Friday, February 03, 2006

OpSource SaaS ISV Incubator Opsource, the SaaS enabler, has established an incubator for ISVs who wish to offer their software as a service.

The SaaS Incubator program enables fledgling Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to expose their on-demand software applications to users and the venture capital community at ZERO COST and ZERO RISK. - allowing the application to "incubate" in a secure, reliable, robust SaaS environment, free of charge for a six-month incubation period.

The SaaS Incubator is designed to help companies in the initial months build a solid customer base in preparation for launching production-ready software. While in the incubator, ISVs can immediately begin delivering beta versions of their on-demand solutions to end users, while courting potential investors for the next growth phase. At the end of the incubator period, OpSource will work with participants to ease the transition from the incubator to OpSource's Optimal On-Demand, a complete, market-proven, scalable SaaS delivery solution that features full managed services, application management, a 24x7 call center under the ISV's brand and OpSource's unique Success-Based Pricingsm model.

If you are an ISV with an application you'd like to deliver using the SaaS model but lack the expertise for building and maintaining the necessary hosting infrastructure, or you would like to demonstrate your application to Venture Capitalist in pursuit of funding, you're a candidate for the SaaS Incubator Program.

Key Benefits

* Exposure to users and Venture Capital community
* Delivery of your application from a proven, robust, and reliable infrastructure including:
o Hosting from a Tier 1 facility including redundant power and HVAC
o On-site security manned 24x7x365
o Data backups performed nightly
o Highly secure and robust network that is monitored and maintained 24x7x365 by network professionals
o 1 Secure Socket Layer certificate
o Up to 3 publicly addressable IPs
o Up to 2 client-to-site VPN accounts
* Access to the OpSource SaaS ecosystem, comprised of the leading SaaS software vendors, enablement partners, and investors who can help your business grow
* Access to system monitoring tools 24x7x365
* Access to the SaaS Resource Center where you will find powerful business tools and new sources of information
* Access to the OpSource Customer Call Center (C3) 24x7x365
* Access to the OpSource automated run book for integration and project management tracking
* Access to the OpSource OptiView web portal for trouble ticket reporting and tracking
* Use of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or MySQL on Red Hat Linux

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