Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Niku Clarity - Run IT and Innovation like a Business (a CA product) Niku Corporation is the leader in IT Management and Governance (IT-MG) solutions. More than 400,000 Clarity users at industry leaders such as Avon, BT, Cesky Mobile, Columbia House, Harrah's Entertainment, HSBC, Kas Bank, Manpower, Mueller Milch, Nissan, Philips, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, SingTel Optus, Skandia UK Group, and Unilever depend on Niku software to maximize their Return on IT. Niku is a publicly held company with a global presence.

Control and Predictability Through Clarity from Niku
Global 2000 enterprises are managed through a complex series of projects, programs and initiatives. This has long been evident in IT, the department that is the largest user of Niku systems. It is also true in New Product Development and Professional Services, each of which is also a significant user of Niku systems. These groups all share a need to comprehensively manage their initiatives as a portfolio and to have visibility into the objectives, cost and ROI within the portfolio. In short, they need to achieve control and predictability in the projects, programs, and initiatives they are managing. Today's tight economy makes these needs all the more pressing, when cost reductions depend on the portfolio control that Clarity from Niku makes possible.

Customer Leadership
The largest and most sophisticated customers in the world have deployed Niku systems throughout their enterprises. Today there are more than 400,000 users of Niku products. Clarity, formerly Niku 6, alone has more than 250,000 users at more than 300 companies throughout the world. The fact that broad deployments at customers like Avon, BT, Cesky Mobile, Columbia House, Harrah's Entertainment, HSBC, Kas Bank, Manpower, Mueller Milch, Nissan, Philips, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, SingTel Optus, and Unilever have been successful isn't luck. It is a combination of a proven enterprise class, scalable product, comprehensive services offerings, and an obsessive focus on customer satisfaction at every stage of the implementation process.

Functional Leadership
Clarity contains the broadest, deepest, most seamlessly integrated functionality of any IT Management and Governance system. It combines more than 16 years and hundreds of millions of dollars of product development in the areas of collaboration, project, portfolio and financial management. Its project management capabilities are second to none, yet it doesn't rigidly force the project management paradigm on every initiative. Its portfolio planning extends to applications, products and projects, making the system much more than a project portfolio management system. Its financial management makes charge-backs, billing and SOP 98-1 reporting simple and transparent. It supports bottoms up project and program management and top down portfolio analysis and management. And it does it as one logically constructed seamless system, built atop a unified and pure web services architecture.

Technical Leadership
Clarity, which is version 7 of the product formerly known as Niku 6, was released in March 2004 and is the first advanced IT Management and Governance solution. Niku 6, released in October 2001, was the first IT Management system to ship in a web native architecture. Version 6.1, released in April 2003, raises the bar again. Clarity's G2000 Architecture has been recognized by industry analysts as a leader in the field. Its ultra-thin web clients require no plug-ins and work smoothly over WANs and dial ups. Its sophisticated XML integration capabilities easily mesh with every enterprise and desktop system. Its true open platform architectural components make for easy support and low cost deployments. And its enterprise class scalability and security supports tens of thousands of users.

Company History
Niku Corporation was founded in November 1997 and went public in February 2000.

Employees and Operations
Niku has approximately 250 employees. Approximately 60 employees are involved in product development, while approximately 60 are involved in service and support. The Company is headquartered in Redwood City, California, where primary product development operations are also located. Niku has 16 field offices across six countries.

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