Friday, May 19, 2006

Azaleos - Managed Enterprise E-Mail Appliance A trend? Appliances on-premise coupled to managed services off-premise? Azaleos provides an enterprise-class managed e-mail messaging solution to combine an e-mail appliance with 24x7 remote maintenance, ensuring high reliability, 99.999% availability, and optimized performance of your Microsoft Exchange 2003 environment.

The Azaleos OneServer appliance and OneStop managed services offer unmatched uptime, proactive monitoring by Exchange experts, patch management, e-mail backup, system fixes, and reporting. Available OneStop business continuity and disaster recovery services keep mission critical e-mail up and running even in unexpected circumstances.

Azaleos Corporation, based in Redmond, WA, was founded in 2004 by Microsoft Exchange experts to provide a comprehensive maintenance and management solution for Exchange 2003.
Azaleos is a startup led by senior executives from leading technology companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Lotus. Azaleos investors include Ignition Partners and Second Avenue Partners.

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