Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Omniture - Web Analytics

www.omniture.com Omniture is the trusted leader and fastest-growing provider of on-demand Web analytics, supplying the essential capabilities companies need to successfully conduct business online. This leadership is attributed to the experience Omniture has gained over the past five years helping more than 600 customers fully leverage their Internet channels by successfully attracting visitors and turning them into loyal customers.

Omniture’s customers include innovative companies that represent the largest and most respected enterprise brands in the world, including:

* Four of the top five Fortune ranked companies
* Nine of the top 10 automotive Web sites
* The world’s largest corporation and retailer
* The Internet’s largest e-commerce site
* The Internet’s largest advertiser

Omniture’s customers include industry leaders AOL, Apple, Countrywide Financial, eBay, Ford, GM, HP, MSNShopping, Sears, Time and Wal-Mart.

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