Sunday, January 29, 2006

Enigmatec - Intelligent IT Automation Solutions Enigmatec Corporation is a provider of strategic management software optimized for the next generation of modular data center.

The huge trend towards the Modular Data Centre and the Enterprise Grid, driven by the adoption of Intel blade servers and Linux, has resulted in infrastructures becoming more complex and in both business and IT complexity mean more risk. In addition, IT departments are increasingly being targeted with aligning IT with business objectives and increasing operational efficiency. Becoming more adaptive to the ever changing IT landscape means having a manageable, scalable and flexible architecture.

Based on research pioneered at Edinburgh and Cambridge Universities, Enigmatec has developed software for the next generation of data centres. Our Execution Management System (EMS) is the only product that allows users to codify and automate their operational procedures in a flexible and scalable way while aligning business objectives (such as Service Level Agreements), with policy-management. EMS provides the tools to integrate technical performance measures with business performance information to effectively:

* Ensure Quality of Service for SLA's
* Reduce Business Downtime Prevention
* Better Utilize Resources
* Reduce Operational Risk

With Enigmatec's automated policy-based execution management system (EMS) acting as the control plane between the business objectives that drive an Enterprise and the IT resources required to execute these, businesses can lower operating cost and reduce business downtime with solutions for scale-out scale-back, orchestrated disaster recovery and business continuity.

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