Monday, February 27, 2006

iNetOffice - A Microsoft programmer creates Office for SaaS iNetOffice, Inc. designs and develops Internet-based document editing solutions: delivering the benefits of hosted solutions without compromising functionality, ease-of-use, or responsiveness.

A leading Seattle area software development specialist has relaunched operations under a new name, iNetOffice Inc. Formerly known as ForwardCenter, iNetOffice concentrates on development of online office applications.

“Our new name captures our focus as creators of applications for the Web,” said Tom Snyder, founder and principal of iNetOffice. “As online functionality becomes even more critical to both commerce and consumers, we intend to be on the leading edge, offering clients hosted apps with desktop-like speed and functionality.”

iNetOffice’s keystone product is iNetWord, a powerful new browser-based online editor that allows users to create and update documents of all types, and then publish them to the web with a single click. Unlike expensive desktop programs that require purchasing, installation and training to successfully deploy, iNetWord is intuitive, easy-to-learn and familiar to users of the most popular desktop editing programs.

iNetWord runs immediately as a user visits a site, Snyder noted. There is no downloading, no installing and no configuration or other barriers. “Users begin using the program without even realizing it,” he said.

As the industry’s only fully functional, browser-based word processor. iNetWord has the capabilities and user interface customers expect. By using Ajax/Web 2.0 technology, iNetWord functions like an application to deliver a familiar and responsive editing experience, plus the convenience, ease-of-use and lower TCO of hosted systems. With its powerful editing capabilities, iNetWord is poised to empower and enhance virtually any hosted application. As the industry moves towards the SaaS model, Ajax-based hosted apps such as iNetWord will be positioned to meet the demand for speed and responsiveness.

Launched in 2003 by former Microsoft programmer Tom Snyder, iNetOffice is a Kirkland, Wash.-based technology innovator and software solutions developer. iNetOffice is positioned to accelerate the software industry’s evolution away from desktop-based applications towards hosted, SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. The company’s vision is to deliver online office apps with the lower overall costs, ease of use and rapid deployment of SaaS software without compromising program capabilities or requiring extensive user training.

Friday, February 24, 2006

OrderMotion and Mercent - Amazon merchants solutions

Mercent, the single solution for online retail merchandising and OrderMotion, the leading provider of commerce infrastructure solutions for multi-channel retailers, today announced the availability of a combined retailing platform that facilitates merchant integration with Amazon. The solution provides merchants with centralized order management and fulfillment and makes merchandise immediately visible to millions of Amazon customers.

New Customers

The companies also announced three joint clients utilizing the merchant solution to sell products on Amazon. These customers include Only The Best, Inc. which operates Popeil Family Store (, sellers of the popular Ronco Showtime Rotisserie and thousands of other kitchen and homecare products; Theme Gifts, Inc., which operates several popular sites including Zaccardi's (; and Garden Hardware Co. ( These online retailers selected the Mercent-OrderMotion solution to streamline and automate their order management and fulfillment operations while capitalizing on the tremendous potential of online marketing channels including Amazon.

"We're excited to expand our online retail business through this relationship with OrderMotion and Mercent," said Lou Zaccardi, CEO of Theme Gifts, Inc. "We're facilitating the growth of our business by adopting this integrated solution."

Benefits for Amazon Sellers

OrderMotion is an on-demand, Web-accessible order-and-fulfillment-management system that spans all direct commerce channels. It centralizes and automates direct marketing back-office operations, including multi-channel order capture, fulfillment, inventory management, payment processing, database management and real-time reporting. The open architecture and direct marketing foundation of OrderMotion opens the doors to leveraging customer data in new and innovative ways to build top line revenues, while its ASP model provides secure scalability without hardware or software overhead, building bottom line profits.

Mercent's on-demand service, Mercent Retail, offers online retailers control over product merchandising and promotions within data-feed marketing channels, comparison shopping portals, online marketplaces, and affiliate programs - and the ability to measure online advertising performance across these channels by key retail metrics such as per-product gross margins. With Mercent Retail, OrderMotion customers can easily promote the right products with the right offers in the right online channels. The system processes order transactions occurring on Amazon and twenty other online marketing channels.

"This best of breed alliance combines the strengths of OrderMotion and Mercent to maximize merchant profits," said Niels Christensen, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of OrderMotion. "OrderMotion clients can now leverage the power of Mercent Retail to extend their brands further than ever before."

Technical Highlights

The combined OrderMotion-Mercent solution manages the transformation, validation and transport of all data relevant to merchandising and selling on Amazon, and the scheduling and orchestration of Amazon-related two-way data feeds; it logs all product, inventory, order and financial data to provide data consolidation, support failover, recovery and business metrics reporting; it compresses and batches data to support extremely large data payloads and provides automated notification for IT support. XML feeds are generated, validated, batched, scheduled, either posted or streamed, and acknowledgment-confirmed. The service supports more than 1 million daily messages and supports product catalogs in excess of 250,000 SKUs.

Syntricity - Enterprise Yield Management Syntricity is the pioneer in enterprise yield management (EYM) for semiconductor manufacturers. Its yield management software, dataConductorEP, is an easy-to-use, broadly accessible EYM solution that interactively answers yield questions from executives to managers to engineers. dataConductorEP is used by leading semiconductor manufacturers to gather, manage and analyze data from facilities around the world to improve yield, reduce product development cycles, and increase profits.

The company expects higher growth for 2006, fueled by demand for Syntricity’s Software as a Service (SAAS) delivery model, called Syntricity expects its SAAS offering, which allows manufacturers to access, manage, and analyze yield data from facilities around the world, to grow more than 50% in 2006., hosted and administered by Syntricity, captures and integrates a customer's information by continuously monitoring its global supply chain, placing data in a centralized warehouse, and providing access via a Web interface to various levels of management. The system generates daily yield reports and other information needed by engineering, operations, and management to make decisions about process and product yield.

SAAS-delivered software, also known as on-demand or hosted software, is a growing trend because companies can start using the software immediately while avoiding infrastructure and ongoing administrative expenses. By 2010, Gartner analysts predict that 30 percent of software revenue will be derived from SAAS delivery.

“Our SAAS option enables companies to quickly implement an enterprise yield management solution without the capital investment and overhead costs associated with a traditionally installed application,” said Marc Friedmann, president of Syntricity. “We anticipate growing demand for due to cost savings and ease of implementation.”

Lexis Nexis and NetDocuments - Hosted Document, Email and Records Management Services

LexisNexis and NetDocuments Join Forces to Offer Hosted Document, Email and Records Management Services to the Legal Market

LexisNexis U.S. announced an alliance with NetDocuments, a hosted document services provider, to exclusively offer the NetDocuments service to its law firm and corporate legal customers as a new component of LexisNexis(R) Managed Network Services. LexisNexis is a leading provider of information and services solutions.

The LexisNexis alliance with NetDocuments is the most recent addition to the LexisNexis collection of practice management products and services, and further supports the LexisNexis Total Practice Solutions strategy. Total Practice Solutions help legal professionals achieve excellence in both the business and practice of law by providing better tools to increase productivity, profitability and growth. LexisNexis offerings are designed for the way legal professionals work, in all of the areas essential to their success, including Client Development, Research Solutions, Practice Management and Litigation Services.

The alliance will facilitate deep integration between NetDocuments' innovative document management capabilities and other LexisNexis solutions, including LexisNexis(R) Total Search. LexisNexis Total Search, the award-winning integrated search tool designed to make practitioners more efficient and effective, applies the precision of LexisNexis searching capabilities and the exclusive authority of Shepard's(R) Citations Service to a law firm's internal document collections with deep links back to the LexisNexis(R) services.

Today's announcement includes several additional law firms who have committed to the NetDocuments(R) service, including Kennedy Covington Lobdell & Hickman, LLP, and Armstrong Allen, PLLC. These firms will migrate their existing document management environment to the LexisNexis hosted NetDocuments service and join existing NetDocuments customers, such as Dorsey & Whitney LLP, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP, and Kutak Rock LLP.

Designed and developed as an on-demand document service for the Web, the NetDocuments service is the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering for documents. The alliance between LexisNexis and NetDocuments will offer law firms of all sizes a fully-featured document and email management service with built-in extranet capability, disaster recovery, archival and records management services. The NetDocuments' patented and scalable technology provides a centralized repository for documents, emails and records where law firms can have a single-repository "one firm view" across geographically dispersed offices and access information from any Internet-connected device, including Blackberry(R) and Outlook(R).

Managed from two redundant world-class hosting data centers, including the LexisNexis data centers, the NetDocuments SaaS model delivers enhancements to customers faster, is more reliable than traditional software, reduces ownership costs, includes business continuity, provides automatic backups and redundancy, and eliminates the need for product upgrades and maintenance rollouts.

Curt Meltzer, CIO of multinational Dorsey & Whitney, states, "It is gratifying to see NetDocuments and the SaaS model recognized by LexisNexis and other law firms as the technology leader in document management services. In the three plus years of using NetDocuments, we are very pleased with its functionality and overall value that it provides a firm of our size."

Jamie Booth, CIO of Hunton & Williams, commented on the trend of hosted document management solutions: "Having a centralized and hosted repository for a firm's documents provides lawyers with extremely efficient access wherever they work. This new alliance between LexisNexis and NetDocuments creates a credible and strategic document management system alternative for firms of all sizes."

Mike Walsh, senior vice president of Large Law, LexisNexis, said, "As part of our Total Practice Solution, LexisNexis provides customers with world-class hosting services, including document services. NetDocuments offers the perfect complement to our existing hosting and business continuity services - LexisNexis Managed Network Services - by adding applications that can be delivered as services and further help our customers reduce IT costs, optimize time and resources, and minimize risks."

According to Kenneth Duncan, CEO, NetDocuments, "This alliance further solidifies the leadership of LexisNexis foreseeing the trends towards on-demand computing. Document and email management are the most pervasive front-office applications in a law firm and now within a hosted model, they become a platform for additional applications and tools that will transform the way attorneys work on their documents and communicate with their clients."

Portal Software - Revenue Mgt for Telco (and Saas?) Will telecommunications administration systems find a path to Saas?

Portal is the leading worldwide provider of billing and Revenue Management solutions for the global communications and media markets. The company delivers the only platform for the end-to-end management of customer revenue across offerings, channels, and geographies. Portal’s solutions enable companies to dramatically accelerate the launch of innovative, profit-rich services while significantly reducing the costs associated with legacy billing systems. Portal is the Revenue Management partner of choice to the world’s leading service providers.

From Billing to Revenue Management

In today’s hyper-competitive and rapidly converging market, service providers are plagued by deteriorating margins, revenue leakage, customer churn and burgeoning costs. Until now, the delivery of new revenue-generating services, creative service bundles and customized billing packages has been constrained by rigid and inefficient legacy billing systems. Portal is helping service providers stay ahead of the market and ensuring that innovation is rewarded by transforming billing from a passive, back-office function into an active, end-to-end, strategic revenue management solution that spans the Revenue Management Lifecycle.

What is the Revenue Management Lifecycle?

Portal’s Revenue Management Lifecycle represents a closed-loop process for generating, capturing, collecting and analyzing revenue that provides complete insight into the revenue relationships customers have with the service provider.

* Revenue Generation enables optimally priced services to be delivered to customers
* Revenue Capture transforms customer transactions into revenue, ensuring they are captured, rated and/or discounted to enhance bottom-line profits
* Revenue Collection ensures all bills and invoices are accurately generated and that the appropriate customer revenues are collected
* Revenue Analysis delivers real-time verification, reporting and analysis and control, maximizing revenue and minimizing leakage

Portal 7: A Converged Revenue Management Platform

Portal 7 is the world’s only convergent Revenue Management solution, a single platform that enables service providers to manage revenue on any type of network: real-time IP and circuit-switched, fixed and mobile, voice and data. The Portal 7 platform extends beyond the functionality of traditional billing systems, integrating and optimizing every stage of the Revenue Management Lifecycle. With Portal 7, service providers are able to deliver services that are optimally priced for their businesses, customers and partners. Portal 7 ensures all transactions are captured, rated, discounted and charged; that bills are generated accurately, and that revenues are collected. Further, the platform’s open architecture was built to integrate with leading enterprise CRM and ERP solutions.

Portal 7’s unrivaled flexibility and capabilities enable service providers to:

* Accelerate time-to-market of differentiated services and service bundles;
* Configure new services, pricing and business models with little or no coding;
* Connect in real time to value-add partners;
* Proactively identify and care for premier customers;
* Offer intuitive and personalized pricing;
* Promote differentiated service bundles and encourage service “sampling”
* Analyze and model customers, services, and revenues;
* Verify, report, analyze and control all customer events and actions in real time;
* Automate revenue assurance processes and audits of all transactions and procedures.


Portal has partnered with the industry’s leading hardware and software vendors to create optimal technology environments, as well as provide seamless integration with enterprise software. Portal has partnerships with Accenture, Cap Gemini, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, SAP, Siebel Systems, Siemens and Sun Microsystems.

RagingWire - Engineered for the Enterprise RagingWire Enterprise Solutions (RES) provides extensible IT services and solutions that are specifically engineered for Fortune 1000 customers. Our strategic focus is to deliver selective sourcing alternatives to enterprise customers looking to extend their IT capabilities, without abdicating control.

RES’ rich portfolio of services and solutions include everything from Data Center Operations to complete Service Management & Administration to fully managed application solutions (e.g. SAP, BANN, Remedy, Oracle Financials, etc). We enable our clients to reduce their operating costs, enhance IT service delivery, focus on core competencies, and realign resources to strategic business initiatives.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

SmartFundit - Software financing marketplace The experience garnered in those 13 years during which time we have delivered innovative software financing solutions to some of the World’s largest organisations and have ourselves invested in software companies striving to make their mark using a subscription licensing model; uniquely qualifies us as experts in software financing targeted at software companies and the companies that buy their software.

We have developed and nurtured a talented and unrivalled executive board whose skills and experience are the foundation of, described by global analysts as the World’s First Independent Software Financing Marketplace.

As the world’s only open marketplace that brings together the top banks from around the world that are interested in financing customers’ procurement of software,’s portal and the software on which it is based, have been developed by software industry experts. Our heritage is not simply financing; it is software and software industry financing.

Our mission is to continue to grow this leadership position as the World’s only independent software financing marketplace and to boost our reach to embrace the widest range of banks, financing companies and suppliers to support a software financing marketplace anywhere in the world."

Virtual Edge - The Enterprise Staffing Software Company VirtualEdge is a worldwide leader in Enterprise Staffing Software that is 100 percent purpose-built to deliver the breakthrough solutions to transform the way you work. Offering the world’s smartest, most intuitive and fully personalized platform for performance, our software enables power staffing professionals to significantly improve productivity, build and retain a high-quality workforce and fundamentally impact the overall capital of the business.

ClickCommerce - Solutions for the extended enterprise Click Commerce is a leading provider of on-demand supply chain management solutions, enables millions of users in 70 countries to collaborate, in real time, with business partners across the extended enterprise. Click Commerce solutions support the unique business processes of multiple industry segments such as manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and high-tech. Click Commerce enables corporations including Alaska Airlines, BASF, Citibank, Delphi, Eastman Kodak Company, Jabil Global Services, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Pier 1, Ryder, SAP, and Verizon to coordinate and optimize business processes, accelerate revenue, lower costs, and improve customer service.

Projity - Manage Projects, not Software Project-ON-Demand: The first functionally equivalent On-Demand solution to Microsoft Project.

Projity was formed in 2003 to create a complete hosted/On-Demand replacement of Microsoft Project. Projity was co-founded by long time executives of the software industry. Founders Marc O'Brien, Howard Katz and Laurent Chretienneau have collectively been leaders in the project management software industry for over 30 years. The Projity personnel have a history pioneering innovations in the project management software market. Our team has contributed heavily in many of the industries innovations including:

* Mainframe Project Management software (IBM 3090's)
* Developed InfoWorld's 'Product of the Year'
* Released First Web-Based PM software
* Hosted First ASP PM software

The Projity lineage is important. We have the vision and domain expertise to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. Project-ON-Demand is the first functionally equivalent solution that is hosted, multi-platform and available on a monthly subscription. Project-ON-Demand is currently in beta testing with over 150 companies participating from all over the world. There is a tremendous advantage for these companies. They no longer need to purchase, install, upgrade and support expensive software implementations. A simple monthly subscription, self-installing, hosted software that is available immediately for teams located anywhere in the world. That is a good thing for our customers.

Procuri - On Demand Supply Management

www.procuri.comProcuri leads the OnDemand Supply Management industry with a nearly perfect record of customer retention of more than 300 customers of all sizes, industries, geographies and spend categories. Customers include Eastman Kodak, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Newell Rubbermaid, Rio Tinto, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Sun Microsystems.

Why are customers so loyal? Procuri ensures that every customer quickly becomes self sufficient and experiencing real and measurable business performance improvements by leveraging our OnDemand Supply Management solutions and services.

Founded in 1999, Procuri is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our Executive Leadership Team passionately ensures our customers experience the following:

No waiting. Procuri’s OnDemand solutions are instantly available via the most advanced, secure, reliable and scalable Web-based technology. With our Software-as-a-Service approach, there is no software to buy, PCs to be configured, or lengthy installation projects to slow customers down. Team members anywhere in the world can be added by simply emailing the Web address to access Procuri’s solutions over the internet.

No big investments. With Procuri’s annual subscription fee, customers know the costs upfront for unlimited solution usage. While Procuri's OnDemand Supply Management solutions are comprehensive, customers flexibly deploy only the solutions needed today and easily phase in other solutions later.

No outsourcing. There is no need for customers to outsource all their projects when they can quickly leverage and elevate the expertise of their organizations. Procuri designs and delivers services tuned to customers’ unique requirements. Face-to-face, on the telephone or via the Web, Procuri’s experienced professionals train, coach, advise and support customers and suppliers so they have the confidence to move online and be productive immediately.

No software. Procuri’s OnDemand solutions provide tremendous efficiencies and economies of scale that allow rapid, cost-effective and low-risk use of technology without purchasing and installing software and hardware. The result is substantially lower initial costs. Ongoing operating costs are generally half those of installed software.

We deliver the best value in the industry. We began with strategic sourcing solutions for making best-value sourcing decisions to improve bottom-line results. In early 2005 Procuri acquired industry leader Contract Management Solutions, Inc. (CMSI) to provide an end-to-end solution from spend analysis through supplier management, strategic sourcing, contract management and compliance. AberdeenGroup recognized this acquisition moved Procuri into an industry leadership position.

AcquireX - Spend Management ACQUIREX is a leading provider of internet-based Purchasing and Accounts Payable software delivered on-demand. By designing and developing our service to be a low-cost, easy-to-use application that is delivered through a standard Web browser, we substantially reduce many of the traditional expenses and complexities of enterprise software implementations. As a result, our customers incur less risk and lower upfront costs.

ACQUIREX showed us how to leverage our extensive investment in systems and procedures without having to purchase, implement and maintain e-procurement software. We were able to recreate the seamless back-end integration of our previous e-procurement system within weeks, with minimal IT and company resources. Jim Packer. Sealy Inc. Director, Demand Planning

Elance - Buy services online Is this the future for larger services? Over 100,000 entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and managers rely on Elance to do the projects that start, market, and grow their businesses. Elance provides Services and Contractor Management:

* Automate your services and contingent staff purchase process
* Employees find, evaluate, buy, manage, and pay online
* Category managers control spend, process and compliance
* Providers and contractors receive orders, submit and bill electronically
* You gain compliance, improve performance, save up to 20%

Service Now - IT Service Management On Demand Technology as simple as the box it does not come in ... is an On Demand IT Service and Asset Management solution licensed by subscription. The solution is approachable and attractive, integrated and complete.

By taking advantage of ITIL recommendations and the technical benefits of what is being called Web 2.0, we are delivering a solution that is 100% modern in its delivery, price and value. includes the following integrated applications:

ITIL Incident Management Asset Portfolio
ITIL Change Management Service Level Agreement
ITIL Release Management Asset Contracts
ITIL Configuration Management Knowledge Base
ITIL Problem Management Service Catalogs
Employee Self Service Reporting & OLAP
Satisfaction Surveys Call Center

Reachforce - Reach the right person ReachForce offers revolutionary services to help marketing and sales professionals get in front of the right individuals quickly and cost effectively. Using an automated technology platform and worldwide virtual call centers, ReachForce identifies individuals based on roles and responsibilities, not just titles. These role-based custom contacts enable marketers to increase results 20 to 30 times for every dollar spent and sales teams to concentrate on highly qualified prospects resulting in increased sales in less time.

BuildOnline - Collaboration on Demand One of the Net Markets that survived ... BuildOnline is the leading Global provider of On-Demand document management and collaboration software. Our solutions are changing the way that firms share knowledge – both inside their own organisations and externally, with key business partners.

Founded in 1998, BuildOnline brings the benefits of document management and collaboration to those companies that are running projects across distributed offices, teams or partners.

BuildOnline’s products were designed from day one using Internet technologies and are offered On-Demand. Our focus is upon getting companies and their projects up and running in days rather than weeks, saving our clients significant time and money on implementation.

Customers benefiting from BuildOnline’s solutions include Hochtief, BNP Paribas, Balfour Beatty, Skanska, RFF/SNCF, Strabag and OFB, as well as a host of small and mid-sized companies that want the benefits of effectively managed knowledge across multiple offices.

BuildOnline has raised more than $36 million in venture capital from some of the largest and most respected financial institutions in the world including Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Global Retail Partners and Sal Oppenheim.

BuildOnline has offices in England, France, Germany, Austria, India and the US. We now have customers running our software in 6 languages in 19 countries around the world.

BuildOnline’s solutions allow you to start collaborating rapidly without the need to invest in hardware, software or expensive implementations. We enable our customers to better manage corporate knowledge inside their own organizations or with trusted partners. Our biggest deployments are in industries with large physical assets to build and maintain, where individual deployments can consist of thousands of users.

24SevenOffice - Internet Business Systems 24SevenOffice is Europe's leading web based business system and delivers online systems to more than one thousand companies in Europe.

A 100 % web based system means that the system is available through a common web browser, which means that expensive servers and costs for network maintanance are eliminated. Your backup is handled automatical and you don't have to spend time installing or upgrading your software.

24SevenOffice is based on modules, seamless integrated and containing everything a company needs for the daily operation. This includes everything from accounting, invoicing and logitstics to CRM, e-mail, file and document management, groupware calender and project management. The seamless integration between the modules means that expensive software licenses from many suppliers becomes redundant.

Business Objects - Business Intelligence for the Fortune 500 and the Mid Market As many of you are aware, unveiled AppExchange last Fall, which was going to be the "ebay of applications." A key missing ingredient has since been the participation of big name vendors. So finally--a few weeks announced that Adobe Systems, Business Objects, and Skype will begin providing their software via AppExchange.

Business Objects' Crystal Reports XI will generate reports combining information from applications and other data sources, beginning in Q2 of 2006. Granted, this is by no means an overly significant commitment of resources to AppExchange (or SaaS for that matter) by the three vendors, but it's a start.

SmartCompany - From prospects to profits. And more. Microsoft points out that we're already seeing companies like NewsGator and SmartCompany differentiating their offerings based on rich client integration (Outlook) and Grand Central saw the integration problem coming a few years ago (too early for the market). Who is going to really get into the SaaS integration business and solve data access and identity integration problem? Who is going build the platforms for better clients? Because at the end of the day, we use browsers because we have to - not because we want to. So Microsoft believes Windows Vista will be the SaaS client.

Smartcompany: "We switched to SmartCompany from — we get more bang for our buck and the system is much easier to use." Steve Cotton, President, Data Power Monitoring. SmartCompany is a leading provider of hosted CRM software, strategic CRM consulting, and custom CRM development and integration. Our expert team has over 50 years' combined experience designing, building, and deploying mission-critical CRM solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. Our hosted offerings, SmartCompany Corporate and SmartCompany Sales, are compelling examples of our ability to design, build, deploy, and support reliable, enterprise-class CRM products. If your company has CRM needs of any kind, we can help you meet them.

Contrary Evidence

Sam Ramji of the Microsoft Emerging Business Team writes "At last week's IDC Software Leadership Council, opinions on Open Source were not the only surprise. The IT Execs from 4 companies (Manufacturing, Healthcare, Heavy Equipment, and Financial Services) were generally against subscription models for software. As the conversation progressed, two key statements came out:

1. The CIOs did not want to go with subscriptions because if their business grew beyond expectations, they didn't want to pay the software provider more ("Why should we share the upside"?)
2. The CIOs did want providers to reduce pricing if their business failed to grow to expectations

I think this was a case of two things - first, the natural expression of greed (wanting vendors to share the downside but not the upside) - but more importantly, a need for the industry to provide clearer guidance on standard pricing models. There was a clear conflation between value-based pricing and usage-based pricing in the mind of the customers. Additionally, they were concerned that in the long run it would be cheaper to go with perpetual licenses and pay maintenance, dealing with amortization internally, rather than pay a subscription cost which would never go down.

So where do we go from here to advance the understanding of the SaaS industry's offer to CIOs of mainstream companies? Are the doubters right, and will SaaS fail to penetrate large enterprises because of these issues?"

"In his post Contrary Evidence at the SLC, Sam Ramji of the Microsoft Emerging Business Team is surprised by big CIO resistance to SaaS pricing models. No surprise, really, that CIOs want the best of all possible worlds (a ceiling on price with lowering price as appropriate and lowest overall cost).

He makes some good points about confusion surrounding standard (or lack of standard) pricing models and conflation between value-based and usage-based pricing. I certainly agree that pricing models are getting more complex. There is a real need for simplified / standardized pricing as well as licensing agreements. This would be a real help to all types of software vendors.

Back in the Web 1.0 days, my former company Energy Interactive sold SaaS to large energy providers (both vertically-integrated electric utilities and deregulated energy suppliers). Of course, we called ourselves an Application Service Provider (though SaaS is a better term).

At the time we sold the hosted product as a one-time setup fee plus annual bundle of license, maintenance and support. We also sold the product as installed software with a perpetual license + maintenance and support. There was a direct correlation between the size of the customer and their level of comfort with the SaaS model: the bigger they were the more they wanted to just buy it and install it themselves. Truthfully, we didn’t want to sell it as an installed product for the typical reasons (i.e., it was much easier for us to maintain and support it if we had direct access to it, etc.).

Again and again we had to convince the large prospective customers that it made sense for them to go with the SaaS model then for them to host it themselves.
Of course, times have changed: SaaS is more accepted. Small customers (both individual users and small to midsize companies) certainly benefit from it; however, Mr. Ramji has detected that this is still the case for large enterprises. Certainly there are the financial and licensing issues to be resolved, but this will continue to be a hard sell for the large enterprise that is used to having absolute control over their brand, operations, IT environment, security, etc.

I don’t have the answer to question, “will SaaS fail to penetrate large enterprises”, but I do think it will continue to be a hard road."

GridScope - Maximize visibility, flexibility and accountability for business services A federated approach to service management Untangle your service network to make better use of existing resources. Cost-effectively manage even small service-oriented initiatives with a lightweight solution that is up and running in a matter of hours. Unify management control across service domains, including outside the enterprise. Centralize governance over your services while distributing operational control to the appropriate level. Break free of platform-dependence with standards-based tools.

Working with StrikeIron.

DataFlux - A SAS company DataFlux, a SAS Company, provides companies the ability to build consistent, accurate and reliable data that can help them make better business decisions. As a leader in the data management market, DataFlux provides a full range of solutions and services and has over 750 customer installations worldwide.

DataFlux solutions utilize the building blocks of data management: data profiling, data quality, data integration, data enrichment and data monitoring. Together, these components help companies to inspect, correct, integrate, enhance and control any data used by an organization. The data management process helps you turn data into a strategic information asset that can enhance the effectiveness of data-driven applications, including customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), data warehousing and database marketing.

Dataflux is sponsoring and making its services available through the StrikeIron SaaS marketplace.

CRMfusion - Online CRM Integration CRMfusion is an online systems integrator and software developer. We offer a variety of products and services tailored to meet the requirements of clients who utilize hosted (ASP) CRM systems such as and Siebel CRM On-Demand Upshot Edition. Due to the fact that hosted CRM is an emerging technology we have an internal saying. "We want to develop solutions to problems most of our customers have not yet discovered they have."

Our primary applications, DemandTools and HotShotTools are administrative toolsets that greatly aid hosted CRM administrators with data quality processes. Works with related CRM products, e.g. quotegen.

Single instance, multi-tenancy is still a black art

Looks like Microsoft might be serious about SaaS. From Fred Chong's blog: "Looking through the lens of an architect, architecting software as a service is an area sorely in need of better guidance. Of the companies I have spoken to, some have redelivered classic client-server applications using technology similar to terminal server so that they can expedite the time-to-market, only to run into scalability issues when the market demand for their software service takes off; some have chosen to put all their customers’ data in one database, with no upfront consideration for data performance and regulatory compliance issues; a few have attempted to solve per tenant data model extensions issues with many battle scars to prove apparent intractability of the perfect solution…

This is great. The above are all reasons why I have a day job…

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking into how my team can help lower the bar for software vendors to deliver software as a service. I’m a fan of SaaS, because I believe this software delivery mechanism changes the economics of the software industry in a way that allows online information and computing to be accessible to many more people in emerging markets such as India and China. This is a topic that warrants a separate posting a different time. For now, I want to highlight what Microsoft is bringing to the table in terms of SaaS architecture guidance.

If I can try to summarize the key areas where architects should spend their time, it would be the following:

* Scale the application
* Enable multi-tenant data
* Facilitate customization

Scaling the application means maximizing concurrency and using application resources more efficiently – optimizing locking duration, statelessness, sharing pooled resources such as threads and network connections, caching reference data and partitioning large databases are examples of best practices for scaling applications to a large number of users.

The single-tenant data models of many existing on-premise applications constrain running application instance to only use operation and business data owned by a single organization. In a multi-tenant SaaS environment, this application instance and data ownership binding must be relaxed. For example, when a user from Acme is accessing customer information using a CRM application service, the application must be able to retrieve the customer data for Acme and not for any other companies. In order to enable multi-tenancy, the underlying application data model must be designed to accommodate flexibility for manipulating tenant specific data.

Many SaaS customers will want to customize the application services they subscribe to. Altering workflows, extending business documents, modifying business rules and customizing brands, logos and user interfaces are all within the plausible realms of application customizations. The challenge for the SaaS architect is to ensure that the task of customizing applications is simple and easy for the customers, yet at the same time, not incur extra manual development or operation costs for each customization. Expect meta-data to play a big part in SaaS solutions.

Of course, accomplishing these feats is no child’s (or the average architect (this may be an oxy-moron)) play – especially for existing applications that are client-server based and those that are miles away from being scalable, multi-tenant ready and customizable.

I don’t know about you, for me, all these thinking really beg the question - what would a book on SaaS architecture guidance look like? After an evening of cranking and a few iterations with fellow architects, I have scoped out the table of content of a potential bestseller ..."

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tanooma - stealth SaaS startup Now we are seeing stealth SaaS startups appearing. Here is one from the former president of Oracle on Demand: Tanooma. From their site "We ask you for patience. At this point we are not ready to expose any details about the company or the application. How ever, Tanooma Corporation is founded by some very experienced Silicon Valley executives and early pioneers of the SaaS industry. If this industry is of interest to you - Tanooma will be of interest to you as well. The following should join our Beta program:
- SaaS Users
- SaaS Vendors
- SaaS Consultants or Resellers
- SaaS Investors
- SaaS Technology Providers
- SaaS focused Analysts"

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

CDO2 - The flexibility of a spreadsheet, the power of an enterprise system CDO2 is a provider of innovative pricing and risk technology for organisations trading structured credit products. The company was founded on the belief that all financial organisations should have access to the latest pricing models and enterprise technology, irrespective of their size or trading volume. Until now, such systems were expensive to buy and required the resources of large Investment Banks to properly deploy and maintain.

Our experience covers analytic techniques such as:

* semi-analytic methods for pricing CDO tranches and nth to default basket swaps
* efficient Monte Carlo methods for CDO Squared pricing and risk (one hour of CPU time is sufficient to produce credit spread deltas accurate to a few hundred dollars)
* grid-enabled parallel Monte Carlo simulations to produce CDO Squared pricing and deltas in minutes

Journyx - Timesheet Software Journyx, the leader in web-based time & expense tracking solutions, is a privately held company located in Austin, Texas. In addition to cutting-edge software applications, Journyx offers a full range of professional services as well as application hosting.

Thousands of companies worldwide employ web-based solutions from Journyx to track time, projects, and expenses. Employees at some of the world's largest companies, as well as those at some of the smallest, use Journyx solutions to increase productivity and save money.

PlatformON - On Demand Website Network Platform PlatformON is an On Demand Website Network Platform which reduces the cost and complexity of professionally managing large networks of unique Websites and digital services. It provides one platform for the creation, management, marketing, analysis and customization of Websites across multiple brands, content and data, markets, devices and external applications, with full multi-language support. On Demand web analytics capabilities provide real time data on your online marketing activities, while a comprehensive set of On Demand search marketing tools ensure your brand receives maximum exposure for organic search engine listings. Certified partners have a flexible range of options to comprehensively customize any aspect of your Websites through PlatformON's standards-based development environment.

Take total control of your global web presence centrally, or distribute responsibly throughout your global network of colleagues. PlatformON gives you the freedom to engage with either your existing web agencies or our network of professional certified partners across each of your local branch networks, allowing them to work unhindered on local projects that can then be repurposed for deployment anywhere in your network at the click of a button. Alternatively, consolidate your agencies by brand, market, region or functional area. It's your choice.

PlatformON is built on industry-standard technology, delivered via the Internet. Payment is by a predictable monthly subscription fee, where core software and hosting upgrades are free of charge.

Forget Exchange - The Hosted Email Debate has Moved On

"Same old Software, as a Service (SoSaaS) — Take any old software package, run it up on a server in a data center, do a bit of financial engineering so customers can pay on a monthly plan, and hey presto! you've got an on-demand application. To be fair to Microsoft, there is a version of Exchange Server that's specifically designed for high-volume hosting providers, which makes it a little bit more sophisticated than the efforts of most conventional software vendors. But the fact remains that this is a software package that is designed and built for on-premises installation, and therefore it always will be less than ideally suited for operation in an on-demand environment (as George Ou points out for example, it passes attachments around instead of sharing a single master copy, thus ensuring abysmal performance on anything except a high-speed local LAN connection. How dumb is that?)

Software that actually works — The on-demand model isn't about delivering software per se. It's about delivering the results of successfully using the software. When email is delivered as an on-demand service, what you get isn't a hosted email server — the internal mechanics aren't of any interest at all — what you get is a commitment from your service provider to make email work for you.

Monday, February 20, 2006

CSC Credit Services CSC Credit Services provides a wide range of consumer credit reporting, mortgage reporting, and portfolio and communications solutions to more than 52,000 credit grantors nationwide. Through its affiliation with Equifax, the largest provider of consumer information in the United States, Credit Services gives credit grantors access to more than 200 million consumer credit files nationwide. CSC Credit Services facilitates the transaction process for its clients by providing services and systems that help grant all types of consumer and mortgage credit, manage receivables, acquire new accounts, market new products and manage risk. Credit Services’ direct-to-consumer services include providing consumers with the option to order their credit reports online.

JamCracker and SaaS

Robin Bloor reports "Nobody uses the term ASP (Application Service Provider) much any more. It was the first wave acronym for the business that is now called SaaS (Software as a Service). Let me briefly explain "first wave". The idea is that new technology that gets established will come in 3 waves, the first being the pioneer wave when the hype is high ("It's the silver bullet we've all been waiting for, etc."). When the noise abates only a few start-ups are left standing and the combination of business model and technology will be viewed as "not ready for prime time". The second wave is the "respectability" wave when the combination of business model and technology is no longer seen as risky (normally because it has been proven in practice) and the sales curve explodes. This is when $50 million markets grow into $billion markets. Both the second and first wave can create major new companies. Think of it like this: the first Internet wave created Yahoo and AOL and the second created Google. The third wave is the mature market with a few established players, occasional new joiners and the odd slow failure. In the first and second wave there can be many players in the market, but in the third wave there are fewer and they are "incumbents".

The first wave ASP/SaaS players have mostly died or moved on, but there were a few notable successes: the most visible being Equally impressive, but less talked about because it was already a giant, is Oracle, whose Oracle On-Line business has thrived.

Jamcracker was an early entrant into the ASP/SaaS market. It managed to scratch out a living for a while in the SMB market, delivering a portfolio of SaaS applications to about 100 customers. It was, speaking in very general terms, pursuing a similar business model to the one that worked for and Oracle. By 2003 it changed direction to become, primarily, an enabler of "On Demand" business applications. In effect this means that its customers can be ISVs (Jamcracker provides the data center and services and the ISV provides the software) or they can be large organizations where the proposition is roughly the same, although the software might be packaged or might be home-grown. In reality, of course, Jamcracker has a set of partners that help it deliver a comprehensive service.

What interests me about Jamcracker is that they are winning deals with very large organizations (DHL, for example just signed with them) and they are winning such deals against major outsourcing/hosting/SI operations. What Jamcracker does well, in my view, is provide a federated architecture (for identity management and other must-integrate capabilities). That's why it can be classified accurately as an SaaS organization rather than an outsourcer. The other significant piece is that, in my view, it represents the second wave of ASP/SaaS—the altered business model that is more appropriate to the needs of the market. There are probably other companies out there like Jamcracker—probably including a few Indian operations."

VueCentric - Mortgage Dashboard VueCentric, developer of MortgageDashboard, the industry’s leading mortgage loan origination system provided under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, has announced that its proprietary technology is now powering a new mortgage lending website that will cater to NASCAR fans. MortgageDashboard is being used by Robert Richardson Racing’s (R3) “Win Your Mortgage” website. VueCentric’s technology is also being used by Benchmark Mortgage, the Dallas-based mortgage lender that will fund the loans.

MarketLive - Solutiions for Intelligent Selling MarketLive (also offered by USi) creates and deploys world-class e-commerce technology specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of catalogers, retailers, direct marketers, and manufacturers. Our MarketLive platform is the leading enterprise-class solution that leverages the advanced business intelligence online merchants need to enhance the customer experience and increase online sales.

Our Vision: Intelligent Selling

Since 1995, MarketLive, Inc. has focused exclusively on providing the e-commerce technology and website development that successfully sells goods and services online. From the start, we understood that the intelligent way to sell online is to base the sales approach on proven marketing and merchandising principles from traditional sales channels, and to adapt Web technology to make these principles work online.

This unique way of looking at online selling evolved into our Intelligent Selling e-commerce vision, which is the driving force behind everything we do. Intelligent Selling is about optimizing all selling opportunities while building a solid relationship with customers. Your e-commerce website should boost overall profitability by acquiring new online shoppers, converting them to buyers, and retaining them as long-term customers.

Everything your website does should have the sole aim of "wrapping your arms" around your customers, anticipating their needs, providing the products and information they want, and addressing their concerns in a respectful, thoughtful fashion. Our approach typically increases our clients’ online sales by 25% to 450% in the first year alone.

The goals of Intelligent Selling and the MarketLive application are:

* Increase conversion rates
* Increase average order size and frequency of purchase
* Improve customer loyalty and retention
* Reduce abandoned cart rates
* Decrease customer service costs
* Improve the overall customer experience.

Our technology: The MarketLive v4 Intelligent Selling System

The MarketLive Intelligent Selling System is our Java-based enterprise-class online selling platform. It is the only e-commerce application specifically designed around direct marketing and retailing best practices.

MarketLive powers over 150 leading websites for many of today’s top marketers, including National Geographic, Electronic Arts, The Swiss Colony, and General Motors. Years of focused development have created a system that provides MarketLive clients with a high return on investment, a comprehensive array of merchandising tools, and the ability to grow to meet evolving online business needs.

A powerful administration system puts control of online selling in the hands of your marketers and merchandisers. All products, images, page layouts, and content can be updated at any time without technical assistance. All the tools you need for effective online selling and customer service are built right in, along with the flexibility to personalize your site to increase sales.

MarketLive is J2EE compliant and XML standards-based for rapid application development and customization. It enables quick, seamless integration with legacy systems and third-party products, easy expansion, and superior interoperability with other industry-standard systems.

USi reports increased demand for SaaS USi, the largest enterprise application Service Provider (ASP) and a premier provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), today reported financial results for the 2005 fiscal year. Total revenue for 2005 was $99.0 million, a 22 percent increase year-over-year. The company had its first full year of profitability, reporting net income of $1.3 million. EBITDA for the year of $16.3 million represented a 30 percent increase over 2004.

"By all measures 2005 was an extraordinary year for USi," said Andrew A. Stern, chairman and chief executive officer. "We added great new clients, delivered tremendous financial results and introduced new services such as FlexAdvantage(SM) -- USi's on-demand pricing and delivery of support services. As originators of the Software-as-a-Service concept, we've focused on introducing innovations and methodologies that enable us to deliver substantial cost savings and significant business value to our Clients. USi's 2005 performance is evidence that our strategy is paying off."

USi attributes its growth in 2005 to increasing adoption by companies deploying enterprise scale software in a continuously supported, Software-as-a-Service model. The Company's recurring revenue has increased consecutively since the first quarter of 2004. USi expanded its impressive list of enterprise clientele by adding 39 new clients in 2005.

In a recent report issued by Gartner, Gartner on Outsourcing, 2005 (ID number: G00131095, 14 December 2005), the analyst firm notes Application Outsourcing continues to gain momentum. "Organizations are raising the bar on expected application outsourcing results. Price dominates, but processes, people and quality are scrutinized and factored into decisions."

USi has long recognized enterprises demand much more than cost savings. Maximizing the return on IT investments requires companies to unlock the full functional potential of applications. Innovative support and continuous investment in process improvement and automation are critical to satisfying and exceeding client expectations. For example, USiOasis(SM), USi's proprietary automation and monitoring system, has contributed significantly to USi's industry-leading service levels and client satisfaction, including its track record of unqualified SAS70 reports since 2001. In 2005 USi received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for two key components of USiOasis.

USi's 2005 highlights:

* Introduced FlexAdvantage, an on-demand usage-based pricing program that
gives clients full control of all support services and costs.
FlexAdvantage is available for Ariba, Oracle and PeopleSoft clients.

* Expanded USi's presence in India by opening a new significantly larger
facility, including a redundant Global Enterprise Management Center in
Hyderabad, in addition to the Company's facility in Bangalore.

* Launched new Information Security and Risk Management practice for
managed security and security consulting services. USi's practice
leverages the Company's experience managing core systems, user
identities and access to sensitive data for more than 150 companies to
help enterprises cost effectively meet information security, privacy,
and risk management needs.

* Introduced Business Advisory Services to help organizations achieve
technology-enabled business process improvement. USi's Business
Advisory Services focus on three broad categories: Process Design &
Improvement, Technology Evaluation & Planning and Project Execution &

About USi

USi, the largest independent Application Service Provider (ASP), delivers application outsourcing, remote management, professional services, ISV enablement, eBusiness development and hosting, and information security and risk management services to more than 150 world-class organizations in over 30 countries. USi's clients have access to a broad, diversified portfolio of service offerings, including: Ariba(R), Demandware(R), MarketLive(R), Microsoft(R), Oracle(R), PeopleSoft(R), and Siebel(R), as well as eCommerce solutions developed and delivered by USi. USi's TopLine(ISV)(TM) program gives Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) the immediate advantage of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) by delivering their software to a larger client base throughUSi's hosted model.

Hot Banana - Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite Hot Banana was founded in 1999 by a team of Web and Internet marketing experts whose combined experience has directly contributed to the rapid growth of Hot Banana, making it a leading North American Web Content Management System (CMS) company. With over six years of development, client user experience and solid growth in market share, Hot Banana Software Inc. and its Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite have rapidly become a leader in the Web content management market.

Hot Banana On Demand, or Software as a Service (SaaS) is a subscription based version of the Hot Banana Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite and has all the regular functionality of our licensed software version, except we host it for you - On Demand.

One of the biggest advantages of our On-Demand model is our ability to keep our applications and customers on the competitive edge by offering continuous upgrades and innovations to existing customers and rapid deployment to prospective customers.

There is no need to make a large or risky upfront investment in software, no additional hardware, desktop plugins, extensive implementation services, and additional IT staff. As a result, Hot Banana On Demand enables businesses to achieve higher productivity and a lower total cost of ownership for, their Hot Banana solution.

Hot Banana On Demand is delivered to you as a hosted service over the Internet using the high quality Hot Banana Hosting Center which has a secure, proprietary, scalable application and system architecture, which allows us to concurrently serve a large number of customers and to efficiently distribute the workload across our network of servers. You therefore avoid expensive, up-front hardware expenses and software license fees, and realize lower administration costs compared to traditional software licensing alternatives.
Our Solution

Key advantages of subscribing to Hot Banana On Demand include:

Rapid deployment

Hot Banana On Demand can be deployed rapidly and provisioned easily, since you do not have to spend time installing or maintaining the servers, networking equipment, security products or other infrastructure hardware and software necessary to ensure a scalable and reliable service. The average time that a customer requires to deploy Hot Banana On Demand is significantly shorter than typical, traditional Web CMS software deployment. We also offer professional services to assist you in rapidly deploying and optimizing the use of Hot Banana.

Enable high levels of user adoption

We have designed Hot Banana On Demand to be easy-to-use and intuitive. Since Hot Banana contains many modules and features recognizable to users of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Internet Explorer, it has a more familiar interface than many typical Web CMS applications. As a result, you do not require substantial training on how to use and benefit from Hot Banana. In fact, we can guarantee to get you up and running quickly so you can enjoy the ROI from Hot Banana as soon as possible. Additionally users are more likely to keep using Hot Banana as it is simple and easy to use.
Lower total cost of ownership

Hot Banana On Demand can achieve significant savings relative to the traditional licensed software model, which Hot Banana also offers to those companies needing privacy of their data. Hot Banana On Demand enables you to take total control of your Internet marketing activities, Web content and marketing processes without having to make large and risky upfront investments in software, hardware, implementation services and additional IT staff. In addition, because all upgrades are implemented by us on our Hot Banana servers they automatically become part of our service and therefore you benefit from our new technology improvements immediately.
Extensive features, functionality and configurability

Not only do we offer a comprehensive array of Web CMS features that meet the Web site needs of businesses of any size, our Hot Banana Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite also supports the key functional area of marketing. We offer additional marketing functionality such as Search Engine Optimization - SEO, Internet marketing modules such as email marketing, newsletter development and distribution, press release (SEO friendly of course) distribution, subscription manager, RSS feeds, Blog Manager, landing pages and Micro Marketing Sites, all of which enable professional marketers to centralize the creation, acquisition, conversion and retention process.

Furthermore, Hot Banana is the only CMS that has fully integrated WebTrends 7.5 Web Analytics, the market share leader WebTrends. All aspects of Web site visitor analytics are therefore available to Hot Banana On Demand users via WebTrends 7.5 with considerable advancements in adoption speed and usability over WebTrends' own interface.

Finally, Hot Banana is highly configurable in a short amount of time, enabling Hot Banana clients to tailor Web site appearance, branding, policy settings, languages, workflow patterns, reports and other characteristics without the use of significant IT resources or Web consultants.

Secure, scalable and reliable delivery platform

The delivery platform for Hot Banana On Demand has been designed to provide you with high levels of reliability, performance and security. The IT systems within our Hot Banana data center have fail-over redundancy. We have built and continue to invest in a comprehensive security infrastructure, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems and encryption for transmissions over the Internet, which we monitor and test on a regular basis. We built and maintain an architecture that has been designed to enable Hot Banana On Demand to scale securely, reliably and cost-effectively to tens of thousands of customers and potentially millions of users. Hot Banana On Demand also enables us to segment access privileges, passwords and approval processes across your user base.

Ease of integration

The Hot Banana On Demand platform has been built from the ground up using W3C compliant standards and can therefore be easily integrated with existing corporate applications quickly and seamlessly. Hot Banana On Demand is a platform that provides a set of application programming interfaces, or APIs, that enable the integration Hot Banana On Demand with existing third-party, custom and legacy applications, or write their own applications that integrate with Hot Banana. This is a custom service that is provided by a Hot Banana Channel Partner or, directly from us using our Hot Banana Professional Services Team.

SaaS Integration: The emerging trend in SOA

Imagine being able to run a modern business without plunging huge amounts into expensive software, space-gobbling hardware and pricey IT staff to untangle the inevitable high-tech snarls. This is a growing reality for the most savvy of businesses -- albeit a reality that is emerging piecemeal, according to David Linthicum, chief executive officer of Bridgewerx, an innovative niche company in Seattle.

Bridgewerx provides integration for "software as a service" (SaaS), most easily defined as software bought and maintained by an outside party which charges customers to access their applications via the Internet. CastIron Systems is another player in this space, but which has yet to recognize the hype-value behind associating its technology with the SaaS moniker.

Office Live Goes Live Microsoft has launched OfficeLive. Windows and Office Live were announced in November 2005, in what was seen as a response to successful software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings from companies such as and Google. Windows Live is targeted at consumers, while Office Live is aimed at very small businesses, typically those with 10 or fewer employees.

In addition, at the 3GSM show in Barcelona, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company will enable new Windows Live services that will allow users to do searches, conduct instant messaging chats, and send mail over the Web from "virtually any mobile device."

NetRegulus - Enterprise Compliance Software for Regulated Industries We are a company and community of highly experienced life science professionals dedicated to developing the highest quality data management tools to meet the regulatory requirements of medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and similar FDA-regulated manufacturers. Our customer list includes some of the best-known healthcare companies in the world.

An established provider of enterprise compliance software for regulated
industries, Netregulus has announced the availability of its innovative NetRegulus NetRM(TM)Enterprise Software in a Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment model.

NetRegulus professionals understand the complexities of FDA regulated industries. We know that regulatory management is more than capturing data and generating reports. Our products are built so that you can manage information in ways that are simply unavailable with other products. See how NetRegulus can help you turn regulatory data management into a strategic advantage.

HumanConcepts - The Standard for Workforce Modeling HumanConcepts provides industry-leading solutions for workforce modeling and intelligence. With its OrgPlus technology (also available as a service via AppExhcnage) charting millions of employees for companies worldwide, including 400 of the Fortune 500, HumanConcepts has defined best practices in organizational charting. OrgPlus integrates with HR systems such as SAP and PeopleSoft to automatically create and distribute organizational charts for workforce modeling and intelligence, organizational management and critical decision-making.

OrgPlus Online

OrgPlus Online delivers the same functionality as OrgPlus Enterprise without the cost of installing, upgrading and maintaining a server in-house. The solution provides on-demand organizational charts that enable organizations of all sizes to instantly create, view, share and manage charts in a secure, hosted environment. As software as a service (SaaS) continues to become a standard, this solution allows organizations to deploy OrgPlus quickly and cost effectively.

Sendia - Wireless Works Sendia Corporation, acquired by, develops and markets software that extends existing enterprise applications to wireless handheld devices such as the RIM BlackBerry Wireless Handheld, Palm Treo and Windows Mobile devices. Sendia's mission is to make wireless work flawlessly for the business user. The company's Wireless WorkSpace technology provides third-party developers with the tools they need to extend the core functionality of virtually any business application to the handheld. Sendia's advanced mobile application server, centralized management system, development studio, and device-side smart-client enable rapid development, deployment and management of secure wireless applications fully integrated into business back office systems.

Sendia is focused on driving user adoption together with enterprise application vendors, building strong partnerships and OEM relationships with leading vendors such as, PeopleSoft, and Siebel OnDemand. Available in hosted and on-premises editions, Sendia-powered applications are fast, easy to use, and reliable wireless solutions that customers trust to get the job done.

Fastraq - Accelerate your sales (from Selectica) (also available via AppExchange) Fastraq is a complete quoting application that orchestrates and speeds up the drive from opportunity to proposal in the sales execution process. Featuring the industry's most robust rules-based configuration technology, Fastraq gives your sales team the ability to rapidly generate highly accurate customer quotes with unmatched flexibility and ease.

By eliminating the manual, time-consuming bottlenecks that slow down the sales process, Fastraq enables you to close deals faster and at higher margins, while extending the power of your investments. For sales managers, Fastraq provides unmatched visibility into the selling process, to better manage the pricing and discounts required for a smooth, profitable transaction.

Selectica - Automating the Sales Opportunity-to-Order Process Founded in 1996, Selectica (NASDAQ: SLTC) provides high performance enterprise software that enables customers to manage and sell complex offerings. The company's solutions are used to simplify, integrate, and accelerate product lifecycle management, order configuration and contract management.

Selectica customers represent global manufacturing and service leaders including: ABB, Applied Bio Systems, Bell Canada, Cisco, Dell, General Electric, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, Hitachi, Juniper Networks, Rockwell Automation and Tellabs. Selectica is headquartered in San Jose, CA.

Like many software companies, Selectica is making modules of its technology available Software As A Service. Selectica's gives users via AppExchange the power to configure, quote, propose, and win using workflows that accelerate, simplify, and automate the entire quote-to-proposal process.

BigMachines - Product Configurator, Proposal and Quote Software Salesforce AppExchange certified, BigMachines provides web-based software to leading industrial, medical, and hi-tech companies. Our customers rapidly deploy the Big Machines Lean Front-End to automate inquiry-to-order processes and to better serve their customers and channel partners.

We founded BigMachines in 1999 to help our customers make breakthrough improvements in their sales processes by leveraging the power of web software technology. To accomplish our mission, we have built an enduring global company with offices in Chicago(IL), San Mateo(CA), and Munich(Germany) that attracts, challenges, and develops great people.

We deliver innovative solutions to complex business problems by continuously applying new technologies and our industry expertise to better meet our customers' requirements.

Many leading companies including SPX Corporation, Crane Corporation, and USFilter (a Siemens business) have successfully implemented BigMachines Lean Front-End to substantially reduce selling costs, improve responsiveness, and to grow revenues (see the results documented in case studies).

As a result of the success of our early customers, BigMachines customer base has grown rapidly and now includes business units of leading global corporations such as Medtronic (leading provider of medical technologies), Ingersoll-Rand (leading provider of industrial equipment), and Siemens (a business unit of Siemens and leading provider of water treatment equipment and services), as well as many innovative smaller enterprises including Mirapoint, Aruba Networks, MiltonCAT, and Shore-Tel. Click here to learn more about our growing customer base in the industrial, hi-tech, and medical sectors.

We developed the BigMachines Lean Front-End (LFE) solution by applying our team’s expertise in web software technology and business process improvement. We built the LFE solution to meet the unique requirements of companies who sell complex products through multiple sales channels “out-of-the-box.”

BigMachines LFE digitizes selling processes and captures an organization's tribal knowledge to provide online product selection, configuration, quoting, and ordering capabilities for new products and aftermarket parts and services. BigMachines LFE ensures effective quote and order management and provides powerful reports, analyses and forecasts across all sales channels and customers. The LFE software easily integrates to CRM and ERP systems to eliminate duplicative data entry and maintenance and to fully leverage the existing IT infrastructure.

From the beginning, BigMachines LFE platform has been built for rapid, on-demand deployment through an intuitive web interface. Both users and system administrators only need a browser and a secure log-in to access BigMachines LFE solution from anywhere in the world. As a result, our customers can rapidly implement and deploy our LFE solution globally.

Hosted apps: the real cost can be alarming

Ephraim Schwartz reports in Computerworld "Does software as a service offer a graduated scale of functionality, or does it just pick your pocket? A couple of weeks ago there was the launch of AppExchange, which exposes the APIs to third-party software providers — 160 of them at present. When certified, ISVs can plug their applications into the main application, giving users access to a plethora of unique features not available from Salesforce.

Here’s a taste of the programs you can plug in: Before the Call for AppExchange offers outbound telemarketing management for US$75 a user per month. BigMachines SPP (Selection, Pricing and Proposal) generates proposals for US$49.50 on the same basis. Selectica Fastraq improves speed and accuracy of product configuration, quoting, and pricing, for US$65 a seat per month. Sendia WorkSpace CRM provides wireless access to AppExchange applications from a handheld for US$49.95 per user each month and similarly, Sybase iAnywhere Sales Anywhere provides access to Salesforce from Windows Mobile for US$21 on the same terms."

Thursday, February 09, 2006

eRSVP - Event registration intelligence is the leading web registration and response management solution for event planners and meeting professionals. Our patent pending technology gives you an ASP-style application with which to coordinate promotion, events, meetings and registrations.

eRSVP makes it fast and easy to put your events on the web! Just click through your personal management website to create a front-to-back system for reservations, surveys, ticketing and donations. It's an empowering tool — an instant web presence for each event or meeting you plan.

Send invitations via email whenever you wish and however you wish. Want to send a paper invitation? Just include the event web address you create with eRSVP. As attendees register on your custom web registration page, you collect key attendee preferences, RSVPs, and fees, as well as professional, contact and billing information.

* Reduce the time and costs of organizing an event registration.
* Leverage the Internet to streamline your event registration.
* Event registration from a simple to a comprehensive registration solution.
* Capture accurate information you want.
* Increase your event ROI.
* Manage and build your attendee profile.
* Generate reports and expand the invitation list for your next event.

CenterBeam - Desktop management and IT Outsourcing CenterBeam focuses exclusively on serving small and medium sized organizations and offers a new way to outsource base IT support functions. Some compare it with EverDream. Although the company services clients across a wide range of industries, it has developed both experience and sensitivity to specific issues in key vertical markets to help drive organizational health and success.

CenterBeam and EDS: Working with the people who pioneered outsourcing.
EDS is renowned for its use of the world’s best technologies to help globally distributed clients eliminate boundaries and collaborate in new ways. Through a partnership with EDS, CenterBeam combins traditional outsourcing with an innovative service model—developing joint IT service offerings that deliver cost-effective computing, desktop management, strategic consulting and world-class systems integration services.

FusePoint - Managed Hosting, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity FusePoint is a provider of managed IT solutions for companies with applications that demand the highest levels of security and availability. Unrivaled technical expertise, state-of-the-art data centres and outstanding customer support allow Fusepoint to ease clients through all pivotal phases of their IT initiatives - planning, design, implementation, management and hosting.

Founded in 1999, Fusepoint is a privately held company with offices and data centres in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City. Through our proven record of success we have built a loyal customer base and developed solid strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Bell Canada, Microsoft, SUN, Cisco, Dell, Oracle and HP.

Delivering significant cost, time-to-market, security and staffing advantages, Fusepoint's solutions include system migration and integration; e-business security; network architecture design; business continuity-disaster recovery, Intranet-Extranet optimization and much more.

iUpload - Customer Conversation System - Content Mgt meets Corporate Blogging Upload is a leading content management and corporate blogging software company whose solutions help organizations optimize the marketing potential of their content. Whether you're an individual, a corporation or a community, iUpload provides a powerful one-stop solution for creating, managing and distributing all of your content, while giving you a new social marketing platform that extends your corporate voice and strengthens your brand across multiple communities.

iUpload combines a comprehensive set of blogging, wiki and content management tools with the IT management capabilities required for enterprise deployment, such as security, workflow, regulatory compliance and integration with existing enterprise applications and other third-party solutions.

Impressive customer list.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dorado - Networked, On Demand Solutions for Home Lending Founded in 1998, Dorado Corporation is headquartered in San Mateo, California, and is the leader in on-demand, network-based software and services for the multi-trillion-dollar U.S. home lending industry. Dorado counts among its customers four out of the top six mortgage companies in the country, and seven out of the top 20. In 2004, its systems were used in originating or processing 480,000 mortgages, representing 3.5 percent of the total mortgage loan market for 2004.

Dorado’s ultimate goal is to reinvent the home lending market by making the mortgage process near paperless, which will substantially reduce the time and cost of applying for and closing a loan — from six weeks to a few days and from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred.

Wipro - Offshore BPO Wipro BPO provides a broad range of services from customer relationship management, back office transaction processing to industry specific solutions. The key element of services delivery is an integrated approach towards providing increasing value over the entire course of our client relationships. This involves a phased approach towards process standardization, process optimization and process re-engineering. For example, by outsourcing finance & accounts to us, we helped a leader in mobile data communications consolidate the finance and accounting process, standardize policies and procedures and improve turnaround time for activities.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is the world-leading information technology consulting, services, and business process outsourcing organization that envisioned and pioneered the adoption of the flexible global business practices that today enable companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value.

We commenced operations in 1968, when the IT services industry didn’t exist as it does today. Now, with a presence in 34 countries across 6 continents, & a comprehensive range of services across diverse industries, we are one of the world's leading Information Technology companies. Six of the Fortune Top 10 companies are among our valued customers.

We are part of one of Asia's largest conglomerates - the TATA Group - which, with its interests in Energy, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Chemicals, Engineering & Materials, provides us with a grounded understanding of specific business challenges facing global companies.

ContinuServe - Your back office, is our front office ContinuServe provides Outsourced Back-Office solutions to Fortune 2000 companies using an integrated approach to business processes and information technology. Our singular focus and commitment to exceeding our customers' expectations allows us to offer solutions you need to run your enterprise with precision and efficiency.

Unlike other top-tier professional service or outsourcing firms ContinuServe provides integrated technology and business process management services that focus on Finance and Accounting functions. Our culture, focus, and business model combine uniquely to create a firm like no other ~ making our difference both obvious and valuable.

The ContinuServe partner network serves customers in 4 continents and 12 distinct industry groups.

e4e - Services On Tap - Business Process and Software Eng outsourcing services Services-on-tap is e4e's next generation outsourcing service that allows deployment, management and operation of one-or-many business processes across the enterprise with the highest service quality level at the lowest possible cost.

Over the last decade, a significant change in business environment has caused organizations around the world to transform their business model in order to maintain leadership. This change is hyper-competition - a state that renders traditional competitive advantage unsustainable. Rapid product introductions to battle the pressures of commoditization is impacting organizational bottom line faster than ever before.

Services-on-tap minimizes overheads resulting from managing multiple vendors, processes and delivery facilities. Our customers receive the benefits of optimized service delivery through enterprise wide process knowledge, shared service delivery and a single point of control.

Benefits delivered to a Consumer Finance Mortgage division of a Fortune 5 Financial Services company:
* Cost per $1,000 of loan booked reduced by 50% in 12 months
* Ability to scale up: Added 100 hours per day in 4 weeks while meeting SLAs
* Optimize the lead management process
Benefits delivered to a Consumer Home Equity Division of a Fortune 5 Financial Services Firm:
* Customer satisfaction increased from 75% to 90% in 24 months
* Increase in service level from 70% to 85%
* Reduced abandon rate from 10% to 4%
* Savings of 40% in cost
* Loan processing time reduced by 20% in 24 months
* Ability to scale capacity and act as a back-up center

Strategic partnerships with KeyLabs, Oracle Certified Partner, Oracle Application User Group Star Partner, noHold, Microsoft

Company Achievements:
More than 100 customers
Over $13B in Loan Originations for our clients in the last 24 months
Over 600 Hours of Telesales calling per day
Over 1.5 million Mortgage Support calls and 300,000 Mortgage Applications in the last 24 months
Over 5 million Customer Contacts handled
Consistently rated #1 for End-Customer Satisfaction

Representative Customers:
Cisco, Samsung, Sony, SonicWALL, Cadence, Symantec, AFS Financial, Sovereign Bank, TATA AIG Insurance, HP, Hyperion, Embarcadero Technologies, Getty Images, IBM, Legato, Veritas, Novell

iSeva - Global BPO vendor BPO company, and member of the e4e group founded by Services On Demand and BPO pioneer, K.B. Chandrasheker. As part of e4e group, offers:

iSeva was incorporated in the US in November 1999. Currently has two enterprise class centers in India. Sales offices in California, New York. Profitable for the last Eight quarters. First company in India-US BPO space to be ISO:9001-2000 Certified. Founding team from Citibank and Deloitte Consulting. Stable core management team. Over 6 MN Customer Contacts in last 24 months.

Symantec - Helping secure your information Computer and electronics stores may look considerably less cluttered in a few years, because aisles now packed six feet high with software boxes will be gone. That's one likely outcome of the growing trend toward ``software as a service,'' or SaaS for short. Symantec, best known for its Norton line of computer security software, Monday becomes the latest company to dive into SaaS with a new online subscription service with the code name Genesis.

Because the software is delivered over the Internet, SaaS will spare computer users from having to buy and install software on discs, then having to worry a few months later about whether the program is out of date. Software companies will instead distribute and manage their products through the Internet, with no user intervention required.

Lakeview - A leading in infrastructure software and services Lakeview Technology celebrates 15 years of delivering innovative information availability solutions that help our customers achieve their business goals. Back in 1990, the year the world wide web made its debut and the Hubble Space Telescope was launched into orbit, Lakeview introduced the first generation of MIMIX software solutions for making critical business applications and data continuously available. Since then, Lakeview Technology has established itself as a global leader in infrastructure software and services, specializing in High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Clustering and Data Replication. Today MIMIX solutions are trusted worldwide by thousands of businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

In a bid to boost its business among small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), Lakeview Technology last week launched a new hosted disaster recovery and high availability offering for iSeries and other platforms. With MIMIX Vault, Lakeview partners hosting the solution can help SMB customers cut the costs of buying, installing, and maintaining a DR or HA environment by up to 90 percent, a Lakeview official says, and gain the business continuity assurances that such technology provides.

However, renewed interest in Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery models has opened the technology door to those who were previously priced out of the market. By sharing the cost of backup hardware, which has historically been one of the biggest cost components of a HA environment, and tapping into the know-how of seasoned experts, smaller iSeries shops can begin benefiting from business continuity technologies.

Jaxara - Healthy Software Formed in 2002, Jaxara is a leading technology consulting and services firm that helps mid-market clients plan their investments in technology, design and implement projects that drive competitive advantage, and improve business performance. Based in Washington D.C. , Jaxara has development centers in Argentina , Bangladesh , India and Ukraine. Following our proven software development methodology, Jaxara's team of business and technical experts work closely with clients to create business advantage through solutions based in efficiently implemented technology.

Jaxara has announced that its heavily anticipated Project Collaboration Primer (PCP) now integrates seamlessly, “off-the-shelf”, with Vonage and Skype VoIP platforms. Jaxara’s primers have been developed using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and have an open API.

The Project Collaboration Primer is licensed using the On Demand or Software as a Service (SaaS) model made famous by This model allows customers to get up and running with little to no upfront infrastructure costs as they simply pay per user per month. Further, if additional add-ons or integration is needed the customer can choose between paying a fixed price or bundling the price into their monthly charge and allowing Jaxara to re-use the work for other customers.

The integration of Vonage and Skype VoIP is the first step in an initiative for Jaxara to integrate every major VoIP, hosted PBX and enterprise voice platform with its Project Collaboration Platform. This integration will truly allow customers to initiate, receive, search and archive all communication while collaborating on any type of project.

WebExpenses - Online Expense Reporting WebExpenses is the leading provider of expenses solutions for small, mid-sized and multi-entity organisations.

Implementations can range from companies with a single user to those with several thousand users across the world, in industries as diverse as consultancy, consumer goods, financial services, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, IT, recruitment and telecommunications.

A unique approach to expenses software
A key factor differentiating our products from those of competitors is that they can be configured and implemented immediately, thus delivering a high and rapid return on investment.

We believe that the cost reduction benefits of lower travel and entertainment spend and reduced processing costs are considerable. However, in contrast to other expense claim automation providers, we believe that achieving these cost savings should not require a lengthy and costly system implementation.

WebExpenses minimises implementation costs as follows:

• Our applications allow for immediate implementation with a flexible configuration handled remotely by an experienced team. There is no requirement for our implementation staff to visit a customer's location.

• Our user interface allows employees to create and submit expenses with a minimum of formal training. In fact, the WebExpenses user manual has been condensed to a single postcard-sized document.

As a result, our customers achieve a rapid implementation, immediate cost savings and a very high return on investment.

CDC Corporation - Enterprise Solutions, Moble Apps and Online Games CDC is a leading global provider of Enterprise Software Solutions to medium and large enterprises. Our solutions include : ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), HRM (Human Resources Management) and BPM (Business Performance Management). The company has established strategic partnerships with leading international software vendors to localize and resell the company’s software products throughout the Asia Pacific region. The company currently has around 3,500 customers worldwide.

In January of 2006, CDC Software expanded its offerings in the on-demand software category by acquiring the assets of JRG, a leading provider of on-demand supply chain planning solutions delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). The on-demand software category harbors significant growth opportunities for CDC Software and the company will continue to invest in these solutions, both through additional acquisitions and internal R&D projects. In Greater China, CDC Software currently offers a marketing automation product, expresso, for customers such as 3M, Dairy Farm and Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts. In addition, in Q2 2006, CDC Software plans to launch its on-demand software program in China by initially offering its popular PowerHRP and expresso products as SaaS solutions. Additional products, including business-to-business market automation and supply chain planning products, will follow. CDC Software will leverage the hosted model of software delivery, particularly in hyper-growth developing geographies and industries, while continuing to provide enterprise software via traditional licenses where it makes sense for specific customer needs.

Business services
The company has several IT, web development and business services companies in Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, and the United States. Our business services companies provide program management, outsourcing services, application development and on-going support services using a comprehensive range of technologies.

CDC Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of CDC Corporation, today announced that it has completed the purchase of substantially all the business assets of JRG Software, a leader in on-demand supply chain planning solutions delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

The One Plan applications from JRG add complementary on-demand factory planning and scheduling to the CDC Software enterprise suite of industry-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management applications. CDC Software's products include Ross Systems' ERP and SCM, Pivotal's CRM and IMI's warehouse management and order management solutions.

The addition of One Plan to our current offering of on-demand applications will enable CDC to quickly expand into new market segments and geographies. The company is committed to industry leadership in both the hosted model of software services, particularly in hyper-growth developing markets, and enterprise software via traditional licenses where it is best suited to a particular customer or industry.

JRG's One Plan is an on-demand solution for factory planning and scheduling that combines a highly interactive graphical planning environment with integrated business intelligence to enable the real-time creation, sharing and monitoring of production plans across a manufacturing organization.

With direct alignment in a focus on the food and consumer products industries, and the complementary nature of the solutions, CDC is moving fast to assimilate the One Plan applications, and JRG customers into our company. The JRG customers are already live on our Web-based customer management and support system, which of course, is an application of Pivotal CRM. The company also begun cross-selling its enterprise applications to the JRG customers and One Plan on-demand scheduling applications to a global base of CDC Software customers. In addition, they are expanding their marketing and sales programs to sell the One Plan applications across the process manufacturing industries including pharmaceuticals and chemicals. The One Plan applications have proven to be very effective in food and consumer products, and through the global reach of CDC Software, the company will build on that success to quickly take the lead in on-demand scheduling for process manufacturing overall.

Mobile Applications
The company is also focused on the mobile applications market in China. The company offers consumer-based and enterprise-based mobile applications services including SMS (Short Message Services), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), MMS (Multimedia Message Service) and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) in China. Through its companies in China, it has direct connectivity with local mobile operators in 29 provinces.

Internet Media
The company is also focused on online entertainment and Internet services that target users in China; providing both online games and a broad range of online products and services via its portal network (;