Monday, February 06, 2006

iCentera - On Demand Communications Portals Founded in 2003, iCentera has modeled the icSuite after the business processes and real case scenarios of marketing, sales, and service organizations. The icSuite provides absolute content management and customizable private websites to encourage collaboration so your teams can work together, become more effective, and never miss an opportunity.

Companies today have reached a new era in marketing, selling, and client support. Longer sales cycles, fewer resources, information overload, and constantly evolving products and markets have made it necessary for entire organizations to communicate more effectively. To drive communication 24/7, you need to effectively communicate with any audience, anytime, anywhere.

Built in the field by sales, marketing, and service professionals, the icSuite has evolved over 12 years in order to bring to the enterprise the first completely hosted on-demand communication portals service. Our unique approach enables Dynamic Intelligence Delivery (DID), which is:

* the capture of live, actionable intelligence that exists in every business or organization
* the rapid delivery of that information, both internally (to sales, marketing, and executive team members) and externally to partners, customers, and prospects
* the ability to do this in a matter of minutes, rather than days, weeks or months.

Imagine bringing the expertise of your entire organization to every client communication. Now imagine bringing this knowledge and capability together and delivering it globally, to everyone who needs it, including partners and customers, in less than 8 hours.

iCentera on-demand communication portals are changing the way businesses communicate. Shouldn't your business be changing?

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