Thursday, February 23, 2006

Projity - Manage Projects, not Software Project-ON-Demand: The first functionally equivalent On-Demand solution to Microsoft Project.

Projity was formed in 2003 to create a complete hosted/On-Demand replacement of Microsoft Project. Projity was co-founded by long time executives of the software industry. Founders Marc O'Brien, Howard Katz and Laurent Chretienneau have collectively been leaders in the project management software industry for over 30 years. The Projity personnel have a history pioneering innovations in the project management software market. Our team has contributed heavily in many of the industries innovations including:

* Mainframe Project Management software (IBM 3090's)
* Developed InfoWorld's 'Product of the Year'
* Released First Web-Based PM software
* Hosted First ASP PM software

The Projity lineage is important. We have the vision and domain expertise to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. Project-ON-Demand is the first functionally equivalent solution that is hosted, multi-platform and available on a monthly subscription. Project-ON-Demand is currently in beta testing with over 150 companies participating from all over the world. There is a tremendous advantage for these companies. They no longer need to purchase, install, upgrade and support expensive software implementations. A simple monthly subscription, self-installing, hosted software that is available immediately for teams located anywhere in the world. That is a good thing for our customers.

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