Monday, May 22, 2006

OpSource taps 3PAR for On Demand, Utility Storage

OpSource(TM), the SaaS experts, and 3PAR, the leading provider of Utility Storage, announced today that OpSource has increased its storage capability for its customers' Software as a Service (SaaS) applications by leveraging the 3PAR InServ® S800 Storage Server.

According to OpSource CEO Treb Ryan, "3PAR Utility Storage fits perfectly with our business model. We price our Optimal On-Demand(SM) SaaS enablement and delivery solution so that software companies pay only for the resources they need, as they need them. 3PAR allows us to acquire storage capacity in much the same way, as opposed to buying all the storage we expect our customers to use in the coming year and then having most of that resource sit around, paid for but unused, for most of the year."

3PAR President and CEO David Scott added, "Just as OpSource helps its software company customers deploy Software as a Service applications with fewer servers and lower up-front costs, 3PAR is helping OpSource do more with fewer arrays and lower overall storage costs. The key is 3PAR Thin Provisioning, which uses dedicate-on-write technology to allow OpSource to safely allocate as much useable capacity as they wish, but to install and pay for physical capacity only as applications actually write data to the storage array."

OpSource's Optimal On-Demand is a collection of services, processes and technology that enables software companies to quickly and cost-effectively deliver high-quality SaaS solutions to end users.

3PAR Utility Storage allows customers to overcome the cost, complexities and functional limitations of traditional storage offerings. 3PAR enables customers to start with smaller amounts of physical storage and grow in small, affordable increments; customers purchase capacity only for written data and benefit from tiered storage that is automatically optimized. Like a true utility, 3PAR allows customers to use as much as they need, but to pay for only what they use, when they use it.

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