Friday, February 03, 2006

IQNavigator - Increase control, visibility and performance Large enterprises make extensive use of outside services such as outsourced projects, contingent labor, field services, and marketing services - often representing 15% of revenue or more - but the order-to-payment cycle is frequently fragmented, non-competitive and financially unmanageable.

IQNavigator brings control to the services delivery lifecycle, resulting in direct cost savings of up to 20% of services spending and tens of millions of dollars in increased profits.

The value of IQNavigator goes well beyond cost savings. By leveraging IQNavigator's solutions to source, procure and manage outside services spending, organizations achieve comprehensive compliance with internal policies, supplier contracts and government regulations.

Ultimately, IQNavigator's solutions facilitate the optimization of your organization's global indirect business services spending. We deliver enterprise-wide financial analysis, adaptable process control, and enhanced performance through every phase of the services delivery lifecycle.

IQNavigator's easy to use system and proven implementation processes deliver predictable benefits within weeks after minimal up-front investment. And we guarantee an ongoing commitment to continual enhancements and process innovations, enabling you to manage your business better.

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