Monday, February 27, 2006

iNetOffice - A Microsoft programmer creates Office for SaaS iNetOffice, Inc. designs and develops Internet-based document editing solutions: delivering the benefits of hosted solutions without compromising functionality, ease-of-use, or responsiveness.

A leading Seattle area software development specialist has relaunched operations under a new name, iNetOffice Inc. Formerly known as ForwardCenter, iNetOffice concentrates on development of online office applications.

“Our new name captures our focus as creators of applications for the Web,” said Tom Snyder, founder and principal of iNetOffice. “As online functionality becomes even more critical to both commerce and consumers, we intend to be on the leading edge, offering clients hosted apps with desktop-like speed and functionality.”

iNetOffice’s keystone product is iNetWord, a powerful new browser-based online editor that allows users to create and update documents of all types, and then publish them to the web with a single click. Unlike expensive desktop programs that require purchasing, installation and training to successfully deploy, iNetWord is intuitive, easy-to-learn and familiar to users of the most popular desktop editing programs.

iNetWord runs immediately as a user visits a site, Snyder noted. There is no downloading, no installing and no configuration or other barriers. “Users begin using the program without even realizing it,” he said.

As the industry’s only fully functional, browser-based word processor. iNetWord has the capabilities and user interface customers expect. By using Ajax/Web 2.0 technology, iNetWord functions like an application to deliver a familiar and responsive editing experience, plus the convenience, ease-of-use and lower TCO of hosted systems. With its powerful editing capabilities, iNetWord is poised to empower and enhance virtually any hosted application. As the industry moves towards the SaaS model, Ajax-based hosted apps such as iNetWord will be positioned to meet the demand for speed and responsiveness.

Launched in 2003 by former Microsoft programmer Tom Snyder, iNetOffice is a Kirkland, Wash.-based technology innovator and software solutions developer. iNetOffice is positioned to accelerate the software industry’s evolution away from desktop-based applications towards hosted, SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. The company’s vision is to deliver online office apps with the lower overall costs, ease of use and rapid deployment of SaaS software without compromising program capabilities or requiring extensive user training.

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