Wednesday, February 01, 2006

CyberU - Educating the world Educating the World
At CyberU, our mission is to improve access to education on a global basis beginning with the vast population of adults who have limited time and access to learning opportunities. To accomplish this mission, CyberU has built solutions for multiple markets including individual consumers, growing businesses and large corporations.

Education for the Enterprise

Built in conjunction with Fortune 1000 HR and learning executives, CyberU has developed Cornerstone, a comprehensive Human Capital Management System that provides the world’s largest organizations with the tools and expertise to help individuals and enterprises maximize their intellectual capital. As a result of our continuous development, many Fortune 1000 companies now trust Cornerstone to drive learning management, performance management, content management and compliance management initiatives. CyberU Global Services offers a wide range of value-added consulting services to support and enhance deployment of enterprise management systems. Our in-house experts, along with our global strategic partners, offer a wealth of experience in process consulting, e-learning and training initiatives, as well as world-class support for Cornerstone.

Education for the Growing Business

CyberU created OTC to make world-class training a viable option for small and medium-sized businesses. OTC is cost-effective and entirely web-based, giving growing businesses the ability to provide the training traditionally reserved for their larger competitors.

Education for the Individual
CyberU’s award-winning website,, is the largest source of e-learning content available to individuals. With over 3,000 courses from top e-learning providers, allows adults everywhere to conveniently access training titles at an affordable price, from any accessible internet connection.

Since our founding in 1999, CyberU has grown to be a major player in the human capital development industry, and is the only company to offer products that address learning requirements for individuals and growing businesses as well as global enterprises. CyberU has formed a number of strategic alliances for content, services and distribution, including an equity-based alliance with Aon Corporation.

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