab to offer applications designed to serve people, so that people don't end up serving the technology. We make our products easy to use, easy to procure, and easy to manage- and hide the technical complexity in a clean, simple experience.

SpringCM is also committed to removing the barriers to purchase and adoption that go hand in hand with old-school software projects. The company is committed to solve business challenges at an affordable price. By combining software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies with this complete and integrated solution, SpringCM provides any business with an affordable and practical alternative to installed client server solutions. With SaaS, customers can easily create an online account with SpringCM and begin using the site within minutes, since there is no need to install or download the software.

SpringCM also enhances value for its customers and partners through its ongoing commitment to web services and simplified integration.

SpringCM was formed by executives from Adexs, Inc. in 2005. Adexs has deep experience in serving niche content needs, serving more than 3,500 customers. Its extensive experience has created distinct infrastructure, customer service and development advantages.

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