Monday, February 20, 2006

Hot Banana - Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite Hot Banana was founded in 1999 by a team of Web and Internet marketing experts whose combined experience has directly contributed to the rapid growth of Hot Banana, making it a leading North American Web Content Management System (CMS) company. With over six years of development, client user experience and solid growth in market share, Hot Banana Software Inc. and its Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite have rapidly become a leader in the Web content management market.

Hot Banana On Demand, or Software as a Service (SaaS) is a subscription based version of the Hot Banana Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite and has all the regular functionality of our licensed software version, except we host it for you - On Demand.

One of the biggest advantages of our On-Demand model is our ability to keep our applications and customers on the competitive edge by offering continuous upgrades and innovations to existing customers and rapid deployment to prospective customers.

There is no need to make a large or risky upfront investment in software, no additional hardware, desktop plugins, extensive implementation services, and additional IT staff. As a result, Hot Banana On Demand enables businesses to achieve higher productivity and a lower total cost of ownership for, their Hot Banana solution.

Hot Banana On Demand is delivered to you as a hosted service over the Internet using the high quality Hot Banana Hosting Center which has a secure, proprietary, scalable application and system architecture, which allows us to concurrently serve a large number of customers and to efficiently distribute the workload across our network of servers. You therefore avoid expensive, up-front hardware expenses and software license fees, and realize lower administration costs compared to traditional software licensing alternatives.
Our Solution

Key advantages of subscribing to Hot Banana On Demand include:

Rapid deployment

Hot Banana On Demand can be deployed rapidly and provisioned easily, since you do not have to spend time installing or maintaining the servers, networking equipment, security products or other infrastructure hardware and software necessary to ensure a scalable and reliable service. The average time that a customer requires to deploy Hot Banana On Demand is significantly shorter than typical, traditional Web CMS software deployment. We also offer professional services to assist you in rapidly deploying and optimizing the use of Hot Banana.

Enable high levels of user adoption

We have designed Hot Banana On Demand to be easy-to-use and intuitive. Since Hot Banana contains many modules and features recognizable to users of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Internet Explorer, it has a more familiar interface than many typical Web CMS applications. As a result, you do not require substantial training on how to use and benefit from Hot Banana. In fact, we can guarantee to get you up and running quickly so you can enjoy the ROI from Hot Banana as soon as possible. Additionally users are more likely to keep using Hot Banana as it is simple and easy to use.
Lower total cost of ownership

Hot Banana On Demand can achieve significant savings relative to the traditional licensed software model, which Hot Banana also offers to those companies needing privacy of their data. Hot Banana On Demand enables you to take total control of your Internet marketing activities, Web content and marketing processes without having to make large and risky upfront investments in software, hardware, implementation services and additional IT staff. In addition, because all upgrades are implemented by us on our Hot Banana servers they automatically become part of our service and therefore you benefit from our new technology improvements immediately.
Extensive features, functionality and configurability

Not only do we offer a comprehensive array of Web CMS features that meet the Web site needs of businesses of any size, our Hot Banana Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite also supports the key functional area of marketing. We offer additional marketing functionality such as Search Engine Optimization - SEO, Internet marketing modules such as email marketing, newsletter development and distribution, press release (SEO friendly of course) distribution, subscription manager, RSS feeds, Blog Manager, landing pages and Micro Marketing Sites, all of which enable professional marketers to centralize the creation, acquisition, conversion and retention process.

Furthermore, Hot Banana is the only CMS that has fully integrated WebTrends 7.5 Web Analytics, the market share leader WebTrends. All aspects of Web site visitor analytics are therefore available to Hot Banana On Demand users via WebTrends 7.5 with considerable advancements in adoption speed and usability over WebTrends' own interface.

Finally, Hot Banana is highly configurable in a short amount of time, enabling Hot Banana clients to tailor Web site appearance, branding, policy settings, languages, workflow patterns, reports and other characteristics without the use of significant IT resources or Web consultants.

Secure, scalable and reliable delivery platform

The delivery platform for Hot Banana On Demand has been designed to provide you with high levels of reliability, performance and security. The IT systems within our Hot Banana data center have fail-over redundancy. We have built and continue to invest in a comprehensive security infrastructure, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems and encryption for transmissions over the Internet, which we monitor and test on a regular basis. We built and maintain an architecture that has been designed to enable Hot Banana On Demand to scale securely, reliably and cost-effectively to tens of thousands of customers and potentially millions of users. Hot Banana On Demand also enables us to segment access privileges, passwords and approval processes across your user base.

Ease of integration

The Hot Banana On Demand platform has been built from the ground up using W3C compliant standards and can therefore be easily integrated with existing corporate applications quickly and seamlessly. Hot Banana On Demand is a platform that provides a set of application programming interfaces, or APIs, that enable the integration Hot Banana On Demand with existing third-party, custom and legacy applications, or write their own applications that integrate with Hot Banana. This is a custom service that is provided by a Hot Banana Channel Partner or, directly from us using our Hot Banana Professional Services Team.

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