Friday, February 24, 2006

Portal Software - Revenue Mgt for Telco (and Saas?) Will telecommunications administration systems find a path to Saas?

Portal is the leading worldwide provider of billing and Revenue Management solutions for the global communications and media markets. The company delivers the only platform for the end-to-end management of customer revenue across offerings, channels, and geographies. Portal’s solutions enable companies to dramatically accelerate the launch of innovative, profit-rich services while significantly reducing the costs associated with legacy billing systems. Portal is the Revenue Management partner of choice to the world’s leading service providers.

From Billing to Revenue Management

In today’s hyper-competitive and rapidly converging market, service providers are plagued by deteriorating margins, revenue leakage, customer churn and burgeoning costs. Until now, the delivery of new revenue-generating services, creative service bundles and customized billing packages has been constrained by rigid and inefficient legacy billing systems. Portal is helping service providers stay ahead of the market and ensuring that innovation is rewarded by transforming billing from a passive, back-office function into an active, end-to-end, strategic revenue management solution that spans the Revenue Management Lifecycle.

What is the Revenue Management Lifecycle?

Portal’s Revenue Management Lifecycle represents a closed-loop process for generating, capturing, collecting and analyzing revenue that provides complete insight into the revenue relationships customers have with the service provider.

* Revenue Generation enables optimally priced services to be delivered to customers
* Revenue Capture transforms customer transactions into revenue, ensuring they are captured, rated and/or discounted to enhance bottom-line profits
* Revenue Collection ensures all bills and invoices are accurately generated and that the appropriate customer revenues are collected
* Revenue Analysis delivers real-time verification, reporting and analysis and control, maximizing revenue and minimizing leakage

Portal 7: A Converged Revenue Management Platform

Portal 7 is the world’s only convergent Revenue Management solution, a single platform that enables service providers to manage revenue on any type of network: real-time IP and circuit-switched, fixed and mobile, voice and data. The Portal 7 platform extends beyond the functionality of traditional billing systems, integrating and optimizing every stage of the Revenue Management Lifecycle. With Portal 7, service providers are able to deliver services that are optimally priced for their businesses, customers and partners. Portal 7 ensures all transactions are captured, rated, discounted and charged; that bills are generated accurately, and that revenues are collected. Further, the platform’s open architecture was built to integrate with leading enterprise CRM and ERP solutions.

Portal 7’s unrivaled flexibility and capabilities enable service providers to:

* Accelerate time-to-market of differentiated services and service bundles;
* Configure new services, pricing and business models with little or no coding;
* Connect in real time to value-add partners;
* Proactively identify and care for premier customers;
* Offer intuitive and personalized pricing;
* Promote differentiated service bundles and encourage service “sampling”
* Analyze and model customers, services, and revenues;
* Verify, report, analyze and control all customer events and actions in real time;
* Automate revenue assurance processes and audits of all transactions and procedures.


Portal has partnered with the industry’s leading hardware and software vendors to create optimal technology environments, as well as provide seamless integration with enterprise software. Portal has partnerships with Accenture, Cap Gemini, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, SAP, Siebel Systems, Siemens and Sun Microsystems.

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