Wednesday, February 08, 2006

WebExpenses - Online Expense Reporting WebExpenses is the leading provider of expenses solutions for small, mid-sized and multi-entity organisations.

Implementations can range from companies with a single user to those with several thousand users across the world, in industries as diverse as consultancy, consumer goods, financial services, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, IT, recruitment and telecommunications.

A unique approach to expenses software
A key factor differentiating our products from those of competitors is that they can be configured and implemented immediately, thus delivering a high and rapid return on investment.

We believe that the cost reduction benefits of lower travel and entertainment spend and reduced processing costs are considerable. However, in contrast to other expense claim automation providers, we believe that achieving these cost savings should not require a lengthy and costly system implementation.

WebExpenses minimises implementation costs as follows:

• Our applications allow for immediate implementation with a flexible configuration handled remotely by an experienced team. There is no requirement for our implementation staff to visit a customer's location.

• Our user interface allows employees to create and submit expenses with a minimum of formal training. In fact, the WebExpenses user manual has been condensed to a single postcard-sized document.

As a result, our customers achieve a rapid implementation, immediate cost savings and a very high return on investment.

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