Thursday, February 02, 2006

Edict Systems - Success at the speed of business Edict Systems was founded in 1990 and is a leading provider of Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce solutions for companies and their trading communities. We manage thousands of electronic business relationships, exchanging millions of business transactions, accounting for billions of dollars in commerce.

Edict Systems excels at implementing and managing trading partner communities. To accomplish this, we provide Web based solutions for small and medium size trading partners which provides a low-cost subscription-based service allowing them to participate in electronic commerce with no software to buy, install, or manage.

We also provide trading community ramping services that quickly and cost effectively increase the number of participants in a trading community. Our community ramping services include:

* Web-based testing and certification services to get trading partners on board quickly and with a dramatic reduction in the resources needed by community sponsors
* Web-based ramping Extranet to allow community sponsors to monitor all trading partner activity and to collaboratively interact with our ramping team to insure the fastest, most cost-effective way to achieve success
* We develop and host trading partner information Web-sites to provide community sponsor specific business and technical information to insure that new and existing trading partners have the information they need to minimize the time and effort necessary to participate in the trading community

This total solution allows a company to maintain control of its important initiatives while accelerating the addition of a significant number of trading partners resulting in rapid ROI from existing e-business investments.

Edict Systems also provides a variety of services to help companies manage and service their existing trading communities. Edict provides a hosted Trading Community Management solution that includes trading community connectivity. Our solution exceeds the capabilities of traditional VAN based solutions and includes a Web based e-business Transaction Management interface for supporting detailed document management and reporting capabilities while providing the expected lower cost data transport afforded by Internet-based connectivity.

Edict Systems recognizes the many needs of our customers in order to conduct electronic commerce successfully with their trading partners. We provide our customers with software and services to maximize the benefits of e-business, including:

* Integration software for high transaction volume customers who desire a fully integrated solution
* Hosted Data Translation services which provide data transformation as a service for easier integration of data into existing systems
* Internet-based Communications Software products to support multiple secure data transport methods including EDI-INT AS1 and AS2

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