Friday, January 20, 2006

3e Company - MSDS, Hazmat and EH&S Compliance Services 3E Company is the trusted global provider of chemical, regulatory and compliance information services. Its comprehensive suite of outsourced services address the entire lifecycle of chemicals starting in the research and development (R&D) phase of manufacturing products all the way through to assistance with proper hazardous waste disposal.

3E's Beginnings

Founded as an environmental services provider in 1988, 3E Company began as a small, two-person firm in San Diego, California focused on solving environmental problems for customers. The three "E's" stood for Environmental and Ecological Engineering. Services at that time included soil sampling and air monitoring, waste storage and hazardous materials management. From the beginning, 3E has always delivered 24–7–365 service and personal, tailored customer attention—traits that today continue to set 3E apart.

In 1989, 3E took notice of each customer's growing challenge to manage the burdensome and detailed paperwork and data associated with the use and storage of hazardous materials. 3E was determined to provide a robust solution, and recruited experienced database and information managers to build a comprehensive HazMat database, focused on Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs). As the critical source of a material's chemical makeup and properties, MSDSs are required by OSHA to satisfy Employee Right-to-Know regulations.

Out of this database, 3E's core services were born–MSDS On Demand, Regulatory Reporting, Waste Management, and Transportation Assistance. Instant access to HazMat data allowed 3E professionals to provide information and assistance for daily HazMat management needs as well as emergency situations through 3E's 24-7-365 HazMat Mission Control Center. Staffed by experienced HazMat professionals, the center was built in Carlsbad, California to provide unparalleled access and customer support for 3E's EH&S information services.

In 1999, 3E introduced 3E Online®– a comprehensive system for customers to manage their HazMat information over the Internet, backed by 24-7-365 hotline support. These core services evolved into four service platforms – 3E Online, 3E OnCall, 3E OnTime and 3E OnData – which provide comprehensive, outsourced EH&S compliance and information management. Additional services were developed to include 3E MSDS management through 3E Online or 3E MSDS On Demand, plus 3E Transportation, 3E Spill, 3E Waste, 3E Poison and Exposure, 3E Compliance Calendar and Disclosures as well as 3E Professional Services.

3E Today
In 2004, 3E acquired Ariel Research Corporation, a chemical regulatory compliance data business based in McLean, Va., with a manufacturer services operation in Kingsport, Tenn. and a European operation in Copenhagen, Denmark. This transaction resulted in a global hazardous substance information and chemical regulatory compliance powerhouse, offering the most compelling and diversified suite of integrated compliance management solutions available. The foundation on which the suite of services is built is the world’s premier global regulatory and chemical information database. This database consists of a massive aggregation of global regulatory chemical information that provides up-to-date, accurate, comprehensive data containing hundreds of searchable chemical lists, full-text regulations and compliance guides covering more than 50 countries, international transportation data, physical/chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological data and millions of MSDSs (Material Safety Data Sheets). Access to this aggregation of content, combined with an EH&S knowledgebase of business rules and best practices, 3E provides unprecedented support for identifying, monitoring and complying with complex and ever changing EH&S requirements.

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