Wednesday, February 08, 2006

e4e - Services On Tap - Business Process and Software Eng outsourcing services Services-on-tap is e4e's next generation outsourcing service that allows deployment, management and operation of one-or-many business processes across the enterprise with the highest service quality level at the lowest possible cost.

Over the last decade, a significant change in business environment has caused organizations around the world to transform their business model in order to maintain leadership. This change is hyper-competition - a state that renders traditional competitive advantage unsustainable. Rapid product introductions to battle the pressures of commoditization is impacting organizational bottom line faster than ever before.

Services-on-tap minimizes overheads resulting from managing multiple vendors, processes and delivery facilities. Our customers receive the benefits of optimized service delivery through enterprise wide process knowledge, shared service delivery and a single point of control.

Benefits delivered to a Consumer Finance Mortgage division of a Fortune 5 Financial Services company:
* Cost per $1,000 of loan booked reduced by 50% in 12 months
* Ability to scale up: Added 100 hours per day in 4 weeks while meeting SLAs
* Optimize the lead management process
Benefits delivered to a Consumer Home Equity Division of a Fortune 5 Financial Services Firm:
* Customer satisfaction increased from 75% to 90% in 24 months
* Increase in service level from 70% to 85%
* Reduced abandon rate from 10% to 4%
* Savings of 40% in cost
* Loan processing time reduced by 20% in 24 months
* Ability to scale capacity and act as a back-up center

Strategic partnerships with KeyLabs, Oracle Certified Partner, Oracle Application User Group Star Partner, noHold, Microsoft

Company Achievements:
More than 100 customers
Over $13B in Loan Originations for our clients in the last 24 months
Over 600 Hours of Telesales calling per day
Over 1.5 million Mortgage Support calls and 300,000 Mortgage Applications in the last 24 months
Over 5 million Customer Contacts handled
Consistently rated #1 for End-Customer Satisfaction

Representative Customers:
Cisco, Samsung, Sony, SonicWALL, Cadence, Symantec, AFS Financial, Sovereign Bank, TATA AIG Insurance, HP, Hyperion, Embarcadero Technologies, Getty Images, IBM, Legato, Veritas, Novell

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