Monday, May 22, 2006

Knowledge Blue - Outsourcing On Demand - Open Source ERP and CRM go SaaS KnowledgeBlue L.L.C. is a privately held Open Source Services company founded by several Fortune 500 executives and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Our mission is to help grow your Company. First, we do this by providing a suite of integrated services to help reduce your overall cost structure - without any large up-front capital expenditure. This allows you to leverage your cash and investments in the areas that will excel your future growth. Second, we provide you an outsourced operational infrastructure, that grows as you grow, providing unlimited scalability for your Company, when you need it, on demand. Our whole business model is built around your future growth. If you grow we grow, so we assume a responsibility for your overall success. Our focus is on small and medium businesses (SMB), including start-up and emerging Companies. We specialize in providing a suite of high value, outsourcing services that are economically attractive, and available to you on demand."

openBLUE, from KnowledgeBlue, is based on the open source Compiere software. KnowledgeBlue provides this well known open source ERP and CRM suite as an on-demand business application that can support an entire company. It allows support to customer relationship management (CRM) to enterprise resource planning (ERP) to Project / Consulting Services to full Web e-commerce capabilities. The openBLUE application offers everything, including multi-organizations, multi- currency, multi-accounting, and multiple languages, delivered in a single, open, integrated, on demand service. Additionally, openBLUE provides an open Architecture so you can access your own data, your own reports, and your own customizations, how you want, when you want.

Why openBLUE?

* Open Source - Because openBLUE is based on open source it allows you the flexibility and freedom to modify the application based on your individual business needs

* Flexibility - There are multiple delivery service models which allow you to have the software in an software as a service ASP hosted model or on your own ready for production dedicated server. These service options allow you as the client to provide your own support or leverage our technical support thru our managed service.

* Centralized Database - Integration of business functions into one centralized management application.

openBLUE Delivers Integrated:

* Accounts Payable
* Accounts Receivable
* Auditing
* Bill of Materials
* Budegeting, Planning & Forecasting
* Cash Management
* Customer Relationship Management
* E-Commerce
* Fixed Asset Management
* General Ledger
* Inventory Control
* Job Costing
* Multi-Accounting
* Multi-Costing
* Multi-Currency
* Multi-Language
* Multi-Organization
* Multi-Tax
* Order Entry
* Partner / Vendor Management
* Payroll
* Project Management
* Purchase Order
* Report Writer
* Time and Billing
* Work Order
* Workflow Management

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