Friday, February 24, 2006

OrderMotion and Mercent - Amazon merchants solutions

Mercent, the single solution for online retail merchandising and OrderMotion, the leading provider of commerce infrastructure solutions for multi-channel retailers, today announced the availability of a combined retailing platform that facilitates merchant integration with Amazon. The solution provides merchants with centralized order management and fulfillment and makes merchandise immediately visible to millions of Amazon customers.

New Customers

The companies also announced three joint clients utilizing the merchant solution to sell products on Amazon. These customers include Only The Best, Inc. which operates Popeil Family Store (, sellers of the popular Ronco Showtime Rotisserie and thousands of other kitchen and homecare products; Theme Gifts, Inc., which operates several popular sites including Zaccardi's (; and Garden Hardware Co. ( These online retailers selected the Mercent-OrderMotion solution to streamline and automate their order management and fulfillment operations while capitalizing on the tremendous potential of online marketing channels including Amazon.

"We're excited to expand our online retail business through this relationship with OrderMotion and Mercent," said Lou Zaccardi, CEO of Theme Gifts, Inc. "We're facilitating the growth of our business by adopting this integrated solution."

Benefits for Amazon Sellers

OrderMotion is an on-demand, Web-accessible order-and-fulfillment-management system that spans all direct commerce channels. It centralizes and automates direct marketing back-office operations, including multi-channel order capture, fulfillment, inventory management, payment processing, database management and real-time reporting. The open architecture and direct marketing foundation of OrderMotion opens the doors to leveraging customer data in new and innovative ways to build top line revenues, while its ASP model provides secure scalability without hardware or software overhead, building bottom line profits.

Mercent's on-demand service, Mercent Retail, offers online retailers control over product merchandising and promotions within data-feed marketing channels, comparison shopping portals, online marketplaces, and affiliate programs - and the ability to measure online advertising performance across these channels by key retail metrics such as per-product gross margins. With Mercent Retail, OrderMotion customers can easily promote the right products with the right offers in the right online channels. The system processes order transactions occurring on Amazon and twenty other online marketing channels.

"This best of breed alliance combines the strengths of OrderMotion and Mercent to maximize merchant profits," said Niels Christensen, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of OrderMotion. "OrderMotion clients can now leverage the power of Mercent Retail to extend their brands further than ever before."

Technical Highlights

The combined OrderMotion-Mercent solution manages the transformation, validation and transport of all data relevant to merchandising and selling on Amazon, and the scheduling and orchestration of Amazon-related two-way data feeds; it logs all product, inventory, order and financial data to provide data consolidation, support failover, recovery and business metrics reporting; it compresses and batches data to support extremely large data payloads and provides automated notification for IT support. XML feeds are generated, validated, batched, scheduled, either posted or streamed, and acknowledgment-confirmed. The service supports more than 1 million daily messages and supports product catalogs in excess of 250,000 SKUs.

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