Thursday, February 02, 2006

SAP - CRM On Demand based on MySAP

CRM from SAP SAP finally announces, and competes with, Siebel CRM On Demand and other CRM related SaaS offerings.

Introducing the SAP Customer Relationship Management on-demand solution -- an easy-to-use, hosted, Web-based solution built on the same architectural platform as the market-leading mySAP Customer Relationship Management solution. With multiple CRM deployment options, only SAP addresses the varying needs of your entire sales organization and -- as your business needs evolve -- provides a seamless migration path from on-demand CRM to on-premise CRM. Whatever your CRM needs -- SAP has the solution.

Only SAP:

* Provides easy-to-use CRM functionality and high, long-term adoption rates -- The SAP CRM on-demand solution has a new, intuitive user interface that seamlessly aligns with mySAP CRM -- so as your strategies evolve, your sales teams require no additional training.
* Delivers immediate value and supports strategic growth without disruption -- The SAP CRM on-demand solution enables you to quickly address key business issues and expand your solution when the need arises -- realizing a tangible return on investment at each step.
* Addresses your organizational need for flexibility -- With multiple CRM deployment options, SAP now enables your organization to meet the varying needs of all its sales divisions by providing the flexibility to deploy the right solution to the right teams.

With the SAP CRM on-demand solution, you can confidently make CRM an integral driver of your overall business strategy.

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